The Columbia High School Class of 1946

(Articles transcribed from various editions of the Adair County News.)

April 26, 1944

C.H.S. Latin Class Presents Roman Plays

At the assembly hour on Friday, April 21, the anniversary of the founding of Rome in 753 B.C., Miss Frances Russell, of the Columbia High School, presented her Latin class in two Roman plays.

The first of the plays, Victoria Matris, which was played by a cast composed of Edith Cundiff, Louise Bridgewater, Edward Henry, Billy Phelps, and E.L. Feese, was given in Latin. The second play, Saturnalia, was presented in English by Ralph Cooley, Billy Callison, Bobby Marshall, Gene Murrell and Arthur Lee Waggener. Roman costumes did much to heighten the effect of the plays.

Another feature of the program was the singing of America in Latin by the girls of the class.

October 18, 1944

C.H.S. Junior Class To Present Annual Play

On Thursday night, October 19, at 7:45 p.m. the C.H.S. Junior Class will present the play, "Wedding Spells," in the High School Auditorium.

Because of a head injury, Steve Arlen has lapses of memory. This time, he can't remember which of four charming girls he has married. He invites them all to a party, hoping that one of them will reveal the fact that she is his bride. His friend, Charlie, tries to help him out by wooing all the girls. It is a busy and delightful evening for Char-lie until his own girl unexpectedly appears. The frantic bridegroom tries ruse after ruse, but his wife conceals her identity right up to the final curtain of this riotous farce.

This play, produced by special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company, Chicago, has the following cast: Louise Bridgewater, Paul McKinney, Billy Callison, Ralph Cooley, Christine Jones, Kathleen Pettey, Annette Taylor, Bernice Coomer, Jean Allison, James Royse, Lewis Dunbar, and Martha Henry.

May 9, 1945

Junior-Senior Banquet Given Friday Night

The Junior Class of Columbia High School entertained the Senior Class, faculty and Board of Education with a banquet on Friday evening.

The theme of the program, "The Gypsy Camp," was presented in an appropriate setting. A Gypsy camp, with tent, a gypsy wagon and camp fire was arranged in the dining room near the tables, which were decorated in a color scheme of green and gold. Unusually attractive place cards were made of thin slabs of wood with names burned on them. Mock-orange flowers in green and gold vases were used.

An interesting program in keeping with the theme followed the delicious dinner served by the Sophomore Home Economics Class, who were dressed as gypsies.

The program presented follows: Queen of the Gypsy Camp--Louise Bridgewater presided; Call of the Wild--Billy Callison; Heeding the Call--Edith Cundiff; Wanderers--Annette Taylor; The Gypsy in Them--Jean Allison; Music by the Junior girls, which was sung in a most pleasing manner; Supt. H.R. Kirk discussed the future for the youth of America from the subject, "Fortune Telling;" Gypsy Magic--Hazel Bybee; Miss Frances Russell concluded the program with reflections on "The Open Road."

The entire group sang, "Cheer, Cheer, for Old C.H.S.," the Columbia High School song.

May 16, 1945

Honor Board Given School At Service

On Sunday afternoon, May 13, a service was held in the auditorium of Columbia High School at which a beautiful Honor Board was presented to the school by the Class of 1944. Names of 141 boys and girls, graduates of the Columbia High School who have been called to serve in the armed forces, have been placed on the roll...

The service roll and the Honor Roll, the names of six boys who have paid the supreme sacrifice, was read by Miss Mary Lucy Lowe, principal of the High School. Mrs. W.J. Flowers made appropriate remarks in a response representing the mothers of the ones in service. Samuel Kelsay, a former graduate, sang "My Buddy"...

May 23, 1945

Cundiff - Walker

Miss Edith Hughes Cundiff, of Columbia, and Ralph Russell Walker, of Gradyville, were married in Jamestown on Saturday night, the Rev. Norman Antle officiating. They were accompanied by Miss Evelyn Bell and Clifton Finn.

The bride and groom are both popular students at the Columbia High School and belong to prominent Adair County families.

Mrs. Walker, a member of the Senior class at Columbia High School, is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Cundiff. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Walker.

They are making their home with his parents for the present.

May 30, 1945

Adair County Honor Board Dedicated

On Saturday afternoon the Honor Roll of Adair County men and women of World War II was dedicated with appropriate services.

The North and West sides of the Square were cleared for the large crowd which had assembled to do honor to the more than 1,300 Adair Countians whose names appear on the Board...

Thomas Nankivell, of the Navy, and Sanford Green, of the Army, then cut the ribbons holding the curtain of red, white and blue flowers and unveiled the Honor Board. A.S. Allison, clerk of the Adair County Draft Board, next called the names of the forty Adair County men who have made the supreme sacrifice in the service of their country during the present struggle. Amid a hushed, uncovered assembly "Taps" were sounded by Louisville Boy Scouts...

July 25, 1945

Pvt. John Burr Given Discharge From Army

Pvt. John Burr, who was given a medical discharge at Camp Carson, Colo., arrived home Tuesday...It is thought that he will resume his duties as coach at the Columbia High School in September...August 29, 1945

Miss Clayton Resigns at Columbia High

Miss Margaret Clayton has resigned her position as a member of the faculty at the Columbia High School. It is understood that she will be connected with the Louisville school system this fall.

September 5, 1945


The war in the Pacific formally came to an end on Sunday, September 2, aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay when Japan surrendered unconditionally to the Allies in a 20-minute ceremony...

Minutes later from the White House, where Japanese warlords once asserted they would dictate their own terms, President Truman broadcast:"

"We shall not forget Pearl Harbor. The Japanese militarists will not forget the USS Missouri."

September 12, 1945

559 Enrolled in Public School

Attendance Reported About Same As That Of Preceding Year At Opening.

School began Tuesday, September 4, for 559 boys and girls of Columbia, the total not being noticeably different from the number which started last year, H.R. Kirk, superintendent, reported.

The High School teachers are: Mrs. Demaree Richards, Miss Frances Russell, Mrs. J.W. Walker, Miss Willie Rosenbaum, Miss Mary Lucy Lowe, Mrs. W.J. Flowers, Mrs. Joe A. Dudley, Mrs. Joe Hutchison, Miss Elizabeth Collins, Miss Dorothy Riddle, John Burr, James Woody and H.R. Kirk, Superintendent.

Mrs. Hutchison will act as Librarian and Mr. Burr is teaching a full schedule of Physical Education. Miss Marguerite Stansbury, of Cane Valley, will teach piano and conduct other musical activities at the school...

Miss Martha Tupman is employed as secretary to the superintendent.

October 10, 1945

(front page headline)

Work On Wolf Creek Dam Will Be Resumed At Early Date 

October 17, 1945

Senior Class Presents Annual Play October 25

On Thursday, October 25, at 7:30 p.m., the Senior Class of Columbia High School will present their play, "Anne What's Her Name!" This is a mystery comedy, full of wit, snappy lines, and electrifying surprises, centering around the troubles of Tony Wheat.

Fleeing from the police, he hides in the home of Judge Bunby, and allows the family to mistake him for their nephew. The climax of his misfortunes is reached when he is married, much against his inclination, to a masked lady named Anne. The endeavors of Tony to ascertain the identity of his bride, the hysterics of the maid, and the arrival of the real Ebenezer, later followed by his wife and family, add to the mystery and the merriment.

The cast is composed of the following seniors: Ralph Cooley, Billy Callison, Jean Allison, Martha Henry, Louise Bridgewater, Christine Jones, Maurice Smith, Owen Estes, Barbary Bryant, Kathleen Pettey, Gene Murrell, Bobby Marshall, Annette Taylor, Billy Phelps, and Bernice Coomer.

October 17, 1945

(from an advertisement)

Playing on WHAS Radio 840

Musical shows included: Your Hit Parade, The Frank Sinatra Show, Gene Autry, Ozzie Nelson & Harriett Hilliard, and The Ginny Sims Show.

Dramatic shows included: Lux Radio Theatre and Texaco Star Theatre.

Comedy,  variety, & quiz shows included: Art Linkletter and his Houseparty, The Baby Snooks Show, and Blondie.

Mystery shows included: The Adventures of the Thin Man, Inner Sanctum, and the FBI in War and Peace.

October 31, 1945

Columbia High Opens Basketball Season Nov. 6

Columbia Red Hounds will open their basketball season next Tuesday night on the local floor against Summer Shade...A schedule of 21 games has been completed. Plans are being made to have another Invitational Tournament during the Christmas holidays.

The team lost four lettermen from last year's squad. Merle Reed and Clifton Finn were lost by graduation, while Paul Webb was inducted into the army. Donald Pickett is uneligible the first semester. His return will greatly help the team. Lettermen returning are Bobby Marshall, Lewis Dunbar, and Billy Roy. Charles Marshall, Maurice Keys, Sammy Wilson, Carl Hughes, Reece and Albert Woodrum are working hard for berths on the first team. Henry, Bryant, S. Baldwin, H. Baldwin, Smith, Scott, Shepherd, Paxton, Gadberry, and Page are working with the second team...

November 7, 1945

Columbia Young People Organize

A young people's recreation center is being organized in Columbia. A meeting was held at the Columbia High School, October 26, and governing body of twenty-one was elected.

Seven people were elected from the High School, seven from Lindsey Wilson, and seven from the town group. George Staples, Jr., was elected sponsor of the High School group, Mrs. O.A. Durham for the Lindsey group, and John Burr for the town group.

The governing body consists of the following young people:

High School--Annette Taylor, Allene Wilson, Arthur Lee Waggener, Maurice Key, Bobby Marshall, Virginia Wilson and Donald Pickett;

Lindsey Wilson--Evelyn Benn, Webb Dungan, Bobby Whitmer, Yvonne Marshall, Mildred Winfrey, Dorothy Lewis, and Earl Johnston;

Town Group--Madelaine Wilson, Vonda Roy, Mable Stone, Bobby Caldwell, Merle Reed, Davis Wilson, Jr., and J.T. Tupman...

The date has not been set for the opening, but it will start at the Lindsey Wilson gym, which will be open three nights a week, Monday, Thursday and Saturday...

A pie and box supper will be given Monday night, November 12, at the Columbia High School at 7:30 p.m. and the proceeds will be used for the recreation center. Prizes will be given for the prettiest girl, the ugliest man, etc...

November 14, 1945

C.H.S. Carnival Friday Night

A carnival will be held at  the Columbia High School gymnasium on Friday night with entertainment offered to all who attend.

The doors will open at 6:00 p.m. and among the chief attractions will be found freaks, music, "Poor Teacher," a fish pond, side shows and lunch stand.

The big event of the evening will be the crowning of the Carnival Queen, followed by a floor show.

November 7, 1945

C.H.S. Netters Take Two Opening Games

The Columbia Red Hounds opened the season this past week with two victories. In their opening game they defeated Summershade by a score of 43 to 31. Lewis Dunbar and Billy Roy led the scoring, while Bobby Marshall played a good all-round game.

In their second tilt the Columbia boys defeated Bradfordsville in a thrilling overtime game. At the end of the regulation playing time the score was tied at 20. In the overtime Columbia went on to win 25 to 21. Dunbar and Charlie Marshall led all scorers in the game. Fans were pleased by the showing of the three freshmen, Charles Marshall, Buck Baldwin and Sam Wilson, in the Bradfordsville game...

Bobby Marshall and Lewis Dunbar have been elected co-captains for this season. Both boys are playing their last season for the Red and White...

November 21, 1945

School Carnival Attracts Crowd

The carnival sponsored by the school and Parent-Teacher Association attracted a large crowd to the C.H.S. gym Friday night, which swelled the receipts to $943.78.

Those attending enjoyed various entertainments put on by the grades, but the chief attraction was the crowning of the Carnival Queen, Miss Louise Bridgewater, member of the senior class. The queen was chosen in a popularity contest, votes selling for 1 each. Proceeds from the contest will be used to purchase playground equipment for the grade children.

Votes were cast as follows: Miss Bridge-water, $277.91; Jessie Tupman, sophomore, $151.64; Martha Maupin, junior, $149.19; and Willie Catherine Caldwell, freshman, $65.55.

Escorts of the young ladies were Billy Callison, senior; Stanford Shepherd, sophomore; Billy Roy, junior; and Sammy Wilson, freshman. Following the crowning of the queen, a floor show was presented.

A committee from the P.-T.A. decorated the gym with circus animals and the P.-T.A. and F.F.A. had charge of the food and drink stands.

November 21, 1945

C.H.S. Netters Take Third Game Of Season

Columbia journeyed to Burkesville Thursday night and won two games. The first game started with Burkesville hitting four long shots in a row and leading 9 to 4 at the end of the first quarter.

Columbia forged ahead 16 to 15 at the half and...pulled away to win 36 to 24. Dunbar and Charlie Marshall led the team in scoring while Bobby Mar-shall took most of the defense rebounds. Baldwin and Wilson played good floor games.

Clyde Bryant led the second team to its third straight victory by scoring 8 points...

November 21, 1945

Proceeds From C.H.S. Pie Supper $210

The pie supper given at the Columbia High School to raise money for the young people's recreation center, attracted a large crowd. The proceeds amounted to $210.

C.T. Jones, the auctioneer, did an excellent job. Mrs. George Staples won the prize for the prettiest girl, and Frank Nell was the prize winner in the bean guessing contest...

November 28, 1945

C.H.S. Senior Wins Essay Contest

Miss Louise Bridgewater, member of the Senior Class at the Columbia High School, was winner of the Soil Conversation Essay Contest in Adair sponsored by the Courier-Journal, Louisville Times, and radio station WHAS, in cooperation with the Kentucky Soil Conservation District5 Supervisor's Association. She will be awarded a $25 War Bond...

January 9, 1946

Columbia High Defeats Tompkinsville

The Columbia High Netters defeated the Tompkinsville first team 25 to 17 in a hard fought game last Friday night. Dunbar, C. Marshall, and Stanley Baldwin led the scoring while B. Marshall took his share of the rebounds...Recreation Hall Now Open

A Recreation Hall for Columbia young people was officially opened recently and is proving quite an attraction. It is located on the third floor of the Russell Building over Lerman Bros. Store and is open on Monday and Thursday nights from 7:00 until 10:30; on Saturday nights from 7:00 to 11:00 and on Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The hall is never opened unless a local couple is present to act as chaperones. Recreational facilities include all types of games such as Bingo, Ping Pong, Rook, Bridge, Darts, Monopoly, etc...The place is open to all High School and College students or those not attending school who are sixteen or older. Dues are 10 cents a session...

February 27, 1946

Net Tourney Starts Tonight

Columbia Redhounds will open the Twenty-first District Tournament at Campbellsville tonight at 7:30 p.m., meeting Lebanon High School's strong team...

Local fans have been backing Columbia's team to the fullest extent this year and a large crowd is expected to go to Campbellsville tonight.

March 6, 1946

C-Ville District Tourney Winners

The district tournament ended Saturday night with Campbellsville defeating Bradfordsville 48-29 in the finals.

The tournament started Wednesday night with Columbia defeating Lebanon 24-18...

Semi-finals were played Friday with Bradfordsville defeating Columbia 36-20...Boys making the all tournament team [included] Pickett, of Columbia...

March 6, 1946

Benefit Game Set For Friday

The annual drive for Crippled Children of Kentucky started Monday with Mrs. Clyde Marshall again acting as chairman for Adair County.

A benefit basketball game will be played at 8:00 p.m. Friday night at the High School gymnasium, the proceeds going to this worthy cause. The contest will be between the Columbia Red Hounds and C.H.S. veterans of World War II...

The veteran team, which is sponsored by Dr. W. Todd Jeffries and managed by William Walker, is composed of the following players, most of whom are former stars: Charles Warren, Allen Young, Penny Phelps, James Maupin, Morsel Roy, William Cheatham, Walter Pickett, Selby Pickett, Cotton Phelps, and George Kemp.

Cheer leaders for the veterans will be Yvonne Marshall, Jessie Davis, Bobby Wethington and Mary Frances Edwards

Record crowds are expected as the game should prove to be a thriller, aside from the fact that it is given to assist a worthy cause.

March 13, 1946

V.F.W. Organize Post In Columbia

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 6097, of Columbia, will hold its initial meeting in the Court House at 7:30 p.m. today (March 13.) The charter, requested by fifteen members from Columbia and vicinity, has been approved by national headquarters at Kansas City, Mo...

All members are urged to be present as well as all veterans with overseas service in any recognized state of war between the United States and a foreign country...

March 13, 1946

Benefit Game Swells Funds For Cripples

A large crowd attended the benefit basketball game played Friday night at the C.H.S. gym between the Red Hounds and school veterans of World War II. Proceeds given to the Crippled Children's Fund amounted to $77.85.

The Red Hounds won in a three minute overtime period after a fast and hard fought game. Lewis Dunbar was high point man for the High School and Penny Phelps was the veterans' high scorer.

March 13, 1946

D.A.R. Honors Jean Allison

Mrs. John D. Lowe, Jr., chairman, Good Citizenship Pilgrim Committee, Jane Lampton Chapter, D.A.R., announces that the Senior Class and faculty of Columbia High School have selected Jean Allison a Good Citizenship representative from the girls of the class...

This selection has come to be one of the most coveted honors received by senior high school girls in the Nation. Based on the characteristics, dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism, the girl chosen must be outstanding in educational and personal standards.

Jean Allison, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Allison, is an attractive, talented young lady, whose dependability and pleasing manner makes her one of the most popular girls in the community.

May 1, 1946


Arthur Lee Waggener and Frances Wesley Are Critically Ill At Glasgow Hospital Following Crash.

Four Columbia youngsters were injured, two very seriously, Saturday night when a pick-up truck driven by Arthur Lee Waggener, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Waggener, and a car driven by Luther Bryant, of Sano, collided on East Highway 80 about four miles from Columbia.

Waggener and Miss Frances Wesley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wesley, are in critical condition at the Community Hospital, in Glasgow, both having suffered fractured skulls and other injuries. Billy Roy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Roy, is also a patient at the Community Hospital, where he is being treated for back and chest injuries. Miss Martha Jean Keltner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Keltner, the fourth occupant of the truck, escaped with only minor cuts and bruises.

According to reports the car and truck sideswiped with little damage to the car and its occupants. The truck is said to have turned over several times. Waggener and Miss Wesley were thrown some distance from the wreck and Billy Roy was pinned under the truck but with the aid of Miss Keltner, who was only slightly injured, managed to extract himself and send for aid.

Relatives...state that Arthur Lee Waggener and Miss Wesley are still critically ill.

May 8, 1946

Largest Class In History Of School Will Graduate at C.H.S.

The annual commencement exercises will be held in the school auditorium on Thursday evening, May 23, at 8:00. Dr. Carsie Hammonds, of the University of Kentucky, will deliver the address of the evening. Miss Mary Lucy Lowe will present the class and H.R. Kirk, superintendent of the city schools, will present the diplomas.

Miss Frances Russell is the sponsor of the class which at present is composed of sixty-four members. This is the largest number to be in a graduating class in the history of the school.

The annual class night exercises will be held Tuesday evening, May 21, at 8:00 p.m.

Rev. R.E. Reeves will deliver the baccalaureate sermon on Sunday evening, May 19, at 8:00 p.m. in the school auditorium. Other ministers of Columbia will assist in this service...

May 15, 1946

C.H.S Commencement Activities Start Sunday

Baccalaureate services for members of the Columbia High School graduating class will be held at 8 o'clock Sunday evening in the school auditorium with Rev. R.E. Reeves, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, delivering the sermon.

Special music featuring the Glee Club will be included in the program.

Other graduation activities include the recital on Friday evening, May 17, of Miss Marguerite Stansbury's music pupils; class night activities Tuesday evening, May 21, and the commencement exercises on Thursday evening, May 23.

May 15, 1946

Junior-Senior Banquet Held Friday Evening

A banquet given by the Junior Class, Columbia High School for the Senior Class on Friday evening in the school dining room was a very pleasant affair.

The program theme for the banquet, "Moon Dreams," was pleasingly presented in decorations, favors, music and speeches.

The speaker of the evening, Rev. V.P. Henry, spoke on the subject, "Second Only to the Sun." Impressive ideals were presented by Rev. Henry. Allyne Holladay gave the introductory speech, Lewis Dunbar gave the response. Martha Maupin gave the concluding speech on "The Spirit of Columbia High."

Songs were sung by the following girls of the class: Noema Akin, Montra Corbin, Martha Maupin, Elizabeth Lowe, Allyne Holladay, Cecelia Rogers, Alleen Allison, Doris Morris, Georgia Hancock, Stella Grider.

A full attendance of both classes, faculty and members of the board of education enjoyed the dinner, served by the Home Economics Department.

May 15, 1946

C.H.S Piano Recital Will Be Held Friday

The piano pupils of Miss Marguerite Stansbury will be presented in a recital, Friday evening, May 17, at eight o'clock, at the High School Auditorium. The public is cordially invited.

May 15, 1946

Crash Victims Return From Glasgow Hospital

Arthur Lee Waggener, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Waggener, and Miss Frances Wesley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wesley, returned to their homes from the Glasgow Hospital on Friday. Both have been under treatment for serious injuries received in an automobile accident three weeks ago but are reported much better.

Wednesday, May 22, 1946

64 to Graduate At C.H.S. Thursday

Louise Bridgewater And Billy Callison Make Highest Scholastic Standing in Senior Class.

Commencement activities of Columbia High School began with the Baccalaureate service held in the school auditorium on Sunday evening. All of the ministers of the town were present and cooperated in the service. Rev. R.E. Reeves, pastor of the Columbian Presbyterian Church, delivered the sermon. He gave an inspirational address based on the theme, "The Way of Life..."

On Tuesday evening the annual Class Night program was presented by those graduating. A variety program of speeches and music was presented by members of the class.

Valedictory address was presented by Louise Bridgewater and the salutatory address by Billy Callison, the two pupils who have made the highest scholastic standing in the class. Miss Frances Russell, class sponsor, was in charge of the program.

On Thursday evening, May 23, sixty-four seniors will be graduated from the school. This, the largest class in the history of the school, contains seventeen service men who have met graduating requirements by receiving high school credit for training received in the service...May 29, 1946

C.H.S. Seniors Get Diplomas

Dr. Carsie Hammons, of the department of agriculture, University of Kentucky, delivered an impressive address to graduates of Columbia High School on Thursday evening when the thirty-third annual commencement was held in the school auditorium.

Dr. Hammons chose for his topic, "Attitudes," and applied the subject to three phases of living--parents, work, and character.

Miss Mary Lucy Lowe, principal, presented the graduating class to Supt. H.R. Kirk, who in turn, presented a diploma to each senior.

Miss Frances Russell, sponsor of the Senior Class, presented the Valedictory Certificate to Miss Louise Bridgewater and the Salutatory Certificate to Billy Callison.

Rev. Victor P. Henry, president of Lindsey Wilson Junior College, presented the Lindsey Wilson Valedictory Scholarship to Miss Louise Bridgewater.

Mrs. W.J. Flowers, regent of Jane Lampton Chapter D.A.R. presented the Good Citizenship Award to Miss Jean Allison and the American History Award to Miss Alleyne Holladay. These awards are made annually by the chapter.

Music was furnished by Miss Marguerite Stansbury and a chorus of girls who sang, "The Bells of St. Mary's."

The Columbia High School Graduating Class of 1946


Calvin Aaron

(Vesta) Jean Allison

Mary Alice Antle

William Bert Antle, Jr.

Eugene Baldwin

Pauline Bell

Frances Louise Bridgewater

William Ores Brockman

Mildred Pauline Burton

Barbara Jean Bryant

Mildred Byrant

Hazel Bybee

William Joseph Callison

Ruth Cheatham

William C. Cheatham

Annie Mae Clark

Bernice Coomer

Sylvia Bernice Coomer

Ralph W. Cooley, Jr.

William Ernest Corbin

Kathleen Cundiff

Paul Edwin Cundiff

Anita Denson

Mary Helen Dixon

Alton Lewis Dunbar

Owen Johnson Estes

Wanda Faye Farmer

Naomi Ruth Hale

Kenneth W. Hancock

Rachel Rebecca Hancock

Bessie Vee Harvey

Martha Newton Henry

Alesa Frances Hodges

Edward J. Howell

Bruce Janes

Mae Jessaphine Janes

Estella Christine Jones

Christine Lawless

Farnum Lewis

Robert L. Marshall

James C. Maupin

Joyce Allene McKinney

Bobbie Joyce McLean

Robert Lee Morris 

(Edgar) Gene Murrell 

Mary Russell Murrell 

Iva Rachel Overstreet 

James Clyde Pelly 

Edna Kathleen Pettey

Thomas Preston Phelps 

William Edward Phelps 

Herman Wood Roach

James MacArthur Royse 

Avanell Sapp 

Juanita Smith 

Maurice Edward Smith 

Joyce C. Sullivan

Mary Annette Taylor 

Arthur Lee Waggener 

Ralph Russell Walker 

Charles Elmer Warren 

Murrell B. Wells 

Noel Carson Wheeler

Wynema Patton Yarberry