Adair County Vital Statistic Records: Births, 1893-1894

The following information was transcribed from the five (microfilmed) pages of original Adair County birth records for 1893-1894. Each of the first four pages original pages have about 58 entries, and the fifth page has 33 entries. In this transcription, the original pages are designated by the header "[page x of original document]."

The header card  for the five microfilmed pages from which these transcriptions were done states the records are for 1893 & 1894, and each birth is noted as having occurred in one of those two years. The date handwritten at the top of each of the five pages, however, is 1895.

The order of information is as follows:

Name of child (a surname in brackets indicates it comes from the surname given for the father rather than written out as part of the child's name; or, in absence of that name, then the mother's surname);

Date of birth;


Born dead or alive (noted only if born dead);

Place of birth (noted only if other than Adair County);

Fathers name & mother's maiden name;

Color of child (noted only if other than "white");

Birth place(s) & place of residence of parents (noted only if other than Adair Co.)

Underlining indicates transcribe words & names are as found in the original document; question marks indicate uncertain interpretation; bracketed italics indicates notes or information from other sources.

There are a few duplicated entries, some of which contain conflicting information. These have been combined as one entry with notation of where (on which page of the original document) the second one was found. Any conflicting information is also noted. An example of a combined entry: "Bryant, David P., May 16, 1894, male, J.L. Bryant & Mary J. Redman. [Also recorded on page three of the original document with June 27, 1894 given as date of birth.]"

.[page 1 of original document]

Corbin, Woody, February 27, 1894, male, R.A. Corbin & Clina Jones.

Christie, Elby, September 28, 1893, male, J.R. Christie & Meck Humphress.

Bottoms, Mary, April 27, 1894, female, J.S. Bottom_ & Martha Childers.

Curry, Phelix, September 1, 1894, male, J.R. Curry & Susie Moore

Hardin, Lillie, July 24, 1894, female, David Hardin & Sarah Smith.

Hovius [Hovious], Jasper, August 15, 1894, male, R.A. Hovius & Rebecca Cloyd.

[Lawless], unnamed, August 5, 1894*, male, J.M. Lawless & Eliza Hardin. [*The date was written over the words "no name."]

Bottoms, Neoly P. Magnolia, November 13, 1893, female, C.C. Bottoms & Margarette Watson.

Cundiff, Ellen, October 21, 1893, female, John Cundiff & Evaline Davis, both parents born Casey Co.

Goode, Clora (or Clara?) M., March 19, 1894, female, L.M. Goode & Ida Bottoms.

[Bottoms], unnamed, August 5, 1894, female, J.B. Bottoms & Josaphine Williams.

Sherrill, Eddy, March 6, 1894, male, A.T. Sherrill & Martha Lee.

Allen, Mary F., January 21, 1894, female, T.F. Allen & Mary White.

Brown, Mary E., October 2, 1893, female, C.L. Brown & Mary Bennett.

Young, James, June 29, 1894, male, Wm. L. Young & Mary Allen.

Ward, David, September 2, 1894, male, Geo. T. Ward & Depphenia(??) Clements.

[White], unnamed, February 18, 1894, male, John White & Isabel Fitch, black.

[Chelf], unnamed, August 31, 1894, male, Perry Chelf & Ann Goode.

Burris, Willard, January 20, 1894, male, John E. Burris & Edna Cunningham.

Wethington, John, October 30, 1893, male, W.H. Wethington & Elender Posey.

Wethington, Edith, May 15, 1894, female, R.T. Wethington & Sarah Abell.

Pike, Lizza, June 15, 1894, female, N. (or W.) B. Pike & Elizabeth Curry.

Bean, Emma, January 5, 1894, female, C.R. Bean & Bell_ Pike.

Pendleton, Leslie, March 20, 1894, female, W.L. Pendleton & Maggie Williams.

Pendleton, Letty, March 19, 1894, female, J.H. Pendleton & Mary Watson.

White, Leruth, June 12, 1894, female, J.W. White & Rody Burton.

Ford, Gresham, July 4, 1894, male, H.K.* Ford & Mary Wolford. [* The second initial is written over another letter, possibly an H.]

Stayton, Almer, June 10, 1894, male, P. Stayton & Ella Tucker.

Cox, Lora, March 18, 1894, female, Berry Cox & Ann Stayton.

Ford, Pansy, February 10, 1894, male*, T.F. Ford & Martha E. Stayton. [* Is this Pansy Ford, female, who married ------- Mann & who died in Taylor Co. in 1931?]

Holt, Louis, May 1, 1894, male, Wilburn Holt & Margaret Angel.

Wolford, Arthur, February 25, 1894, male, John M. Wolford & Sallie Beard.

Sherrill, Luster, April 30, 1894, male, S.S. Sherrill & Lizzie Ellis.

Bean, Thos., January 5, 1894, male, Thos. Bean & Josie Jones.

Bailey, Maggie, March 15, 1894, female, Wm. Bailey & Syrena Grant.

[Bradshaw], unnamed, January 11, 1894, female, Gwin [Guinn] Bradshaw & Zerilda Jeffries. [Also recorded near bottom of the same page: unnamed, date of birth December 31, 1893, parents G.A. Bradshaw & Zerilda Jeffries.]

Willis, Ella K., September 17, 1893, female, W.P. Willis & Lou E. Patteson.

Bennett, George, September 29, 1893, male, Geo. G. Bennett; mother's name not stated.

[Rexroad], unnamed, August 27, 1894, male, Wm. Rexroad & Pearl Calhoun.

Calhoun, Earl, April 10, 1894, male, Charley Calhoun; mother's name not stated.

Coffey, James, February 6, 1894, male, G.W. Coffey; mother's name not stated.

Epperson, William, August 24, 1893, male, Virgil Epperson; mother's name not stated.

Conover, Mary E., November 7, 1893, female, James M. Conover; mother's name not stated.

Grant, Orvil B., April 2, 1894, male, Jo Sam Grant; mother's name not stated..

Blair, Annie L., Nov. 30, 1893, female, Jas. V. Blair; mother's name not stated.

Wooten, Herschel, March 31, 1894, male, Sherman Wooten; mother's name not stated.

Wright, Rubin, September 9, 1894, male, Allen Wright; mother's name not stated.

Morgan, Missie, December 6, 1893, female, Geo. Morgan & Lockie Morgan.

Cape, Ellen, March 15, 1894, female, Geo. Cape & Mary Cape.

Strange, Darrell, January 19, 1894, male, Wm. L. Strange & Kate Coomer.

Patteson, Willie T., August 16, 1894, male, Jno. D. Patteson & Sallie A. Curry.

Burbridge, John, October 5, 1893, male, Levi Burbridge & Lora Chapman.

Wade, Mary S.*, February 4, 1894, female, Jake Wade & Manda Hunter, black. [*Somewhat uncertain interpretation of the initial.]

Taylor, Fannie, July 25, 1894, female, Wm. L. Taylor & Fannie Workman.

[Grant], unnamed, September 28, 1893, female, John M. Grant; mother's name not stated.

Mitchell, Rosa, July 8, 1894, female, Jo A. Mitchell & Jane Mitchell.

Bradshaw, Purlie, July 16, 1894, female,  Ebille Bradshaw & Cordelia Jones, black.

[page 2 of original document] 

[Several of the unnamed children on this page are listed as Baby Smith, Baby Jones, etc.]

Rowe, Ar---ia (probably Arlenia, possibly Artenia), August (date not stated), 1894, female, Arthur M. Rowe & Bettie Yarberry. [See next entry.]

Rowe, Ardenia, August (date not stated), 1894, female, Arthur M. Rowe & Bettie Yarberry. [See preceding entry.]

Wooten, Lenard C., September (date not stated) 1894, male, Geo. H. Wooten & Mary Ellis, father born Hart Co. Ky.

Sparks, Jo K., February (date not stated) 1894, male, Chas. W. Sparks & Laura J. Gilpin.

Dooley, Zora E, July 28, 1894, female, Albert W. Dooley & Mary Gilpin, mother born Washington Co. Ky.

Royse, Cowin V., October (date not stated), 1894, male, Arthur Royse & Bettie Hundley.

Traylor, Nannie B., August (date not stated), 1894, female, Jas. M. Traylor & Kittie Harvey, mother born Cumberland Co., Ky.

Wooten, Sarah E. August (date not stated), 1894, female, Sam B. Wooten & Zanie Gilpin, father born Metcalfe Co., Ky., mother born Marion Co., Ky.                     

Janes, Artie M., September (date not stated), 1894, female, T.C. Janes & Fannie Hayes, father born Metcalfe Co., Ky.

Strange, Annie L., April 29, 1894, female, Huston Strange & Sarah Blair.

Campbell, Huston, July (date not stated), 1894, male, Jerod Campbell & Lucy Willis, mother born Cumberland Co., Ky.

Stotts, Ernest, February 9, 1894, male, Geo. W. Stotts & ------- McKinney (mother's given name not stated)

McKinney, Orlenia, June (date not stated), 1894, female, Felix McKinney & Luella Williams.

Fields, Henry G., April 18, 1894, male, M.T. Fields & Martha Fudge, father born Metcalfe Co., Ky., mother born Cumberland Co., Ky.

Sneed, Albert F., March (date not stated), 1894, male, W.C. Sneed & Maggie Corbin, both parents born Pulaski Co., Ky.

England, Hiley M., May (date not stated), 1894, female, Steward W. England & Lou Gowen.

Moore, Henry R., March 22, 1894, male, John E. Moore & Charity Smith.

Roberts, Bettie F., April (date not stated), 1894, female, Loyd T. Richards & Francis Bohannon, mother born Pulaski Co., Ky. [Richards is the more likely correct surname.]

Compton, Ida F., May (date not stated), 1894, female, Jas. T. Compton & Sarah E. Moore, father born Pulaski Co., Ky.

Walker, unnamed, August (date not stated), 1894, female, L.H. Walker & Cordie Kinnard, mother born Metcalfe Co.

Grider, Luther O., December 15, 1893, male, Wm. L. Grider & Lizzie Gowen, mother born N.C.

Hamilton, unnamed, February (date not stated), 1894, female, John Hamilton & Mary Akin.

Sparks, Jeremiah, April (date not stated), 1894, male, S.D. Sparks & Lou England, mother born Metcalfe Co.

Gorman, Jas. R., October 20, 1894, male, W.T. Gorman & Hattie Fletcher, father born Metcalfe Co., Ky.

Corbin, unnamed, February 25,  1894, female, J.T. Corbin & Ida Allen, mother born Nebraska.

Jesse_, Nancy E., June 16, 1894, female, Geo. A. Jessee & Mary Barnes, father born Metcalfe Co., Ky.

Coomer, unnamed, August 25, 1894, female, Geo. C. Coomer & Nancy Parson, both parents born W. Va.

Hill, unnamed, April 25, 1894, female, U.S. Hill & Lou Sexton.

Kinnaird, Nina, March 14, 1894, female, D.W. Kinnaird & Pattie Bell, father born Metcalfe Co., Ky.

Baker, Jas. A., January (date not stated), 1894, male, W.H. Baker & Sarah Corbin, father born Whitley Co., Ky.

Jessee, Herbert R., February 27, 1893, male, Jas. D. Jessee & Maggie Brown, mother born Ind.

England, Millard L., June 24, 1894, male, Joe A. England & Lou J. Barnes.

Reece, Webster P., February 28, 1894, male, Jacob A. Reece & Bessie Henegar.

Burress, unnamed, October 26, 1894, female, John W. Burress & Laura Coomer.

Yarberry, Jas., August 18, 1894, male, Willie Yarberry & Emma Patton.

McClerry, Rollin, January 26, 1894, male, Wm. McClarry & Annie Jones, mulatto.

Bohannon, unnamed, August 18, 1894, male, A.J. Bohannon & Nancy Richards, father born Pulaski Co., Ky.

Wooldridge, Alfred G., September (date not stated), 1894, male, W.A. Wooldridge & Mollie Brummett, both parents born Russell Co., Ky.

Corbin, James A., October (date not stated), 1894, male, Tim Corbin & Martha Sneed, mother born Pulaski Co., Ky.

Sexton, Webster, August (date not stated), male, J.G. Sexton & ------- Shirley (mother's given name not stated).

Taylor, Annie, June (date not stated), 1894, female, Jo Taylor [originally written as Traylor; first "r" marked through] & ------- Hughes (mother's given name not stated), black.

Walkup, Mary B., May 10, 1894, female, T.W. Walkup & Thesalonia Shaw.

Tupman, Virgie R., October 11, 1893, female, T.T. Tupman & Mattie B. Callison.

Smith, Lucian H., February 8, 1894, male, Lucian Smith & Sarah E. Frost.

Biggs, Jacob S., January 13, 1894, male, Joseph J. Biggs & Nancy A. Banks.

Morris, Eula, November 5, 1893, female, J.W. Morris & Ella Montgomery.

Sanders, Woody, October 18, 1893, male, A.J. Sanders & Louvenia Robertson.

Harmon, Mary L., March 1, 1894, female, Rude Harmon & Annie Bryant.

Bryant, Ida, January 27, 1894, female, J.A. Bryant & Rutha Brockman.

[Holt], unnamed, June 24, 1894, male, W.N. Holt & Nancy M. Bailey.

Burton, Lou, April 15, 1894, female, Anderson Burton & Mary B. Campbell.

Burris, Logan N., February 28, 1894, male, J.W. Burress & Sarah Perryman.

Hase, Dudley N., April 10, 1894, male, J.D. Hays & Malinda J. Richards.                   

[Bryant], unnamed, June 8, 1894, male, G.T. Bryant & Lora E. Burton.

Bryant, David P., May 16, 1894, male, J.L. Bryant & Mary J. Redman. [Also recorded on third page of the original document with June 27, 1894 given as date of birth; parents' names identical.]

Bryant, Albert P., June 12, 1894, male, Henry Bryant & Martha J. Lewis.

Burton, Jordon, June 3, 1893, male, Chrisley Burton & Precilla Harmon, mother born Arkansas.

Moore, James, September 9, 1894, male, Jas. M. Moore & Lucy J. Page, mother b. Taylor Co.

[page 3 of original document]

Hadley, Rollin, July 10, 1894, male, H.C. Hadley & Delia Hadley.

Bibee, Laura E., February 22, 1894, female, Wm. O.* Bibee & Jane Ripeto. [* Uncertain of interpretation of initial.]

Taylor, Jas. E., July 13, 1894, male, Jas. T. Taylor & Mary E. (mother's surname not stated).

Bradshaw, Kate, September 24, 1893, female, Remus Bradshaw & Charity Wooldridge.

[Redman], unnamed, August 27, 1894, female, Wm. Redman & Moss(??) Redman.

Bailey, Nanie or (Nanil?) B., October 29, 1893, female, R.S. Bailey & Mary E Conover.

Burton, Lenard, June 10, 1894, male, Jo. G. Bailey* & Bettie Bryant. [* Burton is the more likely correct surname.]

Montgomery, Ruel C., June 17, 1894, male, Adair Montgomery & Laura Tupman.

[Jones], unnamed, May 1, 1894, male, Wm. Jones & Sophia Hurt, black.

Floyd, Forest, June 16, male, A.M. Floyd & Mary Conover.

[Bryant], unnamed, September 20, 1893, male, J.D. Bryant & Nancy B. Powell.

Bryant, Ethel, September 7, 1894, female, Mont Bryant & Eliza Kimbler.

Murrell, Irene, August 30, 1894, female, Nathan Murrell & Emmer(??) Troutman.

Bailey, Patra, September 1, 1894, female, Melvin E. Bailey & Rebecca E Burton.

Sanders, Ida W., February 9, 1894, female, Z.T. Sanders & Elizabeth Ba--- [or Bo--_; the last three(?) letters are indecipherable.]

Swanson, Welby, September 18, 1893, male, T.E. Swanson & Martha Goodin.

Hudson, George H., June 11, 1894, male, S.P. Hudson & Mary E. McElroy.

Long, Cora, May 29, 1894, female, James Long & Mary B. Campbell.

Gentry, Laura H., May 23, 1894, female, W.E. Gentry & Elizabeth Long.

Murrell, Marvin T., April 18, 1894, male, S.H. Murrell & Pi--ilia* C. Conover. [* Not all letters of her given name are decipherable. The Kentucky death records index gives her name as Pernilie.]

Rooks, Emma, October 18, 1894, female, B.L. Rooks & Ann Dooley.

Cowhert, Sophia, May 6, 1894, female, A.A. Cowhert & Lou Sublett.

Grant, Flora B., July 17, 1894, female, J.B. Grant & Pauline S. Hardwick.

Page, Bland, June 5, 1894, male, Jo Page & Ester Bridgewater, black.

Brannum,* Hallie P., January 10, female, Isham Brannum* & Tilda Shaw. [* Interpretation of the surname is uncertain. Everything past the "a" somewhat resembles a child's drawing of ocean waves.]

Hutchinson, John C., June 4, 1894, male, J.P. Hutchinson & Anna Turning.

Todd, Verner May, October 4, 1893, female, J.D. Todd & Lucy Merritt.

[Shearer], unnamed, September 6, 1894, female, W.D. Shearer & Eliza B. Petty.

Smith, Bessie, September 5, 1894, female, J.R. Smith & Effie Hutchinson.

Keeney*, Eugene, September 6, 1894, male, C.H. Keeney* & Jannie* Lock. [* Not entirely certain of interpretation of the father's surname or the mother's given name.]

Ingram, Perlie, October 23, 1893, female, Rob't. W. Ingram & Mitt Smith, black.

Hancock, Lorna {or Lorina?), April 10, 1894, female, E.P. Hancock & Mary I. Butler.

Coffey, Sarah A., March 10, 1894, female, J.P Coffey & Siller J. Bryant.

[Rice], unnamed, March 18, 1894, female, born dead, J.R. Rise* & Mollie Wilson. [*Joseph R. & Mollie Ann Rice are buried in the Cane Valley Cemetery.]

Kearnes, G.M.*, February 10, 1894, Geo. M. Kearnes & Nancy Carban (or Corbon, or Corban??) [* The 1900 Adair County census gives his name as Russell T. Kearnes.]

Smith, Owen S., August 8, 1894, male, T.I. Smith & Lou* Judd. [* Uncertain of interpretation.]

Smith, Sallie, July 31, 1894, female, Waller Smith & Flora Graves.

Barnett, Mary F., May 31, 1894, female, Cleve (or Clem??) Barnett & Sarah F. Pendleton.

Griffin, Lou* W., October 6, 1893, female, W.S. Griffin & Mollie Miller. [* There possibly is a fourth letter in the given name but if so, it's made illegible by the "y" in the name Mary in the line above.]

Todd, Henry Y., October 6, 1893*, male, A.G. Todd & Lora F. Young, mother born Cumberland Co. [*All three components of the birth date -- month, date, and year -- are designated by ditto marks beneath the entry immediately above.]

Alvin E. Page, December 8, 1893, male, E.J. Page & Lora B. Powell, mother born Russell Co., Ky.

Smith, Sallie, May 10, 1894, female, Henry Smith & Amy Motley, black.

Hood, Casham T., September 3, 1894, male, Creed Hood & Fannie Clements.

Combest, Mollie, January 10, 1894, female, John Combest & Sinda Wilson

[Buckner], unnamed, July 10, 1894, female, W.J. Buckner & Nancy Hase, father born Taylor Co., mother born Green Co., Ky.

Patteson, L.O., March 9, 1894, male, W.B. Patteson & Katie F. Frazer.

[Garnett], unnamed, January (date not stated), 1894, female, Fleming Garnett & Diza Baker, black.

Jones, Mary, August 15, 1894, female, Rufus Jones & Arobella Workman.

Waggener, Bettie, April 20, 1894, female, Richard Waggener & Martha Bridgewaters, black. [See next entry.]

Waggener, Lucy,  April 20, 1894, female, Richard Waggener & Martha Bridgewaters, black. [See previous entry.]

[Johnston], unnamed, April 17, 1894, male, John Johnston & Annie Hardin, black. [The 1894 Adair County death records give the surname as Johnson.]

Davis, Sallie E., August 10, 1894, female, E.H. Davis & Mary A. Biggs.

[Bryant], unnamed, September 8, 1894, female, D.F. Bryant & Florence E. Holt.

Rexroat, James, April 4, 1894, male, Jo Rexroat & Jane Hardin, black.

Page, Emmer, May 8, 1894, female, Jas. A. Page & Art M. Boyd.

Willis, Geo. H.E., February 23, 1894, male, W.C. Willis & Mary A Cunningfield* (or Cummingfield, or ????). [[*Interpretation of the surname is uncertain. Everything between the "C" & the "g" somewhat resembles a child's drawing of ocean waves.]

Johnson, Monta G., February 18, 1894, male, Luther Johnston & Kate Waggener, black.

[page 4 of original document]

Ferrill, Annie M., August 10, 1894, female, John Ferrill & Sallie Hunter, black.

Burton, Ader M., May 17, 1894, female, Wm. M. Burton & Rebecca R. Burton.

Vaughn, J.B., March 12, 1894, male, B.B. Vaughn & Mary L. Harmon.

Conover, A.J., February 24, 1894, male, S.B. Conover & Emma Tupman.

Martin, Alvin, April 6, 1894, male, J.H. Martin & Mattie Thomas.

Burton, Nellie E., May 12, 1894, female, N.C. Burton & Annie E. Bridgewater

Spratt, Wm. P., November 15, 1893, male, Alex Spratt & Louiza Spratt.

Cundiff, Wm. J., May 9, 1894, male, P.V. (or P.U.) Cundiff & Mary E. Conover.

Gill, Katie L., January 10, 1894, female, Wm. H. Gill & Reedie (or Rudie) K. Smith.

Walker, Rob't., April 15, 1894, male, Manuel Walker & Eliza Gilmer, black.

White, Wm. L., March 9, 1894, male, Sanford H. White & Lou A. Loy.

Laslie, Rob't., April 9, 1894, male, T.B. Laslie & Lucy Hunter, black.

[Hardin], unnamed, October 12, 1893, male, born dead, A.H. Hardin & Martha J. Corban.

[Conover], unnamed, April 21, 1894, female, Rob't. Conover & Cornelia M. Johnston.

Clinch, Hattie E., March 26, 1894, female, Jeff Clinch & Patience Deming, both parents born Wayne Co., Ky.

Moran, James R., September 6, 1894, male, Thos. P. Moran & Edith E. Cheatham, , mother born Cumberland Co., Ky.

Brockman, Lettie A., February 6, 1894, female, G.A. Brockman & A.J. Pollard.

Robertson, Annie, December 6, 1893, female, Jo Robertson & Ida Yates, mulatto.

Rosenfield, Cary, July 6, 1894, female, Jo Rosenfield & Cordie Nell, father born Ind.

Bradshaw, Geo. H., April 30, 1894, male, Euria Bradshaw & Eliza C. Hammons.

Neal, Thos., March 12, 1894, male, Wo Neal & Cordelia Brummett.

Price, Julia K., August 27, 1894, female, Rufus G. Price & Annie M. Johnson.

Davis, Tites, February 14, 1894, male, W.A. Davis & Mahala Hunter, black, father born Tenn.

Botts, Olie, May 17, 1894, male, Charley Boots & Mira E. Buckner, black.

Allen, Harry, February 9, 1894, male, Rob't. S. Allen & Annie Jennings, mother born Indiana.

Stotts, Samuel, November 10, 1893, male, Jacob Stotts & Matilda Hodgings, mother born Taylor Co., Ky.

Pollard, Rollin H., February 28, 1894, male, Wm. R. Pollard & Mary E. Brockman.

Sharp, John W., February 10, 1894, male, J.R. Sharp & Jennie Absher.

Hutcherson, J.O., July 14, 1894, male, J.L. Hutcherson & Mary Smith.

Feece, Mary E., April 10, 1894, female, W.J. Feece & Mira Smith.

Dixon, Olie T. (or F.), April 30, 1894, male, H.C. Dixon & Nancy J. Curry.

[Rowe], unnamed, male, September 14, 1894, Rich'd. Rowe & Maggie Frazer, black.

Smith, Mattie W., May 18. 1894, female, S.W. Smith & Phoeby H. Dohoney.

Collins, Sarah, female, October 26, 1893, female, D.C. Collins & Manerva Womack.

[Cowen], unnamed, May 20, 1894, male, born dead, C.W. Cowen & Martha Burton.

[Burton], July 8, 1894, unnamed, female, J.L. Burton & Nancy L. Burton.

Burton, Mary B., January 8, 1894, female, T.B. Burton & Margarete Sinclair.

Burton, Lou E., December 20, 1893, female, G.B. Burton & Ella Burton.

Bryant, Myrtie, March 15, 1894, female, Peter M. Bryant & Permelia Bryant

Burton, John W., July 15, 1894, male, Jo Z. Burton & Nancy Gilpin.

Rexroad, Wm. H., May 7, 1894, male, M.J. Rexroad & Martha Burton.

Hadley, Violey, April 7, 1894, female, H.C. Hadley & Mary C. Anderson, father born Russell Co., Ky., mother born Tenn.

Grant, Vester, June 4, 1894, male, Geo. A Grant & Annie Humphress.

[Bryant], unnamed, October (date not stated), 1893, male, David Bryant & Alice Curry.

[Kimble], unnamed, June (date not stated), 1894, female, John C. Kimble & Charlotte Powell.

McGaha, Lee Nora, July 1, 1894, female, A.B. McGaha & Mary Burton.

[Edrington], unnamed, July 1, 1894*, male, Mollie Edrington (only name given.) [* All three components of the birth date -- month, date, and year -- are designated by ditto marks beneath the entry immediately above.]

Johnston, Geo. I., February 22, 1894, male, Geo. E. Johnston & Kate Faircloth.

[Cundiff], unnamed, August 22, 1894, male, H.W. Cundiff & Ella Hutchinson.

Burton, Hattie, January 21, 1894, female, Logan Burton & Charlotte Burris.

Burton, Phelix, December 18, 1893, male, Frank Burton & Etta Burton.

Goodin, Lee, September 10, 1894, male, Wm. Goodin & Theora J. Bryant.

Burton, Leslie, June 13, 1894, male, Ben* F. Burton & Nancy A. Smiley. [*Not certain of interpretation.]

Moore, Leslie, May 21, 1894, male, James Moore & Lora B. Powell.

Burton, E.V., September 2, 1894, male, S.C. Burton & Lou E. Perryman.

Royse, John G., February 4, 1894, male, J.S. Royse & Mattie Johnson.

Allison, John H., February 4, 1894*, male, W.G. Allison & Lucy J. Pike. [*All three components of the birth date -- month, date, and year -- are designated by ditto marks beneath the entry immediately above.]

Burton, Della (or Delta) C., February 21, 1894, H.O. Burton & Malinda A. Burton.

[page 5 of original document]

Moore, Sam'l A., January 1, 1894, male, Hugh T. Moore & Jessie Roach.

Field, Rob't. T., January 30, 1894, male, Sam'l. W. Field & Louisa V. Shirley, father born Cumberland Co., mother born Metcalfe Co., parents resided Metcalfe Co

Monday, Zora, June 4, 1984, female, Jas. R. Monday & Lena Coomer, father born Barren Co.

Wilson, Hallie D., April 16, 1894, female, Henry T. Wilson & Mary E. Wilson, father born Metcalfe Co.

Wilson, Dollie, February 10, 1894, female, Joseph A. Wilson & Rosie (or Rasie??) Wilson.

Bennett, Sarah J., January 24, female, John A. Bennett & Mary J. Bennett.

Bennett, Iva, August 24, 1894, male, Mary* Bennett & Samantha Moss. [*In the 1900 Adair Co. census, the father's name appears to be "Merr".]

Moss, Jas. C., April 2, 1894, male, F.B.* (or F.P. or ??) Moss & Nancy S. Barnes. [* The tail of the "y" in the word Mary in the line above forms a nearly perfect lower loop in the second initial, making it appear to be a "B", but without the loop of the "y" the initial much more closely resembles a P. However, both the 1900 Adair Co. census record & the Kentucky death record index gives the father's name as Phelix/Felix D. Moss.]

Gowen, Clarence W., June 30, 1894, male, Cornelius Gowen & Arnola B. Hamilton, mother born Metcalfe Co.

Bragg, Emily, February 2, 1894, male, John Bragg & Savanah Gill, mother born Metcalfe Co.

Sparks, Myrtie F., December 12, 1893, male, Chas. Sparks & Harriett Gill, mother born Metcalfe Co.

Bragg, Otha W., August 6, 1894, male, Wilford Bragg & Lou Estes, mother born Metcalfe Co.

Sexton, Arthur C., November 15, 1893, male, Wm. W. Sexton & Nannie E. Cook, mother born Green Co.

Sullivan, Cleopatra, June 15, 1894, male, John C. Sullivan & Kate Robinson, father born Va., mother born Green Co.

Willis, Geo. H., January 7, 1894, male, born Metcalfe Co., Luther Willis & Kittie E. Blades, both parents born Metcalfe Co.

Keltner, Amy K., November 16, 1893, male, Cornelius Keltner & Mary E. Rogers.

Marshall*, Wm., April 13, 1894, male, Henry H. Moss* & Dorinda Keltner. [* Moss is the more likely correct surname. A Henry H. Moss, 19, appears on the 1880 Adair Co. census.]

Graves, Walter R., June 1, 1894, male, Jessee Graves & Laura T. Garnett, black, father born Green Co.

Keltner, Virga, July 17, 1894, female, Sam'l. N. Keltner & Martha E. Beard.

Burress, Elma, December 15, 1893, male, Geo. W. Burress & Mary E. Tarter, mother born Pulaski Co.

Edwards, Jas. F., December 20, 1893, male, Thos. A. Edward_ & Sarah W. Gilpin, both parents born Green Co.

Keltner, Henry M., July 8, 1894, male, Hayden Keltner & Minnie Compton, father born Metcalfe Co.

Chastain, Lelia V., September 1, 1894, female, Thos. Chastain & Elizabeth Edwards, mother born Green Co.

[Bridgewater], unnamed, September 3, 1894, female, born dead, Nathan Bridgewater & Mary (or Mony?) Bridgewater.

Sherrill, Iva T., February 13, 1894, female, Granderson T. Sherrill & Susie P. Turk.

Squires, Catt (or Catl??), January 10, 1894, male, Mort Squires & Ella Pickett.

Townsend, Jas. P., July 26, 1894, male, Jas. C. Townsend & Sarah P. Sims, mother born Missouri

[Pickett], unnamed, August 20, 1894, male, John L. Pickett & Montra Leach, mother born Missouri [Mother's place of birth is designated by ditto marks beneath the entry immediately above.]

Parson, Nancy J., January 21, 1894, female, Harrison Parson & Sarah E. Dickson, mother born Metcalfe Co.

Jones, Christopher P., January 20, 1894, female, born Green Co., Christopher Jones & Mollie E. Dohoney.

[Keltner], unnamed, September 12, 1894, male, Luther Keltner & Mallissa F. Pickett.

Sherley*, Clide, January 19, 1894, female**, J.R. Sherley & Mary Browning, father born Missouri, mother born Metcalfe Co. [* Surname also spelled this way on the 1900 Adair Co. census. ** Clyde is shown as a male (son) in the 1900 Adair Co. census.]

[Johnson], unnamed, February 14, 1894, male, born dead, Wm. H. Johnson & Eliza Smith, father born Missouri, mother born Metcalfe Co. [Parents' places of birth are designated by ditto marks beneath the entries immediately above.]    

The birth of one stillborn child was included in the 1893-1894 deaths but not in the births:

[Knifley], unnamed, November (date not stated), 1893, gender not stated, born dead, cause of death not stated, born / resided / died Adair Co.,  John C. Knifley "& wife."