Adair County Marriages


Adair Residents Married in another County

Contributed By: Sandi Gorin from the SCKY Mailing List

These are only the marriages shown on the vital statistics so they are not complete.

Each of these listings have a connection to Adair County through either the Groom or Bride, or their parents.

Shown for each party is the age, the # of times married, occupation (for grooms), where born, where parents born (if shown) and date of marriage.

BARTON, James A to YATES, Martha A. He 25, 1st, farmer, he & father born Adair Co, mother born Green; she 20, 1st, she & father born Adair, mother born Green, 3 Nov 1876.

BARTON, Willis to SMITH, Nancy. He 44, 2nd marr, blacksmith, born Barren, parents born TN; she 41, 1st, she & parents born Adair, 7 Jan 1875.

BLAYDES, George W to PENDLETON, Keziah. He 31, 1st, merchant, resided Adair, parents born Adair; she 20, 1st, she & father born Adair, mother born Hopkins Co MO; 29 Apr 1875.

BRAGG, Nathaniel to YATES, Mary E. He 24, 1st, farmer, born Adair; she 19, 1st, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Cumb, 15 June 1875.

BRAGG, W E to SHIRLEY, N W. He 24, 1st, farmer, resides Adair; he & parents born KY; she 16, 1st, alal born KY, 9 Dec 1906.

BRYANT, John M to WILSON, Martha J. He lives Adair Co, 19, 1st, farmer, he & parents born Adair; she 18, 1st, born Russell Co, parents born Adair, no date entered.

CALLAHAN, Henry to ___, Nancy. He 24, 1st marriage, farmer, resides Hart, born Adair, parents born Barren; she 28, 1st marr, lives Adair, father born TN, mother born TN, 15 Jun 1875. (no name was filled in).

CLARK, W O to KINNIARD, Jennie. He 30, 2nd, farmer, he & parents born Bar; she 25, 1st, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Barren, Jun 1877.

CLEMMONS, William B to COOKEY, Edner. He 23, 1st, farm, born Monroe, father born Mercer, mother born Monroe; she 20, 1st, born Bar, father born Cumb, mother born  Adair, Oct 1875.

COMPTON, John W to OWENSBY, Joanna W. He 21, 1st, farmer, born Bar, father born Adair, mother born TN; she 21, 1st, she & parents born Bar, 9 Dec 1875.

COOKSEY, James B to CLEMMONS, Sallie B. He 21, 1st, farmer, born Adair, father born Cumb, mother born Adair; she 23, 1st, she & parents born Monroe, Sept 1875.

DOOLEY, James C to ENGLAND, M J. He 21, 1st, farmer, he & mother born Adair, father born VA; she 20, 1st, she & father born Adair, mother born IN, 19 Sep 1876.

DOUGHTY, Shedic, 25, 1st, farmer, Barren, (VA, Bar)   to SHIRLEY, Mary E, 18, 1st, Adair (Adair-Larue), Jan 1875. (Black Marriage Record)

ENGLAND, W R, 23, 1st, farmer, he & father born Adair Co, mother born IN to SMITH, Nancy J, 21, 1st, all born Adair, married Aug 1876 in Adair Co.

ENGLISH, Charles H, 40, 2nd marr, lives Cumberland Co, farmer, born Cumberland, parents born VA to HAMILTON, Mary J,19, 1st, all born Adair, 5 Apr 1861.

ESTES, Samuel, 19, 1st, farmer, born Barren, father born Adair, mother born Cumberland to BRADLEY, Rhoda E, 18, 1st, born Barren, father born Simpson Co, mother born NC, 27 Dec 1875.

ESTES, William, 30, 2nd, farmer, all born Adair to DULIN, M R, 17, 1st, born Metcalfe, father born Green, mother born Marion, Mar 1877.

FANCHER, Chas, 22, 1st, farmer, resides IL, born Met (KY-Met), to RODGERS,          Susan F, 20, 1st, lives Crail Hope, born Met, (Adair-Met), 11 Oct 1906.

FORGE, John W, 18, 1st, farmer, born Cumberland Co (Cumb-unknown),to ENGLAND,
Rachel, 16, 1st, born Adair (Adair-Adair), Dec 1876.

FRAZIER, T A B, 21, 1st, farmer, birthplace not shown (Cumb-Mon) to WALKUP, L C, 23, 1st, birthplace not shown (Adair-Adair), 28 Dec 1878.

GARMAN, Joseph M, 23, 1st, farmer, born Adair (Adair-Adair) to ESTES, Sarah E, 16, 1st, born Met (Bar-Adair), 29 Jun 1876 at James ESTES.

GIBSON, Calvin, 22, 1st, farmer, res or born Adair (KY-KY) to JESSEE, Minnie, 17, 1st, born KY (KY-KY),11 Feb 1907.

GIBSON, William, 19, 1st, farmer, born Adair (KY-KY) to SULLIVAN, Frances E, 18, 1st, born Clinton Co (Clinton-Clinton), 5 Apr 1861.

HOPPER, Joseph, 20, 1st, farmer, born Adair Co (Russell-Bar) to BRAGG, Hettie A, 22, 1st, born & res Adair, parents born Adair, md in Adair 4 Jan 1861.

HURT, Wm, 25,1st, farm, Adair (Cumb-Adair) to RUNYON, Rebecca, 21, 1st, all born Barren, Jun 1861.

JAMES, Thomas C, 28, 1st, farmer, Adair (Adair, Adair) to LOYED, Samantha E, 21, 1st, Cumberland (Cumb-Cumb), 25 Dec 1875.

JAMES, William B, 19, 1st, born & resides Adair (Adair-Adair) to FUDGE, Obedience, 18, 1st, Cumb (Cumb-Cumb), Nov 1875.

JESSE, Calvin, 17, 1st, farmer, Adair (Adair-Adair) to GILPIN, Parthena, 17, 1st, Boyle (Barren-Boyle), 10 Dec 1861.

JESSE, John S, 16, 1st, farmer, KY (KY-KY) to COMPTON, Myrtle, 17, lives Adair, KY (KY-KY), 2 Jan 1907.

JESSE, Joseph, 21, 1st, farmer, Adair (Adair-Adair) to SKAGGS, Lou Ann, 19, 1st, Adair (Adair-Adair), no date shown.

JOHNSTON, J K, 25, 1st, farmer, Adair (VA-TN) to SMITH, Nancy E, 23, 1st, Cumb (Cumb-Cumb), 11 Oct 1876 at William SMITH's house.

JONES, Johnathan, 38, 2nd, Adair (VA-VA) to PENDLETON, Sarah, 35, 1st, Hart (faded out), May 1861.

JONES, P C, 26, 1st, farmer, Green (VA-Green) to PENICK, C C, 16, 1st, Metcalfe (Bar-Adair), 20 Sep 1877.

JONES, Sampson, 22, 1st, farmer, Bar (Bar-Bar) to KINNIARD, Martha S, 22, 1st, Adair (Adair-Bar), 18 Jan 1876.

LASSLEY, Jno, 35, 1st, farmer, lives Adair, no other locations shown to BROWN?, Bessie, 16, 1st, lives Knob Lick, Bar (Met-Met), 18 Aug 1907.

NANCE, Allen, 44, 2nd, farmer, Cumberland (VA-VA) to COMPTON, Ruthie, 26, 1st, resides
Cumb, born Adair (Adair-Adair), 1 Dec 1861.

NORRIS, Thomas R, 19, 1st, farmer, Cumberland (Cumb-Cumb) to REECE, Rachel, 18, 1st,          Adair (Carolina-Adair), md 3 Apr 1876 n Adair Co. Didn't say which Carolina.

OAKS, Joe E, 27, 1st, farmer, Met (Taylor-Taylor) to BARRETT, Hattie R, 18, 1st, lives Sulphur Well, Met (Bar-Adair), 29 Dec 1906.

PENNINGTON, J T, 21, 1st, farmer, Pulaski (Pulaski-Wayne) to ESTIS, Martha A, 18, 1st,          Pulaski (Adair-blank), 29 Nov 1877.

REECE, Enos, 18, 1st, farmer, lives Adair, KY (KY-KY) to JESSE, Bertha, 18, 1st, KY (KY-      KY), 10 Jan 1907.

REECE, James, 21, 1st, farmer, Adair (Adair-Adair) to JAMES, Shirley M, 21, 1st, Adair (Adair-   Adair), Nov 1875

ROACH, Nimrod, 23, 1st, farmer, resides Adair (Adair-Adair) to DEMMUMBRUM, Lucy C,      26, 1st, Adair (TN-Adair), Oct 1876.

RODGERS, Ulysses, 20, 1st, farmer, lives Adair (Adair-Adair) to FINN, Ida E, 18, 1st, Met         (Adair-Met), 25 Jul 1907.

ROE, Charles, 23, 1st, farmer, lives Adair, Adair (VA-VA) to REECE, Nancy E C, 18, 1st,         Adair (IL-Adair), 3 Jan 1875.

SCOTT: J W, 20, 1st, farmer, Adair (Met-Adair) to CARTER, M E, 21, 1st, Adair (Adair-Adair), 17 Jan 1878.

SCOTT, John A, 23, 1st, farmer, Cumb (Cumb-Cumb) to ESTES, Martha J, 17, 1st, Bar (Adair-Adair), no date shown.

SCOTT, Willie, 31, 1st, farmer, Met (blank-KY) to FINN, Eudora, 19, 1st, Met (Adair-Met), 16 Jan 1907

SHAW, M F, 20, 1st, farmer, born Adair (NC-Cumberland) to SHIVES, Julie, 19, 1st, Adair         (Cumb-blank), 29 Nov 1878.

SHIVES, John, 24, 1st, farmer, Cumb (Cumb-Cumb) to TURNER, Rachel W, 18, 1st, Adair         (Pulaski-Adair), Oct 1876.

SKAGGS, Thomas,21,1st, farmer, Adair (Adair-Adair) to JAMES, Mary L, 21, 1st, Adair         (Adair-Adair), 30 Jul 1875.

SLINKER, Eugene, 21, 1st, farmer, Barren (Green-Adair) to SLINKER, Sarah J, 18, 1st, Bar        (Cumb-Bar), 17 Mar 1875.

SMITH, Anthony, 40, 2nd, blacksmith, birth places all unknown to WADE, Delia, 26, 1st, Adair      (Bar-Green), 19 Dec 1876 at James SMITH's.

WALKUP, JOSEPH, 25, 1st, Adair (Adair-Adair) to CHEEK, Lusarah, 21, Adair (Adair-Adair), 27 Aug 1861.

WHITE, William T, 20, 1st, farmer, Cumb (Cumb-Cumb) to GARMAN, Nancy E, Adair (Cumb-Cumb), 12 Nov 1875.

WILSON, Silas H, 27, 1st, farmer, Cumb (Cumb-Adair) to PULLIAM, Elizabeth, 17, 1st, Cumb (Cumb-NC), Apr 1876 at James PULLIAMS's.

YOUNG, Franklin, 25, 1st, farmer, lives Cumb, Cumb (Cumb-Adair) to DEPP, Frances G, 28, 1sts, Bar (Bar-Bar), no date shown.