Semi-weekly Interior Journal, (Stanford, Ky,) Tuesday, October 8, 1901.
Arthur Roberts, a soldier in the war with Spain, is dead in Adair [County].

Adair County News, Wednesday, October 9, 1901
Arthur Roberts, who was a soldier in the United States army, a native of Sparksville, died at Sandy Hook, New Jersey, last Thursday. Immediately after his death his mother, who is a poor widow woman, received a dispatch, asking if she wanted the remains. She answered "yes."
Another message followed, telling her that she would have to deposit forty dollars with the expressman to pay the charges. She had not the money but before she could reply the remains were started, arriving at Campbellsville Monday afternoon. They were sent C.O.D. and cannot be removed by the dead soldier's friends until the forty dollars is paid.
It will be impossible for the mother to raise the money and the authorities will probably order the body buried at Campbellsville.