Our Adair County Ancestors

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Lula Grant Melson  wife of Will Melson  she was born 1884 in Adair Co., d 1964 in Russell Co. the boy with her is Jesse Melson b Jan 27 1906 in Adair Co. died  9/11/1984 in Louisville Ky.

Submitted By: Euline Penix


Alvin McElroy & his 2nd wife
Dora Well & his twin brother Oliver. Seated, his dad Archie McElroy.  Oliver & Alvie were born in  1890.  Archie was  born  1863 in Adair Co.

Submitted By: Euline Penix


Left to right: standing, Forence Etta Stapp McElroy Turner, 1885-1959, Lawrence Elmer Stapp, 1886-1974, Lula Stapp, 1890-1956. Seated: Mary Ellen Pierce Stapp, 1862-1948 and Minnie Stapp, 1881-1975. Mary Ellen Stapp is the mother of all others.

Submitted By: Euline Penix



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