in the
1850 Census of Adair County

The following was extracted from the book 1850 Census if Adair County, Kentucky, compiled by Randy Flowers and Michael Watson and published by the Adair County Genealogical Society in 1986 (available for purchase through the Society).  The census takers designated African-Americans by placing the term "black" in one of the 3 columns for additional information.  Although all names on this list are African-American, I placed that term in the column in which it was located in the book.  For all entries in which the names person was not the head of household, I have listed who that was.  I have also indicated on which page in the book the listing was found so that the information can be properly cited in your own records.  I hope you find this information useful.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me!--Angella

# Family Name Member's Name (sex) Age Birth Comment
or Occupation
or Comment
Net Worth
or Comment
Page #
78 King Robt. 58 Va black farmer $120 (p.7)
    Sarah 40 Va black      
    Dinah 20 Ky black      
    C.(m) 12 Ky black      
    H.(m) 12 Ky black      
    Wm. 10 Ky black      
    M.(f) 8 Ky black      
    Robt. 4 Ky black      
    O.(m) 3 Ky black      
79 King Lewis 46 Ky black     (p.7)
    Judah 32 Ky black      
146 Malone Reuben 58 Va black brickmason $150 (p.12)
147 Gilmer Shedrack 50 Va black farmer $150 (p.12)
    Maria 53 Ky black      
148 Bailey Calvin 34 Ky black  farmer $30 (p.13)
    Lucy 49 Ky black      
    Alfred 14 Ky black      
161 White Robert 20 Ky black woolcarder $30 (p.13)
  listed in the household of H.W. Wilson (also a woolcarder)
174 Gilmer Martha 60 Va     $500 (p.14)
    Alex 32 Ky   farmer    
    John 70 Ky black      
    Minny 70 Ky black      
  (the first 2 were given the designation "black" in the book)
212 King Edmund 65 Va black farmer $50 (p.17)
    Bener (f) 45 Va black      
    E.J. (f) 17 Ky black      
    Geo. 14 Ky black      
    Jas. M. 11 Ky black      
218 King Nathan 18 Ky black     (p.18)
  listed in the household of Levi Strange
261 King Henry 28 Ky black farmer   (p.20)
  listed in the household of William G. Grissom
365 King Edmund 24 Ky farmer black   (p.29)
    Beverly (m) 26 Ky   black    
  listed in household of Elizabeth Murrell
367 Rice Green 39 Ky farmer black   (p.29)
    C.H. (f) 13 Ky   black    
394 Grady Jas. 58 Va farmer black   (p.31)
411 Bailey Major 63 Va farmer black   (p.32)
    Judah 58 Va   black    
448 Dudley Alfred 8 Ky farmer black   (p.35)
    Leonard 8 Ky black    
    Matilda 6 Ky   black    
    Martha 3 Ky   black    
    Moses 1 Ky   black    
  Campbell Jas. M. 23 Ky carpenter black    
  listed in the household of Jas. Dudley, age 42, physician (not black)
611 Young Edmund 48 Ky farmer black   (p.47)
    Sophia 39 Ky   black    
    Geo. 19 Ky farmer black    
    Frances (f) 17 Ky   black    
    Amanda 15 Ky   black    
    Nancy 13 Ky   black    
    Jessee (m) 8 Ky   black    
    Edmond 6 Ky   black    
    Cause?ly (m) 2 Ky   black    
    Frances (f) 50 Ky   black    
618 Gilmer Annica?? 36 Ky black     (p.47)
    C. J. M. (f) 16 Ky black      
    Sarah A. 15 Ky black      
    Harriet 12 Ky black      
    P. E. (f) 5 Ky black      
    W.W. (m) 3 Ky black      
    Phoeba 7m Ky black      
749 Massie Henry 40 Va black     (p.58)
  listed in the household of Royal Childers
 770 Sherley Henry 45 Va farmer $100 black (p.60)
790 Hughs Ambros 62 Va   black   (p.61)
    Aggy 60 Va   black    
 818 Gilmer John 70 Va farmer black   (p.63)
  listed in the household of Henry Moore
14 Johnston Lucy Va Va black $100   (p.64)
17 Cheatham Lucy 50 Va black     (p.64)
61 Burbridge Sawney 64 Va farmer $200 black (p.67)
125 Hatcher James 49 Va farmer $170 black (p.72)
198 Harris Green 25 Ky blacksmith   black (p.76)
304 Pemberton Sim 54 Ky farmer black   (p.83)
    Sarah 56 Va   black    
    Melinda 24 Ky   black    
    Elizabeth 22 Ky   black    
305 McMurry Stephen 61 Md farmer black   (p.83)
    Sarah 73 Va   black    
311 White Alfred C. 34 Ky   black $150 (p.83)
    Grace 18 Ky   black    
    Henry 14 Ky   black    
    Logan 12 Ky   black    
    Archibald 10 Ky   black    
    Geo. A. 8 Ky   black    
    David 5 Ky   black    
    William 3 Ky   black    
317 Kniffley Reuben 61 Va farmer $200 black (p.84)
    Emily 30 Ky     black  
491 Massie Milly 32 Ky   black   (p.94)
    Melissa 4 Ky   black    
    Eliza 4m Ky   black    
    Susan 2 Ky   black    
511 Wheat George 47 Va farmer $200 black (p.95)
512 Stewart Martha 50 Ky   black   (p.95)
    Margaret S. 7 Ky   mulatto    
514 White Michael 47 Va farmer black   (p.95)
    Rachel 41 Ky   black    
  Steel Kitty 90 Va   black    
539 Gunn Henry 46 Ky farmer $100 black (p.97)
    Margarett 44 Ky     black  
    Lufina (f) 16 Ky     black  
    Lettitia 8 Ky     black  
    William 6 Ky     black  
    Susan 4 Ky     black  
561 Griffon Robert 83 Va farmer black   (p.98)
572 Miller Lewis 70 Va farmer $150 black (p.98B)
  Clifton Jane 50 Va     black  
581 Hays Peter 69 Va farmer   black (p.99)
    Winnie 40 Ky     black  

District 1 was enumerated by Vernon A. Wheat starting on 20 July and ending on 11 September 1850.
District 2 was enumerated by H.N. Owens starting on 19 July and ending on 24 September 1850.