Contributed By: Janna Craig


These are partial transcriptions of some court records in Adair County a few years ago. The first entry, I do have a copy of the original they pretty much read the same I didnít copy them all, but noted the pertinent information. On the indenture of apprenticeship of the first three, they were to be apprenticed to the people that took them. It stateís the children were to be provided & furnished sufficient wholesome meat, drink, clothing & Lodging necessary & fit for an apprentice during his servitude & further to teach & instruct the apprentice in reading, writing & common arithmetic. At the expiration of term to give the said apprentice one good and complete suit of clothes to be decent & new as required by law & three pounds ten shillings current money. Thanks... Janna

Oct Term 1843

3rd Oct. 1843 Indenture of apprenticeship of Stephen Watson, age 10, to Robert Staples, A poor boy, infant son of Allen Watson. For 11 years or age 21.

               Indenture of apprenticeship of Nathan Gaither Watson, age 3, A poor boy, infant son of Allent Watson to Lewis A Strange for 19 years or to age 21.

               Indenture of apprenticeship of Jonathon S or L Watson, age 5 or 6, A poor boy, infant son of Allen Watson to Lewis A strange for 15 years 2 mos. Or until age 21.

From Guardian Bond Book
1903- Phillip Watson- made guardian of Levi H., Nathan C., and John H. Watson. Dated 28 Aug 1903.  pg 121
       A note attached and signed by J W Sublett & one of the names signed on the guardianship

1870- 5 Sept 1870
        William L. Watson-Guardian for: Benjamin J., Mary S, and Margaret J. Watson, minors. Signed by: William L Watson, Elsey Darrow or Daurrow, S G Banks, and E C Sublette.