News from Adair County


Adair County News, June 8, 1910

Sensation at Breeding

The people of Breeding were greatly surprised Monday morning upon learning that quite a sensation and a great deal of excitement had occurred at the home Mr. Dock Rupert Sunday night before the midnight hour. The particulars as we gather them from people who live in the neighborhood are about as follows:
Mr. Rupe, who is said to be a good citizen, was from home the early part of the night, returning about 10:30 or 11 o'clock. When he reached home he found Porter Janes in his house and in bed with his wife. He grabbed his gun but his wife caught him and prevented him from shooting, giving Janes an opportunity to flee from the premises. But before he got out of the yard Mr. Rupe fired at him, but he escaped, came to Columbia and took the 2 o'clock hack. Mr. Rupe's wife was a Coomer. We understand that warrants have been issued for Janes and the woman.
Later.--The woman in the case came to Columbia Monday and took the 2 o'clock hack this morning [probably Tuesday morning.] The supposition is that she is gone to meet Janes.
* * *
And the rest of the story, found in the Rugby community newsletter printed in the October 26, 1910 Adair County News:
* * *
A great shock to our neighborhood one day last week was the remarriage of Dock Rupe and wife, as they separated some time back on account of Mr. Rupe finding another man in the bed with his wife, and her took her to Columbia and left her there and got devorce [sic] from her a few weeks ago, and now has married her again. We hadn't the least idea that Rupe would have stooped that low.
* * *
The November 9, 1910 News noted that County Court Clerk Walker Bryant had issued a marriage license to Richard Rupe and Emma Rupe in October.

Note: Richard "Dock" Rupe, 38, died December 1, 1918 in Adair County, most likely a victim of the Spanish Influenza. His and Emma's last child was born in May, 1919, six months after Dock's passing. Porter Lawson Janes, 78, died June 5, 1954 in Wright County, Missouri.