(Transcribed from the Wednesday, July 1, 1903 Adair County News)

Horrible Murder


The wife of J. K. Miller shot and instantly killed by unknown parties.


Miller Shot in the Hand.


Last Saturday night unknown parties visited the home of J.K. Miller, who lives near Glenville, this county. The hour was between eleven and twelve o'clock and when the parties reached the premises they went to the door of the dwelling and knocked. Mr. Miller got up, opened the door and was immediately seized by two men, saying, "You are the man we want." This announcement frightened Mr. Miller and he jerked loose and closed the door. At this juncture a volley of shot was fired through the door and into the house. Mr. Miller received one shot in the hand, and a fatal bullet struck Mrs. Miller in the neck, killing her almost instantly.

It was a very dark night and Mr. Miller has no idea who his assailants were. He says they were small men. The good citizens in the neighborhood say that Miller has been suspected as a dealer in whisky, and the females of his house did not bear a good reputation, hence we conclude that whisky and bad women were the cause of the murder. The authorities will investigate. Mr. Miller recently removed from Cumberland county to Adair.

Dr. C.M. Russell, Coroner of the county, made an examination of the body at Antioch Church Monday before a jury, and County Attorney, James Garnett, Jr., interrogated a number of witnesses. The inquest is still going on and a verdict will be rendered this (Tuesday) afternoon.


(Transcribed from the Wednesday, July 8, 1903 Adair County News -- two entries)

The killing of Judson Miller's wife was one of the most cowardly acts ever perpetrated and the officers should employ every means in their power to capture the cowardly devils and see that swift and sure punishment is meted out to them... (from the Ozark community newsletter)


J.K. Miller, this county, charged with unlawfully selling whisky, was tried before Commissioner F.R. Winfrey last Friday and held over. He gave bond for appearance at Federal Court.