Found in the Montpelier newsletter in the March 24, 1925 edition of the Adair County News.

"Chester Harrison, who resides near this place, has installed a new radio set which works fine and makes his place the center of attraction for all the young folks and many of the old ones.
To think of a place so far out in the sticks and bounded by so many miles of unfathomable mud as this being in daily communication with New York and other great centers seems almost incomprehensible."

At the time this was written, Mr. Jan Vetter "J.V." Dudley, who lived just up the hill from the building that housed both the Wheat & Williams General Store and the Montpelier Post Office), was the News correspondent for the greater Montpelier metroplex.

Chester Harrison was the father of one of Kentucky's best-known historians of the 20th and early 21st, Dr. Lowell Hayes Harrison of Bowling Green, Ky. Chester's wife, Cecil (correct spelling), told me that when the family moved in the mid/late 1920s from near Montpelier to Bowling Green, the trip took three days. There was no passable east-west road; rather, they had to go to west Columbia, thence northwest to Campbellsville, Lebanon, and Elizabethown, and then south on the old Louisville-Nashville Turnpike (the forerunner of I-65). The same trip (via Hwys 92 & 55, the Louie B. Nunn Parkway & I-65) now takes under two hours.