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Adair County Revolutionary War Pension Applications

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CASEY, William, Captain. Born Frederick Co VA. Died: 1816 in Adair Co KY.
Arrived at Logan's Fort, Lincoln Co Ky 1779. Married Jane MONTGOMERY, d/o
William Montgomery. Gave land for Presbyterian Church in Adair Co - the
first in the county. Great-grandfather of Mark TWAIN (from records in the
Adair Co Court House in Columbia, Will Book B, p. 235.). Will read in
abstract - beloved wife Jane 1/3rd of 2 tracts of land & improvements; 1/2
of the brick house; one tract is the balance of a 600 acre survey which we
jointly purchased ourselves, purchased of Henry PENICK; supposed to be 250
acre survey deeded to me from William JOHNSTON and wife (supposed to be
350-400 acres). All bonds and work? to his wife and son. To wife two
Negroes - one woman named Tiny and a boy, Stephen. Stephen to go to my son
Green at wife's death. To wife all the house and kitchen furniture ... all
the farming and carpenter's tools. To wife and son 20 head of sheep; to
wife 2 horses. To beloved son Green balance of 4 tracts and stock of
horses, cattle, sheep. Rest to be sold and money divided between my three
Montgomery. Then he states he has 4 daughters - six Negroes to go to them
plus 400 acres of land on the waters of East Fork, Little Barren on William
McKINNEY's present land. He also owned land on Big Creasy - to be equally
divided between them. Grandson: William Casey - willed a slave named
Reuben. Daughter Jenny has 6 children. John Mongomery is the son-in-law,
co-executor with wife. This abstract is a little confusing - I do not have
access to the original ...

CONOVER, Levi, S2471. Pension claim filed Adair Co, Order Book E, p. 354 in
1832. Entered service 1775 or 1776 under Capt STOUT, Col DYKING's command.
Was in battle of Trenton; assisted attacking the British at Princeton.
Marched to Steel's Gap and stayed about 3 weeks. Marched to Brunswick where
the British were said to be, then to NY and boarded vessels. His service
covered 3-4 years. Stated he was born in 1780. He died after 1832; married
(1) Catharine DYE in 1785 - she died 1801; married (2) Mrs. Jane GILBIRTH

COOPER, Jacob S12604. Filed in Adair Co, Order Book E, p. 358, 1832. Was 98
years old at time of filing. Entered service under Capt William MOORE 1776
from Burke Co NC. In the battle with the British at Broad River SC - served
more than 2 years in NC & SC.

GOODE, John, S30443. Made claim in Adair Co - Order Book E, p 257. 83 yrs
old when applying. Enlisted 1780 in VA in company commanded by Capt John
BOHANNON, command of Col TAYLOR. Continued to serve until after the
surrender of Cornwallis. Discharged in Albermarle Co VA.

HAMILTON, John, S1209. Order Book E, p. 37, 1832. Age 73 at appearance.
Enlisted 1777 in Baltimore MD under Capt John SMITH in the 3rde MD
Regiment. In many battles including the taking of Stoney Point, Gates
Defeat, Gilford, Eutaw, Camern?, Cowpens and several other battles &
skirmishes. Appt an Orderly Sgt and held this position until he was
appointed and discharged at Annapolis, MD.

William HANCOCK, R4552. Filed 1832, Order Book E, p. 362. Entered service
Feb 1780 under Capt John TRIGG, Gen. MUHLENBURG's Command. Marched to
Dismal Swamp and he with others received orders from Col LYNCH to arrest
Tories and deserters and bring them to trial. Engaged in taking Tories from
May 1780 until the surrender of CORNWALLIS. Ordered by his officers during
this time and he willingly engaged in the business. Resided in Bedford Co
VA at time of enlistment. Winifred MOORE #321206; Nancy MOORE #318701;
Anna Mary HANCOCK (no number) - all admitted to DAR on his service. He born
20 Oct 1774; died 22 Feb 1837; married 11 Feb 1771 to Nancy HILL who died
about 1812.

Zachariah HOLLODAY - Pension # not sent by Veteran's Bureau. Claim filed
1832 in Adair Co, Order Book E, p. 362. Aged 71 upon application; resided
in Orange Co VA when entering service in 1778 under Capt BURNLY. Discharged
1781. Served as drummer at the request of Capt. Was at the surrender of
Cornwallis; was in the south under Gen WAYNE. Born 1761, died 1847;
married Kitty ANDERSON.

William HURT. 75 yrs old when making application. Enlisted at his county of
residence, Bedford Co VA; entered service 1778 with Capt Alexander CUMMINGS
in 14th Regt of the VA line. Col DAVIS & BUFORD were commanders. Marched
from headquarters at Valley Forge to Monmouth and was in that battle under
Gen. George WASHINGTON. Marched sometime to NJ & PA. Then to White Plains
NY and encamped some time. Then to Banbreek? NJ and quartered there for
winter. In spring 1779 discharged at that place; part of this service he
served as Sergeant. Pension claim filed Adair Co 18832, Order Book E, p.
363, Pension #S15473. Pension #131488 (both shown). Born 16 Sept 1757
Bedford Co VA; died 12 Nov 1842 Adair Co. Married 7 July 1817 Betsey
McMURRY who died 29 Jan 1850 in Adair Co. Mrs. Horace (Victoria) Hughes
Cundiff $318703 entered DAR through this ancestor.

Jeremiah INGRAM S15184. Born 1759, died 1844; married Sarah WILLIS who died
1828. Order Book E, p. 330, 1832. Age 73 at application; enlisted in 1776
in 15th VA Regt of VA Line in WOODFORD's Brigade. Was at Petersburg,
Williamsburg, Alexandria, Georgetown, Baltimore, Philadelphia,
Williamington, etc. Was in winter quarters at Valley Forge with WASHINGTON
when he met LEE on his retreat from Monmouth Courthouse. Was an eye witness
to the battle fought there, also at West Point and White Plains NY. Served
3 yrs and left service in 1779.

James IRVINE S4422. Born 1754 Halifax Co VA, Order Book E, p. 364, 1832.
Was 76 at time of filing. Enlisted from Halifax in May 1776 in 69th Reg VA
line under Capt ROGERS, regt commanded by Col Haynes MORGAN. First services
against Lord DUNSMORE. In this he marched to Cherry Point at the mouth of
the Potomac. Then against the Cherokees to Long Island and on to Holston
where they built a fort. After returning home remained for some time as a
minute man. Then marched to a Tear River in NC; took several Tories and
broke up some of their little stands. Then a tour to SC at Stonow? SC;
engaged there in a battle with the British; regiment there commanded by Col
WILLIAMSON of SC. He called a retreat and a whole regt retreated.
Discharged on the banks of the Sante River. The next spring he was called
out with his wagon and team by the Quarter Master and hauled from different
parts of Halifax and Pittsylvania with provisions to Peytonsburg. From
there to Goochland and Amherst Co VA hauling provision of the Army to
IRVIN's Store below the mouth of Rockfish and the James River. Received
there by Richard YARBOUR, Quarter Master. Then with wagon and team went to
Prince Edward Court House and took a load of provisions and clothing to the
army. Sept 1781 he joined Gen LAWSON's Brigade and marched to NY. Remained
in camp until siege commenced, beginning to end. Went to MD and assisted to
guard the prisoners taken there. Had his wagon and team in the services
during the whole of the tour, about 3 months. Placed by Col BOYD in charge
of the magazine at Boyd's landing in Halifax Co A at which he was engaged
about 4 months. Born in Halifax Co in 1754; when he came to KY he settled
on Russell's Creek in Adair Co and is now living there.

Charles JONES. Pension claim filed 1829 Adair Co Courthouse, Order Book E,
p. 210. He was then age 74 yrs. Enlisted in 1775 from Bedford Co VA under
Capt. CAMPBELL, 1st VA Regiment commanded by Col. Patrick HENRY. No general
engagements during enlistment but many scrimmages. Enlisted again under
Capt George LAMBERT in Co. BEAUFORD's regt. Marched to Wilmington and then
transferred to a wagon department where he served until honorably
discharged at Wilmington. Has many descendants living in this and adjoining

William McKINNEY, S16470. Age 76 when filing in Adair Co, no date shown.
Order Book E, p. 369. Enlisted from Charlotte Co VA 1775 under Capt Thomas
COLLIER. Marched to Petersburg VA and joined the Mecklenburg and Halifax
troops. Marched with them to Jamestown, then to Williamsburg and York, then
to Gwimm's Island. Station at the latter until war was over. Marched then
to Cherry Point until battle was over under Gen. LEWIS. Returned home and
then went to GA enlisting under Capt AUSTIN for 3 months. Later enlisted
under Gen WILLIAMSON, Capt LOGAN and Lt Charles HERD - a continental
officer - then to FL. Went to St Mary's River and met Gen HOWE, a
continental officer. Gen HOWE wanted Gen WILLIAMSON to give up the flour
and bacon to his officers and us to draw beef and rice in their stead; the
soldiers refused Gen HOWE and his officers got mad and went off and left
the army at St. Mary's River. Marched to Trout's Creek (25 miles), had
scrimmages and CLARK, the commander, was wounded and had to retreat to St
Mary's River. WILLIAMSON then sent Major PICKENS, afterwards Gen Pickens
back to Trout Creek with affiant in the company. In the following spring
was at Augusta and taken prisoner by the British. Later went to Augusta
with Gen Williamson when the British took Augusta at the time of OAKES
defeat at Bryant Creek. A few months later went to Augusta and was taken
prisoner by the British, held for 4 months. Was in the Battle of King's
Mountain, assisted defeating Gen FERGUSON; took a great many prisoners. Was
under the command of CAMPBELL and SHELBY at King's Mountain.

Charles MOORE, S30599. Adair Co 1832, Order Book E, p. 353. Age 72 at
filing. Entered service 1776 under Capt CAXTON. Was in the battle of
Guilford Court House in command of Col McDOWELL. After that battle was
called to Petersburg VA under Capt GRAY. Later went out under Capt TRIMBLE,
Col SIEVER's command. Fell in with Gen MARION; was present when 90
prisoners were taken at Monk's Corner, NC.

POLLY/POLLEY, JOHN - VA, W3036. Living in Adair Co 7 Jan 1833 when
applying, age 72. Born Pittsylvania Co VA in 1760 where he enlisted. Died 4
Sept 1840. Near the close of the war moved to Camden District SC where he
married and resided about 12 yrs. Then moved to Washington Co TN where he
remained until 1803 and then moved to Adair Co. Widow was Susan
Polly/Polley who applied for pension in Adair Co 26 Aug 1843, age 79. They
had married in Camden District 1783.

John ROSS. Age 77 in applying 1832. Order Book E, p. 357. Was resident of
Frederick Co MD; enlisted under Capt CRAIGER, Philip SMITH was 1st Lt.
About 1774-1775-1776. Was in scrimmage about 7 miles from Brunswick NJ and
NY. Served next in VA then marched down about Williamsburg and Jamestown.
Was at the taking of Cornwallis; assisted in guarding the prisoners to the
Potomac River. Here the militia took them and guarded them up to
Fredericktown. Was an Orderly Sgt at the taking of Cornwallis, previous to
that time; was a Sgt of lower trade.

James SMITH, W9657. Filed 1828 Adair Co, Order Book E, p. 200. Served tours
in the militia against the Cherokee Indians and British. In 1776 enlisted
from Bedford Co VA in company commanded by Capt George LAMBERT in the 14th
VA regt commanded by Col Charles LEWIS, Gen WEADEN's brigade. Continued in
service full term. Was in battle at Germantown, Stoney Point, Brandywine and
other smaller engagements.

John SMITH, #685. Filed 1832, Order Book E, p. 279. Made proof of service -
in battle of Guilford, Ramsey's Mill on Deep River. Moses SMITH was also in
said battles. Philip WINFREY was at the Siege of York.

STAPLES, Isaac, no pension number provided by Veteran's Bureau. Filed 1832
from Adair Co, Order Book E, p. 367. Age 70 at application. Enlisted from
Buckingham Co VA under Capt. John CHAMBERS. In Jamestown Jan 1780. Remained
a short time, then to Hillsboro NC where he joined the regiment commanded
by Col. HOLCOMB. In a few days marched to Guilford where he joined Gen
GREEN. Was in the battle at that place. From there marched to Wolford's
Iron Works, then into VA where he remained for some time; then back to
Hillsboro. Re-enlisted as a volunteer in the militia under Capt. John C
CLARK when he marched to Staunton and joined the army commanded by Gen
GREEN. Remained there until his honorable discharge.

TRABUE, Daniel, Pension # not provided by Veteran's Bureau. born 31 Mar
1760 VA; died 10 Sept 1840 KY. Married 4 July 1782 Mary HASKINS. (Taken
from the journal of Trabue in the Draper Collection at the Wisconsin
Historical Society.) Pension claim filed in Columbia, Adair Co, 1832, Order
Book E, p. 345. Was 72 when applied. Born Chesterfield Co VA. First
services summer of 1776 when he was called to guard the magazine at
Williamsburg. In same year was called out for service against Dunmore who
was on the James River. In the fall and winter of 1777 enlisted for a tour
west under James TRABUE. After a very cold and difficult tour arrived at
Boonsboro Fort. Part of the company was taken prisoners by the Indians.
With Col BOONE at Blulicks a few days after his arrival. Came on to Logan's
Fort and was appointed commissary for the Fort. His duty was to visit the
forts at the Falls of the Ohio, Harrodsburg and Boonsboro & examine the
accounts of the commissary at those points. In 1779 returned to VA to
assist Col CALLOWAY in bringing ammunition, brought out 40 pack horses. In
Jan or Feb 1781, volunteered under Col HASKINS to meet the enemy who were
in the neighborhood of Richmond. Was in the engagement at Petersburg in Gen
MUHLENBERG's command - at great risk - being pursued very closely by a body
of Tarleton Light Horse. Escaped them by taking refuge in the woods. Was
sent with flag of truce to the enemy to deliver clothing and money to
prisoners captured by them and in order to render his service he was
commissioned as Captain. Last service in the war.

YOUNG, William, no # shown. Filed 1832 in Adair Co; Order Book E, p. 352.
72 yrs old at application. Enlisted in Rowan Co NC Oct 1778. Marched first
to Rarnshaw? Mill where he attacked Col LOCK's Regiment. Engaged in the
glorious victory at same. His Capt killed in battle, put under Capt. HALL
in CLOYD's Regt. In battle of Shallow Ford NC. Continued in service until
spring 1779 when he was discharged. In May re-enlisted under Capt. Samuel
MARTIN, Col POAGUE. In the line of Gen SUMPTER was marched to SC to the
Congaree and there the fort was taken. Then put in detachment commanded by
Capt SNIPES and went with him to Ashapoo River. Took horses from the
British returning; stopped at Capt SNIPES, had a general engagement there
in which he received 13 wounds and all the troops were killed except Capt
SNIPES, himself and 3 or 4 others. Received honorable discharge at
Orangeburg SC.

The following soldiers made proof of service but there was no details:
William ROGERS, age 74; William JANES, 74; Matthew McCLASSON, 77; Joseph
MILLER, 79; Thomas BRANNON, 83; Charles BUTTERWORTH, 70; Thomas WHITE, 69; John SHIRLEY, 72.


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