Our Adair County Ancestors

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Martha "Bettie" Grant & husband, Alonzo Neat

Martha Grant & Thomas B. Grant (next photo) were brother & sister.

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Stan and Jeanie Lowe

Thomas B. Grant & wife, Mary Bailey Grant

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Stan and Jeanie Lowe


More: Thomas was born on Feb. 14, 1857 in Adair County, KY. He married Mary Bailey on Oct 15, 1878 in Adair County, KY and he died on May 22, 1920 in Adair County, Kentucky. Thomas B. and Mary Grant had ten children.

Thomas B. Grant is the son of William Harrison Grant and Martha E. (Neat) Grant. William and Martha Grant were married in Adair County, Ky on March 16, 1856 and had twelve children. William H. Grant is a veteran of the civil war. William H. Grant died on March 28, 1904 in Adair County, KY.

William Harrison Grant was the son of Samuel and Hulda Grant who were the
parents of six children and whom we believe died around 1848. The six children were found living with other families or on their own in the 1850 Adair County census.

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