The Columbia High School Graduating Class of '51

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The Adair County News

Wednesday, May 23, 1951

Crowd Attends Baccalaureate


A.F. Yancey, Dean of Georgetown College,

Will Deliver Commencement Address Thursday Night.


Baccalaureate service at Columbia High School auditorium on Sunday night was well attended. Rev. A.C. Wyckoff gave an inspiring sermon on the "Right Will Triumph." Rev. Wyckoff, in a practical and helpful manner, outlined the ways of living which lead to triumphant success in life.

This union service in which all of the churches of Columbia unite to honor the class being graduated from Columbia High School was opened by Dr. J. Pendleton Scruggs, who gave the invocation. Rev. T.D. Everett read the scripture and offered prayer and Rev. L.M. Miller pronounced the benediction.

The Girls Glee Club sang "My Task." Miss Jean Allison accompanied and Mr. Myron Cohen directed the group.

On Tuesday evening at 7:45, the senior class gave their class night program in the school auditorium. The subject of the program was "Seniorella."

On Thursday evening, May 24, at 8:00 o'clock, the class will be presented with high school diplomas by Supt. Weldon Hall at the annual commencement exercise. A.F. Yancey, Dean of Georgetown College, will deliver the commencement address. 

Wednesday, May 30, 1951

Diplomas Are Awarded to Class Of 25 At Columbia High School


James Ray Callison Is Awarded Valedictory Scholarship

To Lindsey By Dr. V.P. Henry.


Diplomas were presented to twenty-five who were being graduated from Columbia High School on Thursday evening. A large number of patrons and friends were in attendance and heard the inspiring address given by A.F. Yancey, Dean of Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky.

Mr. Yancey spoke on the subject "Moral Integrity." The present day attitudes offer a challenge to the youth of America," said the speaker. "It is the responsibility of the present generation to stabilize world affairs by a close observance of moral attitudes."

Dr. V.P. Henry, president of Lindsey Wilson College, presented a valedictory scholarship to James Ray Callison. The D.A.R. Good Citizenship medal was presented to Lavelle Farris by Mrs. Leslie Brake, Good Citizen Chairman. History Medals were presented to Judy Brown and James Rice by Miss Mary Lucy Lowe, Historian, for having written excellent essays in the American history contest. These awards were sponsored by Jane Lampton Chapter D.A.R.

A clarinet solo by Myron Cohen accompanied at the piano by Miss Frances Russell, received much praise.

The class to be graduated was presented to Supt. Weldon Hall by Miss Mary Lucy Lowe, principal.

The invocation and benediction were prayed by Dr. V.P. Henry.

Diplomas were presented to the following:

Eva Ethel Bailey, Charles Menden Barnes, Jane Moorman Barnett, Alice Jean Burton, Mary Louise Burton, Van Keith Burton, James Ray Callison, Edward Daniel Collie, Kathleen Collins, Thomas Wayne Curley, Wilma Lavelle Farris, Rosemary Hancock, Donald Lee Harris,

Faye Rayburn Jones, Gene Oliver Lawless, Bonnie Lee Long, Sue Thomas McKinley, Edna Margaret Moore, Kenneth Wayne Moss, Flossie Marie Parnell, Bobby Louis Rowe, Maurice Dale Shepherd, Mazie Evalene Shepherd, Mary Louise Sparks, Peggy Caldwell Waggener.

The following people who have met the requirements of Armed Forces institute and have been granted diplomas from Columbia High School during the year 1950-51 are:

Willis H. Acree, Obia Owen Atchley, William Travis Bradshaw, Bill G. Bryant, Junius Earl Bryant, Vernon Burris, Gus Coffey, Philetus Everett Coffey, Joe Edward Campbell, Orvill Earl Ellis, Wilma F. Goodin, Leonard Hoover, Dewey E. Kell, Julius R. Kell, Otis Kell, Walter L. Pyles, Calvin Reeder, Leslie Sinclair, Jr., Jessie R. Smith, James Everett Troutman, Russell Turner.