1850 Adair County Census

      transcribed from Microfilm, # 432, Roll 190, by Sharon Bell: sharonkbell@earthlink.net  





               Information given for each household is: Household number, names of household members, ages of occupants, gender of occupants, race (W = white, B = black, M = mulatto), occupation of males over 15 years old, net worth of head of household, birthplace of occupants. Other information from the census is given in parentheses, including deaf, idiotic, blind, or pauper.

The information in brackets was added by Sharon Bell. It includes given names for some of the individuals with initials only and maiden names  for some of the females. 

    part 1, pages 1 to 26          

     part 2, pages 27 to 58          

    part 3, pages 59 to 79       

     part 4, pages 80 to 99