From the September 8, 1937 edition of the Adair County News.

Elsey Bennett Held On Two Counts of Disturbing Worship Counts

Elsey Bennett, Fairplay, is in Adair County jail in default of $150 bond, facing two charges of disturbing worship. His trials were set Monday for September 15. A brother, Ores Bennett, faced with one disturbing worship count, was released on $50 bond.

Elsey Bennett was arrested Saturday night by Deputy Sheriff Tause McGinnis when he allegedly attempted to "break up" services at Antioch Church. Bond in that case was set at $100 by County Judge W.G. Shepherd, who said Tuesday that he was determined to curb such disturbances.

Both Bennetts are accused of creating a disturbance at Union Chapel [in Russell County] August 12. Each was released on $50 for that offense, but Elsey's bondsman withdrew from the bond after learning of Bennett's arrest Saturday night.

Miss Ruth Moss Injured In Leap From Car Friday

Miss Ruth Moss, former W.P.A. certifying agent and now teacher at Melson Ridge School, suffered a concussion of the brain and severe scratches on her head and right arm Friday evening when she jumped from a car driven by Clurel Hadley, near the home of Rev. S.B. Rowe on the Old Jamestown Rd. Miss Moss became alarmed when the car back-fired sharply and believed the automobile had caught on fire. The machine was traveling at the rate of 25 miles per hour. Hadley remained with the car and was not injured.

Miss Moss was removed to the home of Rev. and Mrs. Rowe, where she received medial attention.

[Mr. Hadley was 31, Miss Moss was 22.]