News from Adair County


(Transcribed from the July 16, 1941 edition of the Adair County News.)


Melson Ridge community newsletter

Mr. Robert Cape came home from C.C.C. Camp last week, with the measles.

Uncle Bart Hadley is real sick at present.

Miss Elsie Cape and Mr. Dennis Garner were married June 13, at Byrdstown, Tenn. Miss Cape is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cape and Mr. Garner is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Garner, of Creelsboro. Their many friends wish them a successful life together.

Mr. Richard Sullivan is employed in Chicago, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Collins, of Crocus, spent last Saturday with her sister, Mrs. Loren Hadley, and Mr. Hadley.

Mr. Jimmy Tweedy, who recently underwent an operation of the throat in Glasgow, is improving nicely.

Rev. Shirley filled Clury Grider's appointment at this place. Bro. Grider accompanied him over but was unable to preach on account of being sick.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hadley, of Crocus, spent last Sunday with his brother, Mr. Loren Hadley, and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Loren Hadley were visiting their daughter, Mrs. Richard Sullivan, one night recently. When they returned home their lamp was on fire and as Mr. Hadley threw the lamp to the yard it burst and burned his face and hands.

There are a few more cases of measles in this community at present.

School began Monday with Messrs. Joe Morgan and Leon Phelps as teachers.

We have been blessed with a good rain and it certainly was needed.


Ozark community newsletter

Messrs. Charles Hudson, William Taylor, Blair Taylor, Edward Webb, Misses Freda Walker, Euline Taylor and Elizabeth Lloyd were guests of Mr. Tommie Bryant last Tuesday night. It is worth while to hear these promising young musicians. They play in earnest and never seem to get tired. Refreshments of ice lemonade were served. Several neighbors were present and enjoyed the music.

Mr. and Mrs. Buford Montgomery will leave in a few days for Michigan, to spend several days.

Tommy Morrison went to Louisville last Wednesday looking for work.

Mrs. Lettie Bryant and Miss Ruby were dinner guest last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bryant.

Mr. Lone Willis started his thrasher last week but on account of so much rain did not get along so well. Wheat is good here and large acreage harvested.

Mrs. W.J. Gabbert spent last week with Misses Etta and Lula Bryant.

Mrs. Albert Bryant and son, Tommy, attended the picnic at Greensburg the 4th. The string band, of which Tommy is a member, won first prize. They stated there were several bands played some of them very good. So our boys were thrilled to receive first prize.

Members of Shiloh Church are collecting means with which to have the church painted.

Mrs. Pickett, of East Fork, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. D.L. Walker, and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Logan Blair, of Russell County, visited Mr. and Mrs. Arlis Montgomery recently.

Mary Frances, little daughter of Mrs. Frances White, has measles. She is at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John White.

We have not heard one word of complaint from any of the W.P.A. workers in this section, because of great reduction, to take effect soon. On the other hand, they say if the money will help in National Defense, they are glad for it to be used that way.

Mrs. Sallie Bryant has suffered intensely for several days as the result of a wasp sting on her head. Poison from the sting caused erysipelas to develop and she has been in serious condition.

Our school opened Monday with full attendance. Mrs. Hazel Miller is the teacher. She is a fine teacher and I'm sure we will have a good school.