An irate Adair Countian speaks out!

The following letter appeared in the August 17, 1949 edition of the Adair County News in the form of a one-fourth page paid advertisement.

Chance, Kentucky

August 12, 1949

Mr. Earl Tomes, Manager

Rural Electric Cooperative Cor.,

Campbellsville, Kentucky


Dear Mr. Tomes:

            Your letter dated January 20, 1949 received which states as follows:

            "We have received your letters of January 3 and 17, 1949, inquiring about whether or not you were going to get electric service.

            We have measured the line to your house and you live one mile from the line. We cannot build a mile of line to serve one house. The only way we could serve you at that distance would be for you pay a minimum bill of about $18.00 per month for (5) years. Of course you would be allowed KWH equivalent to that per month.

            We are refunding the Membership Fee which you paid on 4/25/45 when you applied for service. We are also returning the fee paid for a tenant house where you decided you didn't want the service when we were staking the line into the community. Our check N. 9968 in the amount of $10.00 is enclosed herewith in refund of those fees." 

            I am at a loss to understand your decision when I personally know of two other cases in Adair County, Kentucky, where you have run a mile for one house. And besides you kept my money for a period of 4 years when you knew the facts in the case were that I did live a mile from the line and no other houses between my house and the line except O.G. Rowe, Mrs. Cheatham and my tenant house. And you know further that I only objected to wiring my tenant house after you refused to wire my home.

            I don't believe that anyone could have electric service without the advantage of a neighbor and on the prorata basis there would be four on this mile that you refer to including my home.

            I was a active and instrumental in getting this line into the community and rendered services that no other could have rendered making it possible for this line to exist and with fairness to all and a just decision from a public enterprise demands that line be extended to my home.

            Yours very truly,

            GEORGE LOY.

-- Adv.