Leading zero's on the census pages have been omitted for this index


                                      DISTRICT 1, COLUMBIA = pages 1A to 31C

                                      DISTRICT 2, NEATSVILLE  = pages 32A to 45C

                                      DISTRICT 2, WHITE OAK  = pages 45D to 58B

                                      DISTRICT 3, GLENVILLE  = pages 58B to 72C, 77A to 77B

                                      DISTRICT 3, HARMONY  = pages 72C to 79A

                                      DISTRICT 4, GRADYVILLE  = pages 80A to 95D

                                      DISTRICT 4, LEATHERWOOD  = pages 96A to 110D

                                      DISTRICT 5, CANE VALLEY  = pages 111A to 124C

                                      DISTRICT 5, CASEY CREEK  = pages 124C to 134C


SURNAME                        PAGE NO.                            


AARON                                                   62D, 68D

      ABEL/ABRELL                                       43D, 72D, 126D, 128D, 131A

      ABSHER/ABSHEAR                             8D, 42A, 43C

      ACREE                                                     58A, 58B

      ADAMS                                                   5A, 128D

      ADKINS                                                  45C

      ADLEY                                                     60D, 62C

      AILSHIE                                                   117A

      AKEN/AKIN                                           2C, 74D, 96A, 98A, 99C

      ALEXANDER                                         17A, 19B, 97C, 127B, 128C

      ALAIAN                                                  46B

      ALLEY                                                     48B, 49C

      ALLEN                                                     10C, 21A, 23A, 30A, 30B, 37D, 70C, 107D

      ALLISON                                                 18D, 47D, 60D,

      ANELLY                                                   45C

      ANDERSON                                            4C, 22D, 46B, 115B, 116C, 133B

      ANDREW                                                62C, 77B

      ANTLE                                                     62D, 132D

      ARBELL                                                   128D

      ARNOLD                                                 8C, 8D, 9A

      ASHBROOK/ASHBROOKS                 5B, 37D, 43C

      ATKINS                                                   6D, 28B, 29D

      AUMSE                                                    118D

      AUTLE/AUTTE                                     33C, 67B, 68D



BACK                                                      64C

     BAILEY/BALEY                                     5A, 18D, 25A, 31C, 37D, 48B, 51D, 53D, 54A, 55C, 58A, 105C, 118D, 119A, 120C

     BAKER                                                     19A, 23B, 24D, 25A, 26A, 27D, 42A, 64D, 90B, 93C, 97C, 97D, 104B

     BANES                                                      119A

     BANKS                                                     112D, 116D, 117D, 118C, 119A

     BARBEE                                                   27C,  28A

     BARD                                                       107D

     BARDEN                                                  63A

     BARGER                                                   24D, 31C, 48B, 53C, 59B, 70D, 71B

     BARNES                                                  100A, 100B, 103C

     BARNETTE/BARNETT                        116C, 123A, 128C, 130C

     BARRETT                                                84A

     BARSMER                                               53C

     BARTON                                                 88B

     BATES                                                     86B

     BATY                                                       108B

     BAULT                                                     123A

     BAXTER                                                  35D

     BEACHAMP/BECUMP                         81D, 91D

     BEAR                                                       32A    

     BEARD                                                    13A, 35C, 54B, 86B, 87C, 113B, 119B, 120C, 123A, 125A, 129B, 131A

     BEATY                                                    41C, 42B, 43C

     BELL/BELLE                                           1B, 5A, 5B,  92A, 100B, 101C,  115B     

     BENNETT                                                3A, 13A, 17B, 18D, 54A, 72D, 75A, 75B, 76C, 79A, 89D, 99D, 114D

     BERNARD                                              121A, 127A, 128D 52A

     BERKLIE                                                 39D     

     BIGGE/BIGGES/BIGGS                          69A, 111B, 117B, 119B       

     BIBIE                                                        61A,  72D

     BINGHAM                                              82B

     BLAIR                                                      43C, 46B, 49D, 55C, 57C, 58B, 62C, 67A, 68C, 74C, 74D, 107C

     BLAKEMAN                                          29D, 120C

     BLAKEY                                                  29D    

     BLANKENSHIP                                     3A, 5B, 24D, 74C, 82B

     BOISE                                                      58A 

     BOOKER                                                 89D, 113A     

     BOTTOMS/BOTTONES                      8C, 39D, 40B, 126D, 127B, 129B

     BOTTS                                                    21B, 26B

     BOMER/ BOWMER                             22C, 75B      

     BOYD                                                      105C, 131A, 132C

     BRADLEY                                               36A   

     BRADSHAW/BRASHAW                  15A, 19B, 21A, 30B, 45D, 62C, 68C, 68D, 78D, 87C, 128D

     BRAGG                                                    100A  

     BREEDING                                              8D, 11A, 74D, 81C, 98A, 98B, 102A, 102B, 103D, 104A, 104B, 109C, 110C

     BREWSTER                                           43C

     BRIDGEWATER                                   1A, 3A, 10D, 12C, 14C  111B, 113A, 114D, 115B, 116D, 117A, 122D, 132D

     BRISTO                                                   107C

     BROCK                                                    99D

     BROCKMAN                                         2C, 3A, 7B, 9A, 29D, 33C, 47C, 47D, 111D, 114D, 121A

     BRODE                                                    67B

     BROWN/BROWNER                           14D, 25A, 59B, 60C, 65B, 75B  

     BROWNING                                          4C, 12C, 14D, 87C

     BRYANT                                                6C, 7A, 9A, 9B, 10C, 10D, 11A, 12D, 13B, 33C, 37D, 40B, 44A, 44B, 47D, 48A, 50B, 51C, 51D,

                                                                      52A, 52B, 53D, 54B, 55C, 56A, 56B, 57C,  57D, 58B, 75A 110D    

     BREANT                                                 100B, 116D, 118C, 119A, 119B           

     BRUDING                                               35C, 57C

     BUALT                                                   120C, 123A

     BUBARDS                                             35D

     BUCKNER                                             15A

     BULINGTON                                         95C

     BURBRIDGE/BURBAGE                     22D, 26B, 52B, 64C, 67A, 75B, 76C, 123B  18C        

     BURTON                                                7B, 9A, 9B, 10C, 11A, 12D, 26B, 32A, 33B, 37C, 43D, 44A, 44B, 47C, 47D, 51C, 57C, 57D, 81D, 114D

     BUTLER                                                 14C, 14D, 16C, 28A, 29D, 35D, 80B, 92B, 111A, 114C, 121A, 122D

     BURRIS/BURRESS/BURROUS          17B, 19A, 50A,  80B, 83C, 85D, 89D, 90B, 96A



CABBELL/CABBRELL                         28A, 31C, 53D,  77B       

     CALDWELL                                           15A, 24C, 27C, 80B, 82A, 86A, 110D, 114C, 117A     

     CALHOON/CALHOUN/CALHAUN  23A, 46A, 48B, 49D, 57C       

     CALLISON                                              12C, 18C, 28B, 29C, 117B

     CAMBERT                                              49D

     CAMPBELL                                            12C, 24D, 38A, 45C, 49C, 50A, 65B, 76D, 106B, 108A, 110D

     CANTEBERRY                                       28A

     CARE                                                       90B

     CARINDER                                            26A

     CARLILE                                                17B

     CARNS/CARNES/CARENS                6C, 108A, 112C        

     CARPENTER/CARPENTIA                20C, 112C

     CARTER                                                  15A, 18C, 66C, 86B, 107D, 109D

     CARTRIGHT                                           62D

     CARSON                                                  27D

     CARVY                                                     102B, 103D   

     CASSE/CAS                                            59B,  60D, 126C    

     CAVE                                                        118D, 119B, 122C, 124C

     CHAMBERS                                            36A

     CHANDLER                                            28B

     CHAPMAN                                             4D, 7A, 24D, 43C, 76C

     CHASTAIN                                              85C, 88A

     CHAUDAIN                                            124D 

     CHEATHAM/CHETHAN                     5B, 14D, 26A, 29D, 93D, 111A      

     CHELF                                                      34B 40B, 125A, 125B, 127A, 131A

     CHERRY                                                   117A

     CHILDERS/CHILDERERS                     124D, 128D, 131B         

     CHILSON                                                 33B

     CHRISTESON                                         126C

     CHRISTIE                                                 98A, 98B, 117B, 132C

     CLARK                                                     62D, 76C, 85C, 119B, 133A

     CLEMENTS/CLEMONS                        6D, 129A        

     COBB                                                       119B

     COE                                                          29D 

    COFFEY/COFFER/CAFFEE                  12C, 26B, 42A, 50A, 56A, 58B, 67B, 84B, 86B, 89D, 90A, 109D, 115A, 115B, 116C, 116D           

     COLLINS                                                 6D, 14D, 34B, 52B, 57D, 60C, 67A, 67B, 68C, 68D, 69B, 70C, 110C

     COLMAN                                                77A

     COLSON                                                  107C

    CONOVER                                                4D, 5A, 5B, 7B, 10C, 10D, 12C, 13B, 15A, 17B, 18C, 18D, 19B, 21B, 30B, 46A, 47D, 52B,

                                                                        55D, 57D, 58B, 71A, 79A, 107D, 114D       

    CONNER                                                   27D

    COOK                                                        1B, 12D, 37D, 73A, 107D, 121A

    COOLEY                                                    121A    

    COOMER                                                  20C, 48B, 84A, 87C, 88B, 89C, 90A, 91C, 91D, 95C, 96A, 97C, 98A, 98B, 102A, 102B, 106A     

    COOPER                                                    69A

    CORBAN/CORBIN                                 1A, 22C, 32B, 39C, 44A, 124C, 131B    

     CORMER                                                21A

    CORNBEST                                             58A 

    CORNEAL                                               39C  

    CORNELISON                                        114D  

    CORLINS                                                 62D    

    COTHRAN/COTHRINE                        83D, 110C

    COWEN/COWAN                                12D, 57C         

    COWHERD                                            116C

    COX/COXS                                             16C,  74D, 119B, 121B, 125B, 126C            

    CRAGG                                                    88B

    CRAIN                                                     25B

    CRAVENS                                               17A, 28B, 46B, 47C, 51D, 120C

    CRAW                                                     40B

    CREEL                                                      93D

    CROMUNES                                            64C    

    CROOK                                                    50B

    CROSS                                                      66C 

    CRAWHORNE                                       133A     

    CROW                                                     130C 

    CRUMPTON/CUMPTON/CAMPTON           24D, 64D,  89C, 95D,  96B, 99D, 100B, 101D

    CUNDEFF/CUNDIFF                              4D, 8C, 14C, 34B, 111B, 132D

    CURRY                                                  7A, 7B, 9A,  9B, 10C, 11A, 14C, 15B, 22C, 30A, 31C, 57C, 85C, 98A, 104A, 107C, 107D, 108B, 109C

    CUNNINGHAM                                      125B, 130D     

    CURD                                                       16C



DABNEY                                                77A

     DAMRAN/DAMRON                        27C, 35C, 127A, 133A

     DANIEL                                                  124D

    DANORAN                                             33C

    DARNELL                                               5B, 26B, 38A, 58B, 114D

    DAVIDSON/DAVISON                                        29C

    DAVIS                                                    10D, 22C, 31C, 42B, 75A, 79A, 86B, 120C

    DAWSAN                                               42A

   DE HART                                                 13A

   DEARING                                                 123B

   DEATON                                                  3A

   DEENER                                                   56A

   DEFEVERS                                               130D

   DEHART                                                 45C, 50B, 51C

   DENSON                                                 52B

   DENTON/DINTON                                96A, 111B, 115A

   DERTING                                                109D

   DICE                                                         52A, 69A

   DICKENSON/DICKERSON                   35D, 36A  

   DIXSON/DICKSON                                5A, 9A, 47C, 55D, 100A

   DIDDLE/DEEDLE                                   80B, 92A, 108B

   DILE                                                          90A

   DILLINGHAM                                         33C, 34A, 74D, 108B

   DIVE                                                          69A

   DOCKERY                                                31C

   DOHONEY                                               3B, 4D, 17B, 20D, 21B,  80B, 81D, 82B, 84A, 85C, 87C, 111A, 113B, 119B

   DOOLEY                                                   8C, 115A, 102B, 103D, 115B

   DOVE                                                        19B, 86B

   DRY                                                           35C, 38A, 40A

   DUDDLEY                                                92B, 93C, 99C

   DUDGEON                                               14D, 28A, 112D, 113B,123B

   DUDLEY                                                   17B, 21A, 21B, 64D, 81C, 81D, 85D, 91C, 95D

   DUGER                                                     104B, 106A

   DUKE                                                        80B

   DULWORTH                                           3A, 111B, 123B

   DUNBAR                                                 1B, 4D, 6C, 18C, 24C, 39D, 45D, 131A

   DUNN                                                       30A

   DURALL                                                  113A



EADS                                                       32B

    EARGLAN                                              106A

    EARLS                                                     65A, 65B

    EAST                                                       14C, 117A, 117B

    EDRINGTAN/EDRINGTON                56A, 112C, 116C, 116D, 119B, 120C, 128D

    EDWARDS                                            36A, 42B, 84A, 116D

    ELDER                                                    124C

    ELLET/ELLIOT                                      29D, 106A

    ELLIS                                                                      39C, 41D, 42A, 80A, 119B

    EMBRA                                                  119B

   EMMETT/EMNETH                             118D, 132C

   ENGLAND                                               95C, 96B, 97C, 97D, 98B, 101D, 102B, 103C, 104A, 108A, 109D, 110C

   ENGLISH                                                 11A, 107D

   ENYART                                                  130D

   EPPERSAN/EPPERSON                         25A, 25B, 26A, 46A, 54A, 115A

   ERACROFF                                              52A

   ERLES/ERLS                                           104B, 107C

   ESTES                                                       85D, 106B, 107C

   EUBANK                                                  27C, 29C, 30B, 31C, 77B

   EVANS                                                     7B, 34A, 55C

   EWING                                                     21B



FAIRCLOTH                                          3B

    FARE/FARES                                         86B, 107D

    FARRIS                                                   32A, 115A, 115B

    FEESE                                                                      1A, 1B, 116D

    FELAND                                                  29D

    FELL                                                         35D

    FERGURSON/FURGUSON                  39D, 122C

    FERRELL                                                 97D

   FICHPATRICK/FITCHPATRICK       7B, 22D, 34A, 35C, 38A, 41D

   FIELD/FIELDS                                         20C, 25A,27C, 79A, 104A, 105C

   FILLPOT                                                   83D

   FILMAN                                                   5A

   FINLEY                                                     93C

   FINN                                                         81C, 83D, 87C

   FISHER                                                    119B, 121B, 122C

   FLATT                                                      98B

   FLETCHER                                               65A, 65B, 98A, 98B, 99D, 101D, 102A, 102B,

   FLICK                                                      42B

   FLORA                                                    72D

   FLOWERS/FLOURS/FLOWES           5A, 5B, 7A,19A, 20D, 26A, 31C, 82A, 86B, 87C, 92B, 93D, 95C, 95D

   FLOYD                                                     9B, 22D, 51D, 53D, 57D

   FOLEY                                                     48B

   FOLLIS                                                    28A

   FORD                                                       69B, 121A, 127A

   FOSTER                                                   36A, 36B

   FOX                                                          15A

   FRANCES/FRANCIS                            21A, 39D, 40A

   FRANKLIN/FRANKLING                    1A, 1B, 67B, 68C, 81C, 81D, 85D, 86A, 104B, 105C, 109C, 115A

   FRANKUM                                             78C

   FRAZER                                                  17B, 26A, 28A, 30A, 73A, 111A, 113A

   FROST                                                     123B

   FRYE                                                       29D

   FUDGE                                                    105D

   FURKEN/FURKIN                                 106A, 110C




GABBARD/GABBART                       8C, 73B

     GADBERY/GADBURY                      38B, 76C, 76D, 78C

     GADDIE/GADDIS                               18C, 42B, 44A

     GARLAN                                               86B

     GARNER                                               61A

     GARNETT/GARRNETT                     10D, 17A, 18C, 23A, 25B, 31C, 66C, 71B, 75A, 78C, 88A, 92B, 94A

     GARNETTO                                         111B

    GARRET/GARETT                              104A, 118C

    GARRISON                                           80B, 91C, 92A

    GEBENS                                                 106A

    GENTRY                                                47D

    GEORGE                                                21A, 59B

   GEROD                                                   107C

   GIBSON                                                  109C

   GIFFORD                                                61A

   GILES                                                      39C, 41C, 129B

   GILL                                                        5A, 12D, 80B, 89D, 92A

   GILLMORE                                            93C

   GILMER                                                  15A, 19B, 20D, 21B, 26A,78C, 113B

   GILNUR                                                  117A

   GILPEN/GILPIN                                     32B, 57C,57D, 90B, 108B

   GIPSON/GEPSON                                102A, 103D, 105D, 109D, 110C

   GOBBERT                                              54A

   GOLEYHAIR/GOLEYHER                   98B, 101D

   GOOD/GOODE                                      29C, 38A, 125B, 129A

   GOODEN/GOODING                            7B, 33C, 43D, 44A, 44B, 130D

  GOSSAR                                                  94A

  GOWEN                                                   89C, 89D, 94B, 99D

  GRADY                                                    24C, 81D,  87C, 93C, 93D, 95D       

  GRANDSTAFF                                                     48B, 49D

  GRANT                                                   13B, 38A, 59B, 61B, 62C, 66D, 118D

  GRAVES                                                 12C, 92B

  GREAR                                                   101C, 108B

  GREDER                                                  109C

  GREEN                                                     8D, 32B, 65B

  GREGARY                                               47C

  GRIDER/ GRYDER                                12D, 45D, 51D, 54B, 55C, 56A, 64C, 65A, 78C, 101C, 115B, 119B

  GRIFFIN/GRIFFON                                16C, 80A, 115B, 116C, 117B, 120C, 130D, 133A

  GRIFFITH                                                26A, 28A   

  GRIMES                                                   6C

  GRISSOM                                                30B, 108B, 109C

  GRISSON                                                 17B, 18D, 19A, 25A, 25B, 92B,107D

  GRISSOW                                               108B

  GROVE/GROVES                                    29D, 114C



HADDLEY                                              93C, 45C, 59A, 37D, 64C, 50A

    HAGAN                                                   105D

    HALE                                                       44B

    HALEY                                                    50A

   HALL                                                       7A, 26A, 29D

   HAMEN                                                   4C

   HAMILTON                                            87C, 92B, 95D, 97C, 100A

   HAMMON                                               59A

   HANCOCK                                              12C, 13A, 13B, 14C, 15B, 16C, 24C, 27C, 111B, 120C, 130C

   HANDLEY                                               125B, 126C

   HANFORD                                               105D

   HARBIN                                                   126C

   HARDEN/HARDIN                                8D, 12C, 12D, 17A, 23B, 30B,  31C, 34B, 39D, 44B, 53D, 56B, 72C, 121B, 122D, 123A, 124D, 130D

   HARDRICK/HARDWICK                     34A, 80A,121A, 126C, 126D, 131A

   HARE                                                        117A

   HARMAN/HARMON                           33B, 34B, 36A, 36B, 45C, 51C, 57C,  80A, 119A

   HARNESS                                                89D

   HARPER                                                   75B, 101D

   HARRIS                                                    49D, 75A

   HARRISON                                              30B, 131A

   HARTWICK                                            38A

   HARVEY/HARVY                                   5A, 14D, 21B, 27D, 69B, 72C, 72D, 73A, 74D, 75A, 85C, 99D, 108B, 110D

   HASKINS                                                 15A, 32B, 48A, 52A

   HATCHER                                               2C, 24D, 25A, 28B, 113B, 114C, 117A

   HATFIELD                                               43C

   HATTEN                                                  82A

   HAYS/HAYSE                                        20C, 29D, 59B, 61B, 64C

   HEAD                                                       77A

   HEALY                                                     28B

   HELM                                                       77A

   HENDRICK                                              112D

   HENDRICKSON/HENDRIXSON          1B, 11B, 112C, 113B, 125B, 126C, 129A, 129B, 130C, 133B, 134C

   HENEGER/HENIGER                              96B, 102A

   HENSON                                                  124C, 129A

   HESKUMP                                               115B

   HIGGINBOTTOM                                    60C

   HILL                                                           68C, 72C, 94B, 100A, 100B

   HIMTON/HINTON                                  6D, 32B

   HINDMAN                                               29C, 87C

   HITER                                                        42B

   HO AN OD                                                24D

   HODGEN                                                   80A

   HODGES                                                    26B

   HOGGARD                                                6D


   HOLIDAY/HOLLADAY/HOLLIDAY    16D, 18D, 22D, 23A, 24D, 54A

   HOLMES/HOLMS                                    42B, 57C, 119A

   HOLT                                                          43C, 44A, 44B, 49C, 50B, 51D, 55D, 65A, 69A, 71A

   HOOD                                                         6C, 15A, 111A, 122C

   HOROUS                                                    122C

   HOVANS                                                    127B, 130D

   HOVIL                                                         16C

   HOVOUS                                                    125A

   HOY                                                            30A, 94A

   HUDLESON                                               67B

   HUDSON                                                    29C, 120C

   HUFF                                                                          17B, 32A

   HUGES/HUGHS                                        29D, 56B, 78D, 79A, 84A, 86B, 92B, 93C, 99D, 114D

   HUGS                                                          100B

   HUMPHREY/HMFREY/HUMPHREYS    36A,  113A, 121B, 124D,127B,  128C,129A, 132D,

   HUNLEY                                                     67A, 106B

   HUNT                                                         92B

   HUNTER                                                    7A, 10C, 17B, 20D, 21A, 22C, 82B, 92B, 97D, 105D

   HURT                                                         17B, 22C, 23A, 26A, 45D, 46A, 54B, 55D, 57D, 68D, 76D

   HURVELI                                                    104A


   HYNES                                                       29C



INGRAM                                                  2C, 3A, 3B, 12C, 25B, 113B, 114D, 116D, 132C

   IRVINE                                                       111B, 112C, 133B



JACKMAN/JACKMON                        17A, 64D

   JACKSON                                                 80A, 82B, 115A

   JAMES                                                      23A

   JANES                                                       39C, 39D, 51D, 74D, 83D, 94B, 95D, 101D, 102A, 102B, 103D, 107D, 108A,110C

   JANIS                                                                       40A

   JATHER                                                    93C

   JEFFRIES                                                   52A, 53C, 54A

   JESEY/JESSEE                                          74C, 103C, 103D, 104A

   JOHN/JOHNS                                           16C, 123B

   JOHNSON                                                 39D, 76D, 77B, 78C, 80B, 88A, 91D, 92B, 103D, 120C

   JOHNSTON                                              2C, 4C, 11B, 14D, 19B, 21B, 24C, 26B, 30B, 78D, 79A, 112D, 113A, 116D, 120C, 122D,

                                                                       123B, 128C, 130D, 133B

   JONES                                                        23B, 24D, 25B, 29D, 30A, 33C, 34B, 35C, 41C, 41D, 58A, 61B, 68C, 68D, 72C, 73B, 76C, 95C,

                                                                       100B, 109D, 112D, 117B, 118D, 121B, 127A, 127B, 131A, 131B

   JUDD                                                         7A, 11B, 37D, 54B, 56A, 56B, 97D, 112D, 119B

   JUDDY                                                       131B



KAHI                                                       93C

   KANARD                                                  94A, 100B

   KEEN                                                        85D

   KEESE                                                        90B

   KEETON                                                    59A, 73B, 74C

   KEITH/KETH                                           75A, 75B, 94B, 96B

   KELSEY                                                     67A, 70C, 77B

   KELTNER                                                  82B, 83D, 84B, 87C, 88A, 88B, 89C, 91C, 91D,

   KEMP                                                       26A, 27C, 83D, 87C, 88A, 88B, 109D

   KENNARD/KINNARRD                       94B, 100B

   KERNS                                                      36B, 47C, 49C

   KILLMAN                                                 108B

   KILPATRICK                                          22D

   KING                                                          18D, 24C, 29D, 71B

   KNIFLEY/KINFLEY                                 40B, 124D, 125B, 126D, 127A, 132C

   KNIGHT                                                    90B

   KUNEY                                                      113B



LACEY                                                     30A, 74C

    LAINHART                                             40B, 129B

    LAKE                                                        116C

    LARD                                                        131A

    LASLEY/LASTLEY                                21A, 78D

    LAWHORN                                             69B

    LAWLESS                                                12D, 32A, 32B, 33C, 132C

    LAY                                                           124C

   LEACH                                                      6D, 20C, 33B, 49C, 49D, 67B

   LEASHELL                                                45D

   LEE                                                             32B, 122C, 132D

   LEFTWICH                                               101C, 104B

   LEMONS                                                   42A

   LETCHER                                                  64C

   LEWELLEN                                               42B

   LEWIS                                                       54B, 72D, 73A

   LINDSEY                                                   130C

   LIPSCOMB                                               29D

   LOGAN                                                      20D, 78C

   LONG                                                         44A, 47C, 48B

   LOVALL                                                    75A, 110C

   LOVE                                                          105C

   LOVELESS                                                46B, 47C, 48A

   LOW                                                          80B

   LOY                                                            64C, 64D, 65B, 66C, 71B, 72C, 75A, 76C, 78D

   LUCAS                                                      92B

   LUEUY                                                       99C

   LUNK                                                         21B

   LUSTER                                                     26A, 30B

   LYON                                                         12C, 30B



MADRA                                                 131A

   MAN/MANN                                           1B, 80A, 119A, 124C, 125B

   MANTGANREY                                      52A, 52B, 53C, 53D, 54A, 54B

   MARCUM                                                29D

   MARIAUS                                                128D

   MARIDITH/MEAREDITH                     38A, 40A

   MARPLE                                                   35C

   MARR                                                       116D

   MARSHAL                                               64C

   MARTEN/MARTIN                                99C, 107C, 108A, 108B, 113B, 115B, 125A

   MASSEY/MASSIE                                  30A, 53C, 116D, 122D, 124C, 133A

   MATHEW                                                44B

   MATINGLEY                                            84A, 84B

   MATLEY                                                   50B

   MAUPEN/MAUPIN                                71B, 76D, 97C

   MAYNARD/MAYNORD                       10D, 32B, 39D

   MCANELLY                                             45C

   MCCAFFREE/MCCAFFREY                 1B, 5A, 93D

   MCCAY                                                     82B

   MCCLAIN                                                 28B

   MCCLISTER                                             62C, 70C, 74D, 75B, 76C

   MCCLUER/MCCLURE/MCLUER         1B, 17A, 18D, 27D, 30A, 67B

   MCCRAVENS                                         28B

   MCELROY/MCELRAY                           17A, 18C, 22C, 51D, 58B, 71A

   MCGAHA                                                 116D

   MCGALIA                                                50B

   MCGINNIS                                                72C

   MCGONAGAL                                         81C

   MCGUFFEY                                              36A

   MCKINEY                                                 83D, 104A, 106A, 106B, 107C

   MCKINLEY                                               55C

   MCLEAN                                                  18C

   MCNELY                                                   63A

   MCWHORTER                                        127B, 128C, 128D, 129B

   MEADER                                                  28A

   MEADOWS                                              29D

   MEDAIS                                                    72C, 76C

   MELSON                                                   59B, 60C, 60D, 61A

   MENDEL                                                   24C

   MERCER                                                   82A

   MILAM                                                     24C

   MILLER                                                     4D, 10C, 10D, 14D, 15B, 17A, 18D, 21B, 22C, 23A, 23B, 26A, 26B, 28A, 35C, 40A, 45D, 53C, 54B,

                                                                       61B, 62D, 67A, 68D, 69B, 77A, 111A,  112D, 113A, 113B, 114D,  117A, 117B, 120C, 133A

   MILLS                                                        34A, 42A, 43C, 126D

   MITCHELL                                               2D, 11B, 14D, 87C, 90A, 90B

   MITCUM                                                  82A

   MOLOHON                                               30A

   MONDAY                                                 8D, 100B, 127B, 130D, 132C

   MONROE                                                  123B


   MONTGOMERY                                       3B, 5B, 11B, 12D, 13A, 14C, 17B, 25A, 27C, 28B, 31C, 36B, 70D, 81C, 113A, 115A, 117A


   MOONNAHAM                                       97D

   MOOR                                                       33C, 49C, 55D

   MOORE                                                     4D, 6C, 10C, 11A, 15A, 17B, 19B, 20C, 21B, 62D, 87C, 94B, 95C, 99D, 101D, 112C, 124D

   MOORINGHAM                                       97C

   MORAN                                                    20C

   MORFIELD                                               105C

   MORGAN                                                 21A, 42B, 59A, 59B, 60D, 73B, 112D, 122D

   MORNING/MOURNING                                        12C, 21B

   MORRIS/MORRISS                                5B, 18D, 71B, 120C, 126D

   MORRISON/MORISON                         18C, 19B, 20C, 26B, 27C, 28B, 59B, 61A, 75A, 75B, 76D, 78C, 80A

   MOSBEY                                                   104B

   MOSS                                                                        83C, 83D, 84B, 89D

   MOTLEY                                                   2C, 2D, 3B, 4C, 29D, 31C, 47D, 86A

   MURPHEY                                                98A

   MURRAB                                                  46A

   MURRAH                                                 21B, 46A, 82A

   MURRELL/MURREL                              7A, 10D, 11B, 12C, 15A, 16D, 24C, 25A, 28A, 28B, 29C, 53C, 55D, 76C, 78D, 92B, 104A,

                                                                       108B, 119B, 131B, 133B

   MURRICE                                                 21B

   MURRY                                                     1A, 15A, 20C, 21A, 64C



NABOR                                                   127A

   NAILOR                                                    16D

   NALLEY                                                    112C, 112D

   NANCE                                                      6C

   NAPIER                                                     33B, 37D, 38B

   NARAS/NARIS                                       84A, 101C

   NEAT                                                         34A

   NELL                                                          19A, 29C, 29D, 82B, 94B, 109C, 109D

   NELSON                                                    2D, 21A, 88B, 90B, 91C

   NICHOLS                                                  83D

   NOEL                                                        15B, 81D

   NORRIS/NORES                                      64D, 66C, 88B, 89D

   NOYSE                                                       29D

   NUNN                                                        105D



OAKE                                                      48B

   OLDACRE                                                 77A

   OLDAIRE                                                  46A

   ORR                                                            81C

   ORY                                                           125B

   OTTERSON                                              64D

   OVERSTREET                                         131A

   OWENS                                                     3B, 26B, 52B, 130D



PAGE                                                      4D, 23B, 24C, 26A, 29D, 30A, 30B, 71A, 100B, 108A, 112C, 113A, 116D, 120C, 122D,

                                                                     123A, 130D, 131B, 133B

   PAGO                                                        117A

   PANELL/PARNELL                                56A, 84A, 88A, 88B, 131B

   PARIS                                                        65B

   PARKER                                                    32A, 37D

   PARRISH                                                  21B

   PARSON                                                   80B, 81D, 91C, 92A, 96B, 109D

   PASEY                                                       125B, 129A

   PATENT                                                    101D, 104B

   PATTERSON/PATTESON                     23B, 24C, 27D, 45D, 73A, 109D, 110C

   PAUFF                                                       86B

   PAYNE/PANE                                         4D, 66D, 86A

   PELLEY                                                      35D, 41C, 41D, 42A, 43C

   PENCE                                                       80B

   PENDLETON/PENDLTON                     33C, 46B, 49D, 68D, 121A, 124D

   PENICK                                                     83C, 115B

   PEOPLES                                                   28B

   PERKINS                                                   27C

   PERRYMAN                                             40A, 40B, 42A, 47D, 50A, 57C

   PETERSON                                               117A

   PETTUS                                                     112C

   PETTY                                                                      59A, 73B, 75A, 81C, 107D

   PHELP/PHELPS                                       56A, 65B

  PHILLIPS                                                    39D

   PICKETT                                                   82B, 81C, 83C, 83D, 85D, 86A, 90B

   PIKE                                                          13B, 116D, 118C, 121B, 122C, 123A, 123B

   PILE                                                           4C, 88A

   PITMAN                                                   30B

   POFF                                                          1B

   POLLARD                                                 3A

   POTT/POTTS                                           63A, 66D, 77A

   POWELL                                                  9B, 12D, 15A, 17A, 20C, 37D, 43C, 43D, 45D, 50B, 51D, 52A, 52B, 53C, 57D, 65A, 70D, 105C

   PRACK                                                      56A

   PRESTON                                                  95C

   PRICE                                                         20D, 26B, 29D, 42B, 80B,  84B, 85C, 112C

   PRINDLE                                                   40A, 43D, 44B

   PULLAB                                                    90A

   PULLIAM                                                 97C

   PUTMAN                                                  29C



QUISINBURY                                            120C



 RABERN                                                  47C, 48A

   RAGLE                                                       67B

   RAINWATER                                          130D

   RAWSE                                                     40B

   RAY                                                            8D, 49D, 57D, 58A,  114D

   RAYNOLDS                                              84A

   RAYSE                                                       121B

   READ                                                         31C

   REDFORD                                                 85D, 91C, 118C, 125B

   REDMAN                                                  37D, 50B, 56B, 93C

   REECE                                                        101C

   REED/REEDE                                            26A, 80B, 83C

   REGGINS                                                   42A

   RENFRO                                                    117B

   REXROAT                                                17A, 23A, 131B

   REXWAT                                                  115B

   REYNOLDS/REYNOLD                          1B, 6C, 11B, 12D, 18C, 24D, 70D

   RHENSHAW                                            117A

   RHORER                                                    26A, 26B

   RIALL                                                        111A, 124C

   RICE                                                           6D, 22C, 29D, 42A, 81D, 112D, 113B, 117B, 118C, 118D, 123A, 123B, 124D, 133A

   RICH                                                          41C

   RICHARD/RICHARDS                           13B, 49D, 56A, 56B, 94A

   RICHERSON                                             76C

   RIGGINS                                                    37D

   RIGNEY                                                     66D

   ROACH                                                    87C, 91D, 99D, 102B, 103C, 118C

   ROBERDS                                                 98B

   ROBERN                                                    48A, 48B

   ROBERTS                                                  36B, 41C, 41D, 49C

   ROBERTSON/ROBERSON                     7A, 7B, 8C, 14C, 22C, 90B, 92B, 123A, 123B

   ROBINS                                                     46B

   ROBINSON                                               28B, 30B, 38A

   RODGERS/ROGERS                                24D, 84A, 84B, 85C, 86A, 87C, 88A, 90B, 110D

   ROE/ROWE                                              16C, 17B, 59B, 65A, 73A, 94B, 97C, 99C, 102A, 102B, 107D, 109D

   ROICE/ROISE                                           103D, 107D

   ROOKS                                                      47C, 50A

   ROSE                                                          84A, 86B, 101D

   ROSEANBAUM/ROSENBAUM           64C, 64D, 71B

   ROSS                                                         73B, 74C, 126C, 127B

   ROSSON                                                    109D

   ROSTON                                                   116D

   ROYS                                                        74D

   ROYSE                                                       7B, 10D, 29C, 107C

   RUBARTS                                                 41C, 41D

   RUDD                                                        2D

   RUMBO                                                     49C

   RUMPREY                                                12C

   RUMPSTY                                                52B

   RUNNELS                                                 45C

   RUPE                                                         109D

   RUSSELL                                                   19B, 27C, 29D, 40B, 91D, 133B

   RUTLEDGE/RUTLEGE                            88A, 90B

   RYAN                                                        69A, 71B



SALLEE                                                    7B, 12C, 26A, 27D, 28B

   SALMON                                                  87C

   SAMMON                                                6D

   SAMPSON                                                29C, 92B

   SANDERS/SAUNDERS                           8D, 10D, 15A, 34B, 39C, 40A, 42A, 52B, 53C, 69A, 69B, 71A, 121A, 129A, 129B

   SANDUSKEY                                           96A, 96B

   SAPP                                                          94A, 94B

   SCHOLL                                                    30A

   SCOTT                                                       97C, 102B

   SEBASTIAN                                             27C

   SELBY                                                        41C

   SENTER                                                     77A

   SEXTON/SAXTON                                 82A, 82B, 100A

   SHARP                                                      16C, 108B, 114C

   SHAW                                                      13B, 41C, 93C

   SHEARER                                                 1B

   SHELTON                                                 66D

   SHEPPARD                                               7A, 9B, 11A, 14C

   SHERE                                                       60C, 60D

   SHERRELL/SHERRILL/SHEREL           13A, 13B, 86A, 87C, 93D, 132D

   SHERRIER                                                 60C

   SHIPE                                                        20D

   SHIRELEY/SHERLEY                             87C, 90A, 92A, 125B

   SHRUOD                                                   112D

   SHUFIE                                                      43C

   SIMMONS                                               77A, 109C

   SIMPSON                                                  29D, 34A, 64C, 73B, 105C, 109C, 125B

   SIMS                                                          87C

   SINCLAIR                                                 9A, 11A, 39C, 119A, 132C, 133A

   SINGLETON                                             92A

   SKAGGS                                                    80A

   SKIMERHORN                                         100B

   SLAVY                                                       85D

   SLINKIER                                                  13A

   SLOTTS                                                     97D, 103D

   SLUDER                                                    132C

   SMILEY                                                     55D

   SMITH                                                       2D, 3B, 4C, 4D, 5A, 10D, 11B, 14D, 16C, 23B, 24D,  25A, 25B, 27C, 28B, 29D, 30A, 31C, 47D, 56A,

                                                                       78D, 79A, 80B, 82A, 82B, 86A, 86B, 92B, 93C, 93D, 104B, 105C, 109C, 111A, 111B, 113B, 114D,

                                                                       115A, 116C, 117A,  119A, 119B, 120C, 122D, 123B, 132D, 134C

   SNEAD/SNEEDE                                    19B, 66C, 91D

   SNOW                                                       23A, 123B

   SPARK/SPARKS                                    61B, 62C, 68C, 95C, 97C, 102A, 103C, 103D

    SPEAN                                                      106B

   SPEARMAN/SPEAMAN                       24D, 25A, 27D

   SPENCER                                                  26A

   SPIRES                                                       40A

   SPOON                                                      72C

   SPRADLING                                             86B

   SPROWS                                                   115A

   SQUIRERLS                                              14C

   SQUIERS/SQUIRERS/SQUIRES            2C, 2D, 14C, 14D, 15B, 34A, 35C, 36B, 82B, 113A, 117A

   STANTON                                                92A, 109C

   STAPLES                                                  91D, 92B

   STAPLETON                                            8D, 39D

   STAPP                                                       41D, 54B, 55D, 58B

   STAYTON                                                125A, 125B, 126C, 129A

   STEEL                                                        4C

   STEPP                                                        22D

   STEWART                                                15A, 22C, 32A,  32B

   STINSON                                                  114C

   STONE                                                       12D, 15A, 18C, 21B, 26B, 27C, 46A, 75B, 76D, 78C, 78D, 79A, 87C, 95D, 97D, 99C, 119B

   STOTTS/STOTT                                      4D, 17B, 19B, 21A, 74C, 92A, 94B, 96A, 97D, 98B, 106B, 108A, 110D

   STRANG                                                   73B, 77B

   STRANGE                                                 28B, 59A, 64C, 66D, 73B, 77A, 77B

   STREARLES                                             37D

   STREAVELS                                             50A

   STUART                                                   99C

   STULLS                                                     88A, 110D

   SUBLETTE                                                116C

   SUBLETTO                                               113B

   SUDDARTH                                             12D, 15B

   SULIVENT/SULLIVENT                         46B, 58B,

   SULLERENT                                             58B

   SULLINS                                                   88B

   SULLIVAN/SULLEVEN                          35C, 46B


   SWUIRES                                                  117A



TABOR                                                    96A

   TARTAR                                                   44A, 85D

   TATE                                                         40A

   TATO                                                        131A

   TAYLOR                                                   2D, 15A, 17B, 18C, 23A, 23B, 24C, 25A, 27D, 29C, 29D, 31C, 45D, 52B, 58A, 61B, 62D, 67A,

                                                                       68C, 68D, 70C, 71A, 72C, 74C, 77A, 81D, 84A, 89D, 90A, 98B, 110D, 112D, 114D

   THOMAS                                                  1A, 1B, 2D, 4C, 7B, 8C, 13A, 14C, 40A, 43C, 43D, 63A, 86B, 105C, 108A, 110D, 111A, 121A, 133B

   THOMPSON                                            46A, 61B, 115B, 128D

   TILLMAN                                                 108B

   TODD                                                        3A, 3B, 5B, 24D, 29D, 111B

   TOWNSAND                                           81D, 82A, 83D

   TRABAC                                                   6D

   TRABEAU/TRABUE                              1B, 122C

   TRAUTMAN/TROUTMAN                  53D, 76C

   TRAYLOR                                                 20C, 81C, 104B, 105D

   TRIPLETT                                                 7B, 16D

   TRISENRITER                                         125A

   TUCKER                                                    19B, 84B, 85D, 123B, 126D, 132C

   TUNER                                                      59B

   TUPMAN                                                  13A, 35C,40A

   TURK                                                        11B, 19B, 26B, 27D, 29C, 95D, 96A, 111A

   TURNER                                                    48B, 59A, 61A, 62D, 66C, 66D, 72D, 73A, 80A, 112C, 120C

   TURPEN/TURPIN                                   8C, 8D, 31C, 76D

   TUTT                                                        15B, 81D

   TYLER                                                       81C



VANCE                                                    65A, 81D, 88B, 91C

    VAUGH                                                    77A

    VAUGHAN/VAUGHN                           1B, 67A, 117A, 133B

   VAUHAY                                                  120C

   VIRE/VIRES                                              49C, 92A, 95C

   VOILS                                                                        64C, 65A, 66C



WADE                                                    52A,68D, 69A, 82A,

   WAGGONER/WAGONER/WAGGONIER     4D, 8C, 15B, 19A, 53D, 111A, 112D, 118D, 122D, 132D

   WAITE                                                      82B

   WAKEFIELD                                            73A

   WALCOTT                                               29D

   WALDUP                                                  67A

   WALFORD                                               49C

   WALKER                                                  1A, 6D, 7A, 11B, 12C, 19B, 20D, 24C, 24D, 26A, 26B, 49C, 77A, 81D, 93C, 95C,

                                                                       100B, 101C, 104A, 130C, 130D

   WALKUP                                                  5B, 13B, 21A, 23B, 61A, 64C, 65A, 67A, 70C, 78D, 81C, 105D

   WALLACE        113A

   WAMACK/WAMOCK/WARMACK   22D, 37D, 112C, 114C

   WARD                                                       18C, 26A, 110D, 112D

   WARE                                                       39D

   WARNER                                                  30B, 47D, 57D

   WASNACK                                              46B

   WATSON                                                 2C, 3B, 60C, 61A, 64D, 65A, 65B, 80A, 114C, 117B, 118C, 119A, 120C, 122C, 124C, 130D

   WEBB                                                        18D, 23A, 37C, 67A, 77A

   WEIR                                                                         36A

   WELLEMS                                                42B

   WELLS                                                      55C

   WESLEY                                                    63A

   WEST                                                        28B

   WETHINGTON                                        125A, 127A,129A

   WHALLEN                                               72C

   WHEAT                                                   3B, 26B, 30A, 60C, 63B, 64C, 65A, 67B, 68C, 69B, 72C, 77B, 78D

   WHEELER/WHELER                             96B, 98A, 99C

   WHITE                                                    2D, 3A, 4D, 27C, 29D, 34A, 34B, 36A, 36B, 39D, 41D, 48B, 66D, 71B, 72C, 76D,

                                                                      100B, 127A, 127B, 128C, 131A, 132C, 133A

   WHITEHEAD                                           48A, 50A

   WHITLEY                                                 38B, 126C, 128D, 129B

   WHITTEY                                                 125A

   WHITTLE                                                 11B

   WILBORN                                                 63A, 110D

   WILCOXSON                                           99C, 99D

   WILCUT                                                    102B

   WILKINSON/WILKERSAN                  38B, 43C, 63A, 64C, 124D

    WILLIAM                                               13B, 18C, 25A, 25B, 29C, 33B, 34B, 35C, 35D, 45D, 68C, 74C, 79A, 107C, 108B, 109C, 109D, 126C, 130C

   WILLIN                                                     64C, 69A

   WILLIS                                                      22C, 31C, 46A, 53C, 53D, 56A, 67A, 70D, 76D, 77B, 80A, 81D, 112C

   WILLMON                                                93D

   WILLMORE                                              91D, 93C, 94A, 95C,

   WILSON                                                   7B, 10D, 16C, 16D, 48A, 52A, 55D, 67A, 69A, 89C, 89D, 90B, 98A, 99D, 100A, 107D, 109C

   WINFREY                                                 27D, 29C, 30A, 33B, 35C, 45C

   WINSTON                                                128D

   WISDOM                                                  105C

   WISE                                                          29C

   WITHERS                                                 36A

   WITHINGTON                                         129A

   WOLDRIDGE                                           121A

   WOLFORD                                               30B, 40A, 49D

   WOMACK/WOMAC                             50A, 80B

   WOOD                                                       31C

   WOODMAN                                            38B

   WOODSON                                              133B

   WOOLRIDGE                                           25A

   WOOTEN/WOOTTEN                           98B, 108A


   WORKMAN                                             39C, 41C, 41D, 42A, 110D

   WRIGHT                                                   35C

   WYNNE                                                     27D




   YATES                                                       25A, 30A, 66C, 72D, 87C, 90A, 90B, 91D, 94A, 95D

   YOUNG                                                      5B, 22D, 36A, 39D, 42B, 53C, 54A, 66C, 78D, 93D, 104B