Adair County Brick Wall Archives

2001 - 2002

Posted 10/31/2002
I am looking for information on my great grandparents Aaron Ballew and Martha Nichols both born KY. Aaron 1805, Martha 1803 I believe that they were born in Adair Co. I believe that David could be the father of Aaron, the family belongs to the Methodist Church so there could be church records that would tie them together. Any information on this family or where I could write for Church records would be appreciated.
Thank you, Bessie

Posted 9/29/2002

I remember a place my grandmother took out past the lake and it was full of crystal rocks or that's what I thought when I was young.  This place was BEAUTIFUL and I know for a fact that I went there with her when I was very very young. I would just like to find the place again.  I am doing futher reserch  with my family and they may have the answers, I just thought I would try this. 

She was Evelyn Rogers before she married.........

My Grandmother Evelyn White was married to Charles White, whose mother is Annie Mae White and they all lived on Maddux Lake Rd. (or that's what it is called now).  My grandfather is still alive and still living there.  He dosen't remember good, and from the time I was born they have live there.   Thanks So Much. Suzanne White Willis

Posted 9/17/2002       

I have been searching for over 15 years for my ggg grandfathers parents and siblings.  My ggg grandfathers name WARFIELD ESTES born Sept 5, 1821 married MARY ANN MCKINNEY July 23, 1840 and he died Sept 1897 all of this happened in Breeding, Adair Co., KY.  On there marriage bond it reads he is the son of WILLIAM ESTES but no mothers name is listed anywhere.  Nothing on his wifes parents is listed either but I know who she descends from.  I have all of WARFIELD and MARY ANN MCKINNEY ESTES' childrens names and so forth it is just his parents and siblings that has been the brick wall for many years. He and MARY ANN are both buried in the ESTES/MCKINNEY CEMETERY off of Independence Ridge Road in Breeding, Adair Co., KY and he was the first to be buried there.  2 of his sons are also buried there along with many other family memebrs (you can see a listing of this cemtery on this site as well) 

Here is a listing of there children and information on eah:
1)  JOHN W. ESTES born 3-31-1841 married 5-2-1858 CAROLINE EARLS, JOHN died 11-1-1867
2)  JAMES W. ESTES born 4-18-1842 died 4-6-1862 (at shilo)
3)  GRANVILLE ESTES born 5-5-1844 married ALICE KEETON
4)  MARY JAIN ESTES born 5-30-1846 1) married 8-2-1866 WILLIAM NELSON WILLIAMS 2) JOHN W. MCKINNEY married 12-23-1885 and she died 1-5-1912
5) ELIZABETH ESTES born 12-31-1848 married 12-21-1865 JAMES N. WILLIAMS (possible NORM WILLIAMS)
6) JOSEPHINE ESTES born 12-16-1850 died 8-13-1851
7) JEWONIES OR G. ESTES (twin) born 7-19-1852 died 8-1852
8) THOMAS TAYLOR ESTES (twin) born 7-19-1852 died 8-1852
9)  SUSAN JOSEPHINE ESTES born 11-20-1853 married 4-6-1873 JAMES W. MCGLASSON died 9-12-1886 and it shows her last name was SPEARS when she died.
10)  WARFIELD ESTES JR. (DUDE ESTES) born 9-21-1859 married 3-10-1880 Susan Campbell died 11-30-1923 or 12-1-1923

WARFIELD ESTES, MARY ANN MCKINNEY ESTES, WARFIELD ESTES "DUDE" JR, SUSAN CAMPBELL ESTES, GRANVILLE ESTES, MARY JAIN ESTES WILLIAMS MCKINNEY, JOHN W. MCKINNEY, ELROY "ER" MCKINNEY, ONI PINK PIERCE MCKINNEY (and several of Elroy and Oni's children are buried all together in the ESTES/MCKINNEY CEMETERY) ELORY is my grandpa from his second marriage to VERGIE MAE HAWKINS CAWTHORN MCKINNEY she is buried in the FUDGE CEMETERY with her parents and first husband and child from that marriage.

Any help on this WARFIELD ESTES please email me at or with information.  If you are intersted in visiting myfamily website email me your first and last name and I wills end you an invitation to the site. Thank you, Roberta "Bert" Dooley.

Posted 9/13/2002

I'm looking for the parents of Milam Bennett.  I recently obtained Milam's death certificate where I found the following information:  **birth July 16, 1866 Adair Co., KY**death May 11, 1954 Barren Co., KY**buried May 14, 1954 Adair Co., KY at Morris Chapel Cemetery**father William Bennett**mother Eliza Bennett**birthplaces for both parents not included. I have William (age 42 b TN) and Eliza Bennett (age 38 b KY) listed in the 1870 census of Adair Co with 7 children.  In 1870, Milam would have been around 4 years old yet "Milam" isn't present on this census.  Where is he?  I've been informed by a distant relative that this is indeed the correct family.  She has a total of 8 children which includes Milam.  He seems to be the only one missing from the census.  Her information was written in a bible. Other family cousins have Mary Jane Moss as Milam's mother, not Eliza Bennett as listed on the death certificate.  I was also informed that William Bennett, born ca. 1828 (according to the above census) was adopted and was previously a Hughes.  There you have it.  I'm stuck. Milam was married a few times.  One wife, Arena Compton Bennett, was the twin of Lena Compton Wilson.  Another wife, Nettie Jackson, had three of his children: John, Mary, and Altie.  Anyone with a Hughes, Compton or Bennett link in Adair or surrounding counties please drop me a line.  Maybe we could make a connection. 
Thanks a bundle. Sonya Garrett Havens

Posted 9/13/2002

My Brick-wall is my ggg grandmother Sarah Elizabeth Cooley. She was b. May 25, 1827  d. Oct. 14, 1853. Married Fielding White on Sept. 1, 1844. They had two children, William and John. William is my connection. Does anyone know anything about Sarah and her family? Thank you. Pat

Posted 8/27/2002

Looking for parents of  Alley/Alla  (our gg grandmother---born abt 1826). Married:  SPENCER, Jesse C  26 Jan 1843  Adair County, KY (1850 Census:  Morgan Co., IL 
   Spencer, Jesse C  & Alley.  Children:  John Samuel (g grand pa), Sarah,
and Mary.)
Thank you,

Posted 8/9/2002

Looking for information on Mary Elizabeth Shepperd. Obit for Russell W. Shepperd shows he was born to John Burton and Mary Elizabeth Shepperd on 9/13/1924, in Adair Co, Ky and died in 1997 in Bedford In. Can you direct me on finding information on Mary Elizabeth Shepperd, Birth,death marriages, children, and whom her parents where. I can't find her anywhere. Any information is greatly appreciated. Joy Boul

Posted 8/6/2002

I am searching for information on Thomas Sanders and his wife Nancy. Someone told me that they believed that Thomas was the son of James and Mary Sanders. I have no proof of this. Nancy's last name according to her daughters death certificate began with a "B". They had a daughter named Mary Elizabeth Sanders that married James Washington Giles Jr. in 1876. I believe had a sister named Mahala. Mary Elizabeth died in 1939. There were several Sanders in the Casey Creek area. If anyone knows about the parents of Mary Elizabeth Sanders Giles, please help. Thank you in advance. Teanonna Reynolds

Posted 7/25/2002

Looking for the parents of Campbell Hughart and how they are connected to the Hugharts of Virginia and West Virginia. 

My great, great grandfather, Young Alexander HUGHART was born in Adair County, KY in 1845.  He moved to Madison Co., Iowa in 1860 with a large group of people including his father, Rev. Campbell HUGHART (United Brethren of Christ) who had strong anti slavery sentiments.  Some of the other surnames of families leaving Kentucky with them were : Blair, Breeding, Armstrong, Turk, Carter, and others.  Campbell HUGHART was born in Adair County on Dec. 3, 1812.  He married Mary Ann BLAIR (b. Dec. 3, 1812) on Dec. 17, 1835.  Campbell died in Iowa in 1890 and Mary in 1901.  Their children were Sarah Jane; James Milton; John Blair; Young Alexander; Mary Eliza; Melvin Elizabeth; Eliza Almarise (sp?); Belzona (actually daughter of Sarah Jane); William Marion. Any help appreciated... thanks, Cynthia Hughart-Hill

Posted 7/16/2002

I am interested in any information about William O. Wheat b: 1801 in Bedford Co., KY. and Died in 1875. His parents Basil Curtis Carter Wheat and Frances Overstreet Wheat to Adair county when William was a young age. William O. married Nancy Kinnaird, daughter of George Kinnaird, on April 16, 1823 in Adair Co., KY. I beliave Nancy had a brother named Charles who also lived there, until 1841. If anyone has any info it would be very helpful. William O. and Nancy are my gg- grandparents. Thanks,      Janet Walker

Posted 7/04/2002

Looking for WILLIAM DUDLEY, THOMAS DUDLEY, and JOHN DUDLEY of Adair and Green counties.  John is my 3G-grandfather.  Thomas witnessed John's marriage bond to Peggy Sprowles in 1818, but no way of knowing if Thomas is a father, a brother, or what.  William and Thomas show up beginning circa 1800 on census in Green, pre-formation of Adair.  In 1810 William and wife Sarah are in Adair.  John appears in Adair in 1850, but may have been in Green prior to that.  I've been collaborating with several researchers on this line and there is conflicting information regarding who is John's father...Thomas or William.  Anyone with further information, please email me at  Thanks!  Shauna Dudley-Javoroski


Posted 6/18/2002

Looking for my gg-grandfather, David C. Boon(e) born in Ky. in 1823, but I don't know what County. I have not found any info. on his parents, but am checking out the possibility that a Hiram Cassel? Boone could have been his father. I do know that David did marry a Rhoda C. Smith in Marshall Co., Al. in 1846! Possible the Boons had migrated there also.
    Is anyone able to come up with a possible father for David born in 1823 & went to Al.??
    Thanks for any info, Rhonda

Posted 6/18/2002

I am looking for the parents of John Wesley Sexton who is my great grandfather.  He was born on March 19, 1828 and died September 16, 1850 in Adair County.  I believe he had two brothers Pickney J. Sexton and James William Sexton. Thanks, Pat Goodwin

Posted 6/18/2002

Trying to connect Cornelius Mosbey/Mosby to parents & locate siblings.. I think they were possibly Micajah Mosbey 1792-1836 & Nancy Berry, daughter of William Berry. Cornelius was born in Adair Co., Ky. in 1829-30.  He is listed as 21 on the 1850 census. His wife is Susannah Lacy, daughter of Henry lacy, & has at that time one daughter, Tabitha J.  Now Nancy Mosby married Henry Lacy in 1844.  Cornelius married Susannah in 1847.  My g-grandfather, Willam Cornelius, was born in Terra Haute, Vigo Co., In., in 1865.  I have found where Cornelius was with the 124th Indiana Inf. inlisting in Terra Haute in 1864.  Now after that  I find nothing until finding Cornelius being a pensioner.  At that time he is living in Mo.  No town or county.  My g-grandfather, William Cornelius & faamily are in Sebastein Co., Arkansas by 1900.  This group of Mosby's, Berry's & Lacy's seem to be intertwined for many decades.  I just can't seem to confirm the parentage of Cornelius Mosbey.  Someone else said he might be the son of one of Micajah Mosbey's brothers.  So, if I haven't confused you & I'm sure that I have, that is what I need.  I have marriage bond for Micajah Mosbey & Peggy Jesse in 1817 & again with Nancy Berry in 1825.  Have the will of Henry Lacy in 1852, witnessed by Cornelius Mosbey & Wade Mosbey.  I have the marriage bond for Cornelius Mosbey & Susannah Lacy in 1847 & also for William Mosbey & Nancy Jesse in 1820.  Then a marrige bond for William M. Mosbey & Savannah Berry on 1844.  One interesting note.  On the funeral home records for my g-grandfather William Cornelius, it lists his father as Cornelius Mosby & his mother as MARTHA Lacy, both of Ky.  Anyway, if you can figure this mystery out of me on his parentage I would appreciate it very much.
Thanks again, Donna

Posted 6/11/2002

Any info?  I am looking for children of William Atwood III (twin to
James) and Margaret Pinkerton Atwood.  Margaret was born around 1785 in
Adair Co to David and Betsy Pinkerton; William III was born 1780-1784 in
Virginia to William/Sarah (?) Atwood; they were married 1800 in Adair
Co. KY, actual dates unknown.  Later they immigrated to Preble Co., Ohio
where they both died. Information on their children would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 6/11/2002

I am searching for more informaion on Sally Hamilton who married William McGlasson.  (They were born around 1815).  Any information is greatly appreciated! Deborah H Cluff




Posted 5/22/2002

I am researching  these families in Adair County. I don't have definitive information on Cabell connections there but some are possible. Campbell Goode, son of Daniel Goode, born VA ca 1745, married his second wife Susannah (Thomas) Dameron Bondurant 13 August 1813 in Adair Co. He was a property owner in Casey Co from ca 1790, and their joint Casey Co property transactions were record ca 1821. From there their trail is lost. Any information would be appreciated.  Quentin Cabell Smith 

Posted 4/24/2002

I am looking for info on my ggparents.  My ggmother was Mary A. Grider (born
Oct. 1878, Adair, KY), parents: Frederick & Mary F. (Powell) Grider.  She
married Joseph Bryant.  She died when my gfather (Arthur) was young (He was
born in 1909.)  and Joseph remarried a Mae/May Bryant.  She was already a
Bryant, don't know if she had been married before or Bryant was her maiden
name.  I believe she had two daughters, so I think she had been previously
married.  My other ggmother was Helen Grider (born 1872, KY), parents:
Charles & Mary J. (Holt) Grider.  She married J. Morgan Smith (born 1868,
KY).  They were married in 1891 in KY.  She died when my gmother was young,
my gmother (Lola) was born in 1911.  They lived in Adair/Russell Cos.  Any
info would be appreciated, especially anything on my ggfathers.
Thanks- Diana

The above Brick Wall has been answered. Unfortunately, the email address is no longer good so the answer is posted below. (04/04/2007)

"The woman who married Joe Bryant was actually Mary Etter Cravens (not Mary A. Grider).  I have a lot of information about the Cravens family.  Joe Bryant's second wife, Mae Bryant was Viola Mae Bryant, d/o John Austin Bryant and Rutha Belle Brockman.  The two girls are their children.  One of them was my mother, Mary Walker Bryant.  They had 2 more girls on 21 Sep 1927, but they died the following February.  They are buried in the same cemetery as Mary Etter Cravens Bryant.""

The poster's grandfather Arthur Bryant was actually born 25 Jan 1910.  That would calculate to abt. 1909.  He married Lola Smith who was born 11 Feb 1911. The woman who married James Morgan Smith was in fact a Grider so that is right."  For additional infomation contact

Posted 4/24/2002

I am a descendant of Mattie Feese ,Birth date: Nov 24, 1891
Death date: Oct 1965, I believe she was born in Adair County, KY, I would appreciate any information that anyone might have pertaining to her, her parents or siblings.

Thank you, Allen Harper
Posted 4/24/2002

JOHNSTON/JOHNSTON, we are looking for the parents of Abel Johnston b.Aug 9.1803 in Kentucky ,he may have had two brothers ,John Miller and William, they all ended up in Lafayette Co.MS by the mid 1800. HELP! Jerry Johnston

Posted 4/4/2002

Looking for information on Sally Judd. May have been born in Adair County and married Ambrose Judd. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Carol

Posted 4/4/2002

My brick wall is McKinley Boone born 1885 - 1900, I think in Adair County, married Ollie Hardwick, daughter of Mont O. Hardwick. Any help appreciated. Bettie

Posted 4/4/2002

I have hit a brick wall. I have my grandparents marriage records, and it says James William Jones JR born oct14 1865 married Amanda (mandy) W. Wheeler on Aug  9, 1885,  said his parents and he were born in Adair County. In census it says he was born in Springfield IL, on death cert it says parents were James Jones and Bettie King! How do I get through this brick wall? Any help appreciated! Doris Smith

Posted 3/16/2002

My great grandfather William B. Sparks was supposedly from KY, born 1816. I have no idea where in KY. Could any of the past Sparks from Adair Co. be connected? William's family moved o MO when he was small so I don't know for sure if any other siblings were born in KY or not. William married Louisa Stacy in Marion Co. MO 1867. He may have been married before that. Margie Anderson

Posted 3/10/2002

I'm looking for information about George Nelson Stone and his wife Sallie Garnett. George father was Charles Stone and he had two brothers name James F and William C. Stone both of Adair County in 1870. George died in Adair County in 1936. His grandson George P. Stone died about a year ago. Thanks, Marion

Posted 3/7/2002

I am searching for any connections to the COMPTON/CUMPTON family or the REXROAT family.  Bethel COMPTON married Ruth Melody December 26, 1867 in Adair Co., son William Riley born November 9, 1831.   William married Eliza Jane Sparks and  William's son was John D. born July 7, 1856.

I think William's other children were also born in Adair County, but have not found any info on that yet.  They are: 
William, Julie A., Sally, George, James, Lee and Nora.

Please email me if you think you might have info or a connection.  Thanks  ~~Pam

Posted 3/2/2002

My ancestor Lorenzo Grimes was born in Adair Co. 1843.  He married in Adair Co. 1865 Nancy Jane Chapman, dau of Barnett Chapman & Malinda Estes.   I can't connect Lorenzo to any parents, nor can I connect Malinda Estes to any parents.   Malinda Estes Chapman is listed in the 1860 Adair Co. Chapman, Malinda 40, Nancy J. 16, eliza F. 14,  America 6, Buchanan 4, Ferbe(Phoebe) 1. Malinda's husband, Barnett Chapman had died before 1860.    Lorenzo Grimes died in Vanderburgh Co. In in 1913, and is buried in Marion Co. Ky, along with Nancy Jane Chapman Grimes, his first wife. Nathan Buchanan Chapman stayed in Adair Co, married and died there.  All the girl children of Barnett & Malinda moved to different counties in Ky;, Nancy & America to Washington Co., Eliza to Daviess Co., and Phoebe to Taylor Co.     Any help would be much appreciated.  Nancy Penick Parker 

Posted 3/2/2002

My mother, Christine Tarter, was born in Columbia and a direct descendent of Shelby Tarter who was born March 22, 1833 in Pulaski County and died January 1, 1905 in Adair County. He had at least two brothers Powers and George W. and one sister Barbara Allen.  Who were the parents of this family?  Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Jerry Conway

Posted 2/27/2002

I am seeking information on the ancestry of Uriah Rogers (or Rodgers) and Ellen (or Eleanor) Patrick Rogers/Rodgers married January 13, 1825 in Adair Co., KY.  Uriah was in the 1830 census of Barren Co., KY and the 1840 census of Morgan Co., IL.  The family later moved to Randolph Co., MO and were there for the 1850 census.  They were living in Macon Co., MO when Uriah died abt. 1858.  Census records show both Uriah and Ellen were born in VA; Uriah was b. abt. 1804 and Ellen abt. 1803.
Uriah may have had a brother Jesse C. Rogers (or Rodgers) born 1797 Greenbriar Co., VA (now WV) married to Ruth Hurt Dec. 11, 1820 Adair Co., KY.  Ruth b. abt. 1802 was the daughter of Nathan and Frances Allen Hurt.  Ruth died abt. 1822 KY.  Jesse then married Vina McHorgue b. abt. 1810 KY.  They moved to Chariton Co., MO and were there in the 1850 census.  I have info on the children for both Uriah and Jesse.
Uriah and Jesse appear to be connected.  Family group sheets were submitted to the LDS Library in Salt Lake City on these two by the same individual whom I have not been able to contact.  Chariton Co., MO where Jesse lived adjoins Macon Co. and Randolph Co., MO where Uriah lived.  I suspect they are brothers but have no proof.
Uriah Rogers has been a brick wall for over three decades.  I would be most grateful if anyone has info on his parents or siblings and would be happy to share the info I have collected on Uriah's descendants.

Posted 1/30/2002

I am seeking information on Abraham Brown and Nancy Giles of Adair Co. they had 4 children-James b.1887, Lillie b. 1893, Annie b.1895 and William b.1898 all in Adair Co. Hit a brick wall with Abraham. Nancy was the daughter of John P. Giles. She is shown on 1900 census as living with her father. She is shown on 1910 as having married William T. Rich . Nancy and William had 3 children-Emma, Jesse and Montie. Any information on this family, especially Abraam would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

Posted 12/7/2001

My GG grandmother Lavina Coffey was born about 1804 and her parents lived in Russell and Adair Counties.  I'm reasonably sure her father's name was Joel Coffey, and for a brief period they left Kentucky and went just across the state line to Illinois where Lavina was born.  They later returned to Kentucky and Lavina married Simeon F. Coombs on July 22, 1823 in Adair
County, KY.  I have quite a bit about the Coffey family, but just can't come up with much on Lavina.  I'd give the south 40 to find out more about the Coombs and Coffey families who lived in and around Adair County. 
Thanks, Bill DeGarmo

Posted 12/7/2001

I am searching for the ancestry of a James Collins who married Elizziebeth Savannah Flud/Flood, b. 1892 in Jasper, Newton Co., AR, dau of Mary Jane Smith and John Landern Flud.
James was b. abt. 1880-1890's. They were in AR and then had several children and migrated to CA.  I have never been able to trace James Collins parentage and wonder if his family was from Adair Co., KY since you have so many Collins in Adair. Family names are James Elgy, William, Talmage, Charles Emery of his descendants. Any help is greatly appreciated and I love this site!  It has so much information.
Thanks a bunch,
Sherron Collins

Posted 12/7/2001

I am trying to find any one who knows ANYTHING  about a Sam PAGE born in adair Co, KY and died there. He married Laura Bell JAMES. She was born in Adair Co October 13, 1865 and died in Grayson County TX March 1 1952. I have the following children for them not in order of birth since I have only one birth date.  1. Samuel Willis Freeman PAGE born Feb 1, 1901 in Adair Co KY,
2. Ollie PAGE   3. Lula PAGE perhaps married a SPOON  4. Lula  PAGE   5. Sallie PAGE      6.  Erman PAGE  7. Bertha  PAGE   8. Vernie PAGE
I have no parents or siblings for either Sam PAGE  or for Laura Bell JAMES

Sonja Alexander Hoffman

Posted 11/25/2001

This is an inquiry for information regarding John Millard McCall, born about 1840 in Adair County, KY. His mother and father would be helpful, and any childred he may have fathered

Debbie McCall

Posted 11/10/2001

    I would appreciate any info on Elizabeth DeMoss, b. abt 1793, Elijah Powell or Nancy Powell.  All three are mentioned as heirs in probate of the estate of Peter DeMoss (b. abt 1750, d. 1830 in Hendricks Co., IN).  The estate was finalized in 1833.  I know Peter had a daughter named Elizabeth "Betsey" DeMoss.  She was probably born in, what was then, Green Co., KY.  In the probate documents, all 3 are named as residents of Adair County, Kentucky.
      My questions are:
            1. Was Elizabeth ever married?  If so, to whom?
            2.  Am I correct in assuming that either Elijah or Nancy was the child of  Elizabeth?   

Any info would be greatly apprciated!

Pat DeMoss

Posted 11/10/2001

Adair Co widow Susannah (Thomas) (1)Damron (2)Bondurant who married in Adair Co 13Aug1813 (3)my 5th GGrandfather Campbell Goode of the Dunnville area of Casey Co, KY. The trail stops there in both counties. Her two previous marriages and Bondurant will are recorded.
My Casey Co brickwall is: Polly Cabell married 19Mar1806 William Goode (Campbell's son) of Dunnville, Casey Co. The marriage bond was signed by William Goode and Willi Cabel, and witnessed by John Cabel. William Cabells, Sr. & Jr. had land grants in the Dunnville area, but I have not been able to find any record of the family before Polly's birth in Amherst Co, VA (?). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Quentin Cabell Smith

Posted 10/23/2001

Am looking for James R. MORRISON b. aug 17-1822  who m.(according to Bible records) m. Nealy BUTLER--I have fouind in the marriages that a James R. MORRISON m Frances BUTLER  6-23-1859 and another To a Nellie BUTLER---  is this an error?Any Info about the Parents  of any of these ??

 Their Daughter Mary Ann MORRISON m Andrew J. MAUK  whose 1st wife was Octavia BUCKNER who he married in Tn.  Clay Co. 1-12-1876  this family settled in Green Co Ky.
 Thanks. Laura

Posted 10/21/2001

I am looking for information about Charles Clayton Goodin and wife Julie Ann (Fitzpatrick).One of their sons was James Ernest. I believe Julie Ann might have been part Cherokee Indian. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Deborah

Posted 10/21/2001

Looking for a James Alexander Walker born 1823 Adair County
Ky. Came to Pike County Illinois supposedly with his father , raised a large family. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Dot

Posted 10/14/2001

Seek info on the family of Isaac WRIGHT who married Elizabeth OWNBY ca 1800 in NC or Union Co. SC. Six sons: John, Thomas O., Isaac Jr., William, Powell O., and Josiah. Possibly a daughter named Polly. They moved from Union Co. SC to Adair Co. KY in early 1800s. Son John, born SC ca 1801, probably married in Adair Co. before 1839, when family went to MO. Looking for name of John Wright's wife.
Elizabeth OWNBY's mother was named "Oney" or "Owny". She was possibly a WATERS, from VA and SC. She came to Adair Co. with daughter Elizabeth Ownby Wright. Died there 1818. Who was Oney's husband? Was Oney the daughter of
John WATERS and Anner WRIGHT of Amherst Co. VA?
Thanks, Nancy Sicotte

Posted 10/11/2001

I'm looking for my great grandfather. All I know is that he, John Wesley Dooley married Mary Bell Powell Prock in Adair Co, KY about 1888. I have a little ancestry information on her, but can find nothing on him. Some of their children, including my grandmother Bessie Caroline Dooley, were born in Adair Co, KY. They left there when my grandmother was about 3 - approx 1901. The other children are Willie (poss. William), Peter, Virgil, Nellie, and Russell. Any information on the Dooley line or on the Powell line would be appreciated. I do have Mary Bell's father and grandfather's names, but have absolutely nothing on the Dooley line.

Don & Rhonda Randle

Posted 10/4/2001

Interested in Stephen RETHERFORD who was in the 1850 census. He was married to Louisa Jane Garrison and had a son Wood b c 1836 and a child M. Retherford b c 1842 in Adair co. I would like to know if M. Retherford is a male or female and I would like to know as much about this family as possible. I have Jesse Retherford Sr. b 1836 with father who may be Michael of "M". We know of a Wood Joshua Retherford who was born 1829 in Tennessee.  This given name is unusual enough that there is probably a connection. Also researching Harman/Harmon, Guinn. Thanks, Ann

Posted 9/15/2001

Need Help! Looking for information regarding the William P. Jackson family listed in the 1810 Adair Co. census. First wife was Jane "Jinny" Sally, born 1790 d/o John Sally of Green Co. William & Jinny had several children and it is believed that William may have had additional spouses and children later. They were married in Green Co. Nov. 9, 1810. Anyone with ANY info on this family... please help! Thank you... Lynne E. Jackson  


Posted 9/15/2001

Looking for info on Emily Jane Field, born in Adair County 1-5-1859 and her parents Polly Watson and ?? Field. Thank you,
Gerald Bailey

Posted 9/9/2001

I am trying to find out any information on the family of Margaret Young - I know she was born in Iredell County, North Carolina in the 1760's to John and Jane Young and died in Adair County, KY
November 1, 1859 at the age of 94.  I am trying to find any information on her parents John and Jane Young - Were they of Scotch-Irish or German descent - Other siblings were Abraham Mathias, Mary, William, Jane, Samuel, and John Young Jr.  I know two of the daughters married men with the last name of Bigham.  I understand they also lived in Cumberland and
Madison counties - can any one help with this family - I have done everything I can think to do.  Thank you very much.

Lucretia Lehmann, Louisiana

Posted 9/7/2001

I have Nancy S. Richardson, born 1842 in Lee County, Virginia, married Hiram Murrell in Adair County September 2, 1858. Permission was given by Daniel Richardson. Attested by William H. Richardson and Jo (male) Coffey. Nancy's is my great great grandmother. Her obituary states that she and her parents moved to Adair County in 1852. Her mother's name was Diadama (spelled variously) S(some records say Sargeant). She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. She and Hiram moved to Texas where she died in 1908.
 I have been unable to find this Richardson family in Virginia or in Kentucky.
  Bettie Murrell Tripp Waddle

Posted 9/3/2001

Does anyone know the location of place on Russell Creek that, in 1796, was known as "Little Horseshoe Bottom"? Thanks,   Jerry Bailey

Posted 9/3/2001

Hello I am searching for info on a James Alexander Walker born 1823 in Adair County....would like info on his parents and siblings . James came to Illinois supposedly with his father and settled in Morgan then Brown County Ill where he raised a large family. I just cannot get past him for some reason. Can anyone help?? Thanks, Dot.

Posted 8/4/2001

I am looking for info on Samuel b 1790/1794 KY and Elizabeth Holcomb Sullivan/Sullivant.  They lived right on the Adair - Russell County line Crocus Creek.  The 1850 census shows them in Adair County and the 1860 census shows them in Russell County.  I would like to correspond with anyone interested in the Sullivan's. Thanks,

 Linda Sullivan Harper 

Posted 7/22/2001   FOUND!!!!!

Rogers/Rodgers is my huge brick wall, I can't find the father of Martha Ann b.1835 and Hiram b.1832. They only show together on the 1850 census with mother named Nancy (_____)Rodgers EAST and her second husband Joseph EAST. I've been looking everywhere. Thank You, Theresa Rogers Griffiths

Posted 7/6/2001

I am looking for information on Samuel Richards born Feb 1829 married Rhoda Bradberry 1849 in Adair Co. Had the following children , William T, who married Marcella Workman, Mary E, who married William Taylor, Lloyd T.married France Bohannon, Robert M. who married Nancy J Scott, James A. who married Mary E Scott and Samuel W who married Frances Wooten. All these children born and married in Adair Co. Samuel died sometime after 1900 I believe in Adair Co.

Posted 7/6/2001

Looking for information on John Phillip Sanders.  Here are some facts:  John was born in KY in 1844, he fought in the Civil War and he moved to Indiana after the war.  Here are some theories:  He joined the 13th KY Cavalry in Columbia, KY--so I am assuming (if this is my John) that he was from Adair Co., KY.  I found a John of the right age in Adair Co. 1850 census--parents being a Thomas H. and Sarah Sanders.  I am trying to confirm this as my John Phillip Sanders.  If it is, I would like to continue my search with Thomas and Sarah.  I would also like to correspond with any Sanders in this area who might be able to help me more.
More on John:  He married Margaret Melissa Miller in Bartholomew Co., IN in 1871;  he and she had the following children:  Frank b. 1884, Edgar, Ernest, Cora and Ethel.  Cora married a Steambarger and Ethel married Charles Royse 1st and a man named Breeding 2nd.  Another clue that might connect my John to Adair Co., KY is that I have noticed the names Royse and Breeding on this site.  Any help or advice would be appreciated.  My email is 
Jennifer Sanders

Posted 7/4/2001

I have a huge brickwall on my Rogers. I have my grandfather's father Otis S. ROGERS born 1868 in ILL. (somewhere) Otis's father and mother are from KY. I found them on the 1860 census for Adair Co,KY. It shows like this......... 1860 Adair Co,KY.
Hiram F. RODGERS  born 1835  Clinton  KY.  ( info someone gave me ) Mulivina V. Hiram F. RODGERS and Mulivina V.A. STRANGE were married in Adair Co,KY.12/6/1859

Now, Here is my huge wall!
On the 1850 census for Adair Co,KY. EAST, Joseph, Nancy RODGERS, Martha b.1832 RODGERS, Hiram b. 1835 EAST, George b.1838  EAST, James EAST, Alexander  age 3 Joseph EAST was married 1st time to a woman named Nancy RUSSELL. They were married 1/25/1821 in Lincoln Co,KY. Then they moved to Adair Co,KY.  Nancy RUSSELL died June 21,1835 she is buried in Columbia City Cemetery, Columbia, Ky. in Adair. She was born 1799. I cannot find out info on the 2nd marriage for Joseph EAST and Nancy RODGERS.
I can't find the name of Nancy RODGERS first husband either. All the info above I got from look ups since I only have the Internet to do any searches with so I haven't seen any of these census with my own two eyes. On the 1850 census for Adair Co,KY with Nancy RODGERS married to Joseph EAST it has her as 43 yrs old. So I put her birth
about 1807. Also two ladies had done a look up for me in Adair Co,KY. sent me a photo copy of a letter that was written to Columbia Library in Aug 1966 from a woman who said she was the granddaughter of Joseph EAST son George b. 1838. ( he's on the 1850 census Adair )
She was writing to see if she could find info on Nancy RODGERS and EAST also. She doesn't know Nancy RODGERS maiden name either or her 1st husband.
She also says that after Joseph EAST died she believes Nancy (___) Rodgers EAST married a man with the surname MUSGROVE.

I have been on the ROGERS/RODGERS list for a long time and I keep posting but nobody connects, I guess because without the name of the father and Nancy's maiden name nothing rings a bell. After reading all of this above what would you do? Where else can I look? I am really lost. Thanks, Theresa

Posted 7/4/2001

Searching for children of my g g grdparents James & Elzabeth (toles/tolles) Jones James died inroute from Pendleton,S. C to Adair Ky in 1816 Know only 2 of their 6? children. My G grdfather Martin P & his Bro Hardin Jones Martin & Hardin Jones Plus a William? went to Southern, Ill in 1825/30's Would greatly like to hear from ANY  KIN.   Thank You, Darlene Williams.

Surname: England, Wilson, Reece, Janes, Romines

I have several names from Adair and Metcalfe counties in this line. You can contact me at

Posted 6/13/2001

Surname: England, Hurt, Romines

Am willing to share but I am also searching for James Allen Hurt. I have a lot of information about the England family. Depends on the time period that you are looking for. Thanks, Joyce

Posted 6/13/2001

Looking for marriage information on the following families: Aarons, Bradshaws, Richards, Williams, and Ennis.  Thanks, Alene Bradshaw

Posted 6/13/2001

I am looking for a marriage bond fow James William Garnett s/o W.S. Garnett to Sarah Etta Bennett d/o Nancy and Timeleon Bennett. They were from the Cane Valley Area. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.  Thanks,  Faye Walters

Posted 5/18/2001


Margaret Jane SMITH married James YOUNG Adair Co. 1861, she 18 years of age, b. abt. 1843-1846 in Adair Co. Margaret Jane YOUNG married Benjamin. F. MARTIN in 1865, Adair Co., at the residence of "Patia" (believe to be Patience) SMITH in the presence of John DUDLEY and Wm. SMITH. In a previous marriage, 1861, for Franklin YOUNG & Carie E. BLAYOR, in the presence of James YOUNG & wife (Margaret Jane SMITH) AT PURN SMITH's. Cannot find Margaret Jane SMITH on the 1850 or 1860 census. On 1870 census Patience SMITH is married to Abdalusa DUDLEY and they are living in Green Co. very close to B.F.MARTIN and Margaret Jane SMITH YOUNG MARTIN.

Thanks, Jo Storie

Posted 5/12/2001


MY BRICK WALL: Frances Jane McKenzie (Have seen all spelling variations) supposedly born Adair Co. 1819. Married William Vaughn 1835 in IL. On marriage record she was signed for by N. Coffey as guardian for A. McKinzie. Newton Coffey was prominent in Adair Co. befor going to IL abt. 1820. Who were Frances Janes parents? Have heard Alexander McKinsey, but no proof. Would appreciate any and all leads. I wonder if there are any probate records for guardianship? Thanks in advance, Ann

Posted 4/17/2001

Looking for information on William Bennett. Do not know his location of birth but he later moved to Adair County, Kentucky where he married Eliza Jane Keltner. They were married in 1848 in Columbia, Adair Co., Kentucky. He was born ca. 1827.
Have quite a bit of information on their descendants but nothing on William. Would be willing to share any and all information.

Thanks, Sue


Posted 4/14/2001

George Washington CARTER b abt 1806 d ? md Mary Ann Polly RABERN  b 1812 dau of John "Kit" RABERN. George's father was Thomas Isaac (may have been killed in war of 1812). Mother Elizabeth? (Believe it was Oldham, daughter of Jacob but haven't proved it.  An Elizabeth CARTER is listed as (widow of Thomas CARTER) as his daughter in his will. 
George's siblings
Nancy md Acree
Flemon (my mother referred to Uncle Flemon)
Tilmon (my mother referred to Uncle Tilmon)
John (md Sarah Murray)
There were seven children listed on 1810 census but don't know names of all. GW and wife lived on the Adair/Russell Co line on Burris Rd.

Looking for parents to Mary Ann Polly Rabern b 1812.
Referenced parents are John who md a Miss Rainwater.
Other researchers believe it is John "Kit" Christopher RABERN and Margaret RAINWATER.  Would like to have
proof and also where they are buried. 

Also, William BERRY Adair Co.  believed to be a vet; 
believe to be brother to Grace BERRY who md Littleberry JANES

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 4/10/2001

I've been trying to locate my grt. grt. grandparents. Thomas and Rebecca (Goodin) Hale. I know for fact that they lived in ADAIR county for the births of their four daughters in 1841,1849, 1854 and 1857. For some strange reason their son was born in Breckinridge County in 1864. I'm assuming it was because of the Civil War. I believe that my grt. grt. grandmother died somewhere in Adair County May of 1877. If you have a suggestion on how I can confirm this, I would be grateful.

Sue Martin       


Posted 4/9/2001

I am searching for decendants of John Nathaniel POFF, born about 1832, in Knox Co., Ky. He married Hanna Jane Meece on Feb. 16, 1854 in Pulaski Co., Ky. They had 3 children, Margaret, b. 1855; Alexander, b. 1856, and
George W., b. 1857, and died Oct. 8, 1949, in Adair Co., Ky. George is buried in the Smith family Cemetery in Milltown, Adair Co., Ky. George W. married Mary Jane Smith around 1881/84. Their children are: Thomas Lewis;
George C., b. 1885; Elizabeth, 1886; Dollie, 1887; Andrew J., 1895 and Mary E. J., 1898. John N. died in 1861 in the Civli War as a member of Patterson's Engineering Unit. His (John N's.) brother, Charles Cornelius POFF and family moved to Gentry Co., Missouri in May of 1865 and has many living relatives in this area today. The 1850 Pulaski Co., Ky. census shows John N. and sister Ellen Jane, living with Charles Cornelius and family. Researching Surnames: Poff

 Eldon J. Graham

Posted 4/9/2001

I am looking for information on Green Berry McGinnis Jr., son of Green Sr. and Mary "Polly" Dillingham McGinnis,(17 Jul 1858 - 17 Jul 1888, Adair County). He married an Elvira Loy in Adair County on 23 Oct 1879 and may have had a daughter named Vera McGinnis (8 Nov 1887 - 17 Apr 1964)by Elvira or somebody else. Though he married in 1879, the 1880 census finds him living with his parents with Elvira nowhere to be found. I would very much appreciate any information on who Elivira Loy was and what happened to her; whether Green re-married; the cause of his death in 1888; whether Vera was, in fact, his daughter; and any other information about his life.
Thank you very much.   Researching Surnames : McGinnis, Loy, Dillingham.
Steve Lewis

Posted 4/9/2001

My gggrandparents were Daniel Boon(e) and Francis Margret (Rouse) Bryant. They were from Adair County KY and they moved to Perry County IN in the 1850's. I know there are many Daniel Boone Bryant's from Kentucky. My Daniel was born in 1827, and fought in the Mexican American War. Does anyone have information about this family? Researching Surnames: Bryant, 

Verna Vojtech

Posted 4/4/2001

Martha McFarlen/Farland/Farlan,  married John Triplett
27-Aug-1809, Adair County, NC. She was born in Tennessee in 1791.  All of their children were born in Adair County KY except the last two. I don't have parents or siblings for Martha.  I'm hoping someone else does.

Thanks, Jenny Cienfuegos

Posted 3/31/2001

JAMES MADISON WILLIAMS b 1834, d 1905 in Adair County, married Margaret ? children GEORGE 1875, SAMUEL 1869, LOURETTE 1874, MARY 1866, SARAH 1856, MARSHA 1862. Also: 
GEORGE WILSON b 1865, d 1929, married LIZZIE WILSON, children LAURA b 1883, ROBERT, LIZZIE b 1896, RODD, WILLIE, TAYLOR.

Thank you, Betty Caffee

Posted 3/31/2001

I am in search of information concerning George E. Wilson.  I know he was born @1873, do not have the exact date.  He died July 1955.  He was my Great-Grandfather.  He married May Pickett, they resided in Adair County, they had 2 sons, Davis and B. Russell.  May died in 1923.  I am in search of information about Georges' dob,  his parents names, and where they came from.  Any information you maybe able to provide would be greatfully appreciated.

Thank you, Carin Weiss-Krolikowski 

Posted 3/31/2001

I need help from anyone having knowledge of Anderson and Elmira (Nunn) Burk's children. they lived in Adair Co. from 1870-1890"s. His last mention is of 1892 ,when he built a coffin for a woman named Francis Bunch. Their children were Westley A. (married Mary J. Grissom), and they moved to Union Co. Ky.  Last heard of in the 1880 census.  Joseph Burk, my gr-grandfather, Cager Burk, I have found, Amanda Burk married Tom Shackleford, found. William P. Burk (unknown), James W. Burk (unknown), and Margaret Burk, (unknown). Anyone knowing of James, William or Margaret, (born 1850's), they lived near
Breeding and the place was called Burk's Ridge. Elmirah (Nunn) Burk was supposedly related to the Breeding family somehow.  Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you, Tom Burk 

Posted 3/31/2001

Looking for information on Mary L.(Sid) Bennett who was married to Luther W. Curry. They lived in Adair county and raised 9 children. Possible marriage date in the late 1890's or early 1900's. Also looking for information on
Eliza Jane Karnes who was married to Elijah Curry in the late 1870's or possible 1880. They had 8 children and lived in the Adair county area possible in or around Cane Valley. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,  Sheila

Posted 3/26/2001

Zachariah Ennis was born in/about 1766 in either Augusta or Albemarle County, Virginia.  Wife of Zachariah Ennis was Susanna "Anna" Bradshaw, daughter of Rev. William Bradshaw and Mary Callicoat (Collicott).  Zachariah Ennis was in Adair County, KY at time of marriage of his daughter, Elizabeth, to George Aaron in October 1831  Does anyone have any information or proof of father of Zachariah Ennis?

Posted 3/26/2001