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If you have research material that you would like to sell, please contact the person who is looking for them, not the coordinator of this site <g> This web site does not gain any money from the sale of the books, microfilm, CD's etc. listed below. By placing a link on this page, it should not be considered an endorsement of any kind. They are posted for our researchers' convenience only.

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Rachel has found these books! Thanks to everyone who responded to her.

I am looking for copies of the following three books. They are out of print and no longer available.  Does anyone have a used copy of these books, they are willing to part with? If you are willing to sell them, please contact Rachel Lyons. 

  1. Corbin Family book by Minnie Corbin Rubarts (sold new for $50 or $60)
  2. Adair County: Historical Overview, County and Schools 1700-1900, by Minnie Corbin Rubarts.  A hard bound volume 500 pages in length on the county and people, with emphasis on education. (sold new for $50)
  3. The Early Settlers of Gradyville and Adair County, Ky. written by: Mrs Ann Elliott Odell, Phil Moss and Jerry Moss. Written about 1961 and printed by Duraset composing Company Los Angeles, Ca. It is divided into two sections the first has 269 pages with a 16 page surname index. The second part is 62 pages with a three page index.  (sold new for $20)


I Want To Sell...

Breeding Community (Including surrounding communities Adair Co., KY) Collections of the Past & Present 2005 Volume 1 - $6.00

77 pages of photos and stories from others of the community 2006 Volume 2 - $7.00

88 pages of photos and stories from others of the community 2007 Volume 3 - $10.00

140 pages of photos and stories from others of the community Plus S & H

Volume 4 will be available at the 5th Annual Breeding Community Reunion
Saturday Oct 11, 2008
Breeding Volunteer Fire Dept
11am - ???
Deadline for submission of photos and stories for the book will be Aug 15, 2008

Contact Roberta Dooley for more information
8530 Sandy Branch Rd SE
Elizabeth, IN? 47117
(812) 969-3740