Transcribed from the Adair County News, Janaury 19, 1910.

Columbia [January, 1910]


In view of the fact that it will be quite interesting to a great many readers of the News, especially those residing in other states, cities and towns, to know just what is in Columbia at the beginning of this new year, 1910, I have compiled the following directory, after a careful survey, from a commercial and business standpoint, which I think covers the field as nearly as possible.

Population about 1500.

City Council.--A.H. Ballard*, Mayor; J.G. Eubank, clerk; L.C. Winfrey, attorney; aldermen, W.T. McFarla[n]d, J.B. Coffey, J.F. Patteson and Charles Sandusky; Marshall, J.A. Willis; Treasurer, Jo Coffey, Jr. [* Another entry in the same edition noted that "Mr. A.H. Ballard tendered his resignation as mayor of Columbia and Mr.J.O. Russell ws appointed and qualified in his stead."]

The slogan for the new council this year will be to continue the system of improvements inaugurated by the late Board, such as uniform grading of streets, concrete sidewalks, more and better, more lights, &c.

Schools.--The Lindsey-Wilson Training School, 200 students, Profs. Nielson and Moss, Principals. The Columbia Graded School, 225 students, Prof. W.M. Wilson, principal.

Churches.--Presbyterian, Burkesville street, Rev. J.R. Crawford, pastor. Methodist, Burkesville street, Rev. B.M. Currie, pastor. Baptist, Greensburg street, --------, pastor. Christian, C-ville [Campbellsville] avenue, Eld. Z.T. Williams, pastor.

Dry Goods Stores.--W.L. Walker, Russell & Co., Coffey & Patteson; H.B. Ingram & Sons, and Frank Sinclair (who will open soon.)

Hardware & Implements.--The Reed Hardware Co., Russell building, and W.F. Jeffries & Sons. [Mr. Jeffries died a few months later, on Ocotber 27, 1910.]

Grocery Stores.--Reed & Miller; Ballard & Russell; Young Bros., C.S. Hutchison; W.H. Wilson; McLean Bros. & Co.; Triplett & Wilson; J.B. Rasner, C.C. Jones; Al Sinclair; Herriford & Richardson and S.P. Overstreet. [Another article in this edition of the News stated that "There are twelve grocery stores in Columbia, all of them doing a good business. TRhe dry goods stores also handle groceries. This indicates that the people of Columbia purchase their living largely from the stores."]

Fertilizer, Field Seeds &c.--Solomon McKinley, and W.F. Jeffries [&] Sons.

Physicians & Surgeons.--Dr. W.F. Cartwright, Dr. W.R. Grissom, Dr. R.Y. Hindman, Dr. U.L Taylor, Dr. C.M. Russell, Dr. Garland Grissom, Dr. E.A. Waggoner.

Druggists & Pharmacists.--The Paull Drug Co., and Dr. J.N. Page.

Veterinary Surgeons.--Dr. S.D. Crenshaw and Dr. M.E. Jones.              

Osteopathy.--Dr. J.C. Menzies.

Hotels.--The Hancock Hotel, Burkesville St, Junius Hancock, Prop'r. The Columbia Hotel, Public square, J.C. Jasper, prop. The Hudson Hotel, C-ville street, Robert Hudson, prop.

Boarding House.--Mrs. M.E. Marcum, Burkesville St.

Restaurant.--J.B. Rasner, on the Square.

Attorneys at Law.--W.W. Jones, James Garnett, L.C. Winfrey, J.F. Montgomery, G. Paul Smythe, Rollin Hurt, F.R. Winfrey, Gordon Montgomery, Judge H.C. Baker, [former Lt.] Gov. J.R. Hindman, H.T. Baker, Judge Junius Hancock.

Insurance.--Murrell & Miller, fire and life &c.; Judge J.E Murrell, life; Coffey & Cravens, fire & life; Russell & Smythe, fire, &c.

Real estate.--G.P. Smythe, Garnett building.

Dentists.--Dr. James Triplett, Dr. O.S. Dunbar.

Telephone Exchange, Local and Long distance.--Columbia Telephone Company, Miss Lorena Pile, day operator, Edwin Wilson, night operator.

Watch Maker and Repairer.--Frank Jackman.

Undertakers.--J.B. Jones; J.F Triplett.

Photography.--J.W. Coy.

Harness and Saddlery, Repairing.--Wyatte Smith.

Shoe Shops.--Solomon Turpin; Fred McLean.

Millinery.--Mrs. L.W. Adkins, Medames Hurt and Eubank.

Dress making.--Miss Ellen Burton.

Banks.--The Citizens Bank, Jo Coffey, cashier; Bank of Columbia, Jno. W Flowers, cashier; The First National Bank, E.H. Hughes, cashier.

Produce and Commission.--The Northern Egg and Poultry Co., Coy E. Dudgeon, mang'r; W.E. Grinstead & Co., R.H. Durham, prop'r; The Columbia Produce and Commission House, Sam Lewis, prop'r.

Lumber.--The standard Hardwood Lumber Co.

Planing Mills & Building Material.--Sandusky & Co.; Grider, Morrison & Goodman.

Lumber and Stave Dealers.--Stults Bros.; G.P. Burress; Bassett & Co., and H.T. Baker.

Beer Staves and Heading.--Elrod & Co., G.C. Meece, Manager.

Builders and Contractors.--Shaw & Son, McLean Bros., H.C. Feese, W.C. Murrell, Elzy Feese, Edwin Hurt, and Horace Walker.

Painters and Decorators.--J.T. Barbee, Jr., J.A. Young & Son, Fred McLean, Robert Pennycuff, J.G. Eubank and Horace Walker.

Wall Paper.--J.W. Coy, J.G. Eubank, J.T. Barbee, Jr.

Barbers.-- George W. Lowe and George T. Flowers, Jr.

Blacksmiths.--S.F. Eubank, M. Antle, Parsons & Sons, Wade Eubank, Mark Wilson, Wm. Helm and J.W. Coffey.

Tinners and Supplies.--Hall & Strange and Wade Eubank.

Flouring Mills.--The Columbia Model Mills, Smith and McBeath, Proprietors. The Russell Creek Roller Mill, Smith and McBeath, Proprietors.

Job Printing.--Adair County News Office.

Butchers and Packers.--Bennett & McLean Bros.; and Wilson & Wolford.

Jewelry and Watches.--Paull Drug Co.

Furniture and House Furnishings.--Russell & Company, and H.B. Ingram & Sons.

City Farmers.--J.N. Coffey, R.N. Paull, W.W. Jones, L.W. Bennett, Braxton Massie, A.W. Tarter, J.F. Montgomery, J.H. Pelley, J.H. Young, W.L. Walker, R.K. Young and others.

Pretty Girls.--Has a greater number than any other town to its size in the State.

Old Maids.--Very, very few.

Old Bachelors.--None worth mentioning.

News Paper.--Adair County News, one of the best weekly newspapers in the South, has all the news, all the time, and is chock-full of good things every issue. It is Democratic in politics, but the Republicans take it just the same.

Horse and Mule Market.--The best in southern Kentucky, and the same is also true as to cattle and hogs.

Hack Lines.--Two daily to and from Campbellsville. Meets all trains. J.B. Barbee, Proprietor.

Electric Lights and Power.-- Myers Light Company. [A separate article informed readers that "Prof. A.H. Ballard [the just-resigned mayor] has purchased Mr. W.R. Myers one-half interest in the Myers Electric Light Plant... Mr. Myers is the gentleman who started the plant [in 1905] and we do not know his reason for selling."]

* * * * *

A somewhat related article appeared the following week in the January 26, 1910 edition:



W.H. Wilson's Store House Discovered On Fire at 2 O'Clock Monday Morning.


Timely Warning Saved the Building.


Last Monday morning about 2 o'clock, just as the stage was fixing to leave for Campbellsville, several young men discovered that the store house of W. H. Wilson, in the west corner of the square, was on fire. The alarm was sounded and in a short while quite a number of citizens were at the building.

The fire started on the inside in the south-west corner of the store, and the flames had reached the second story, in the millinery department of Mrs. L. W. Atkins, before relief came. Everybody went manfully to work and in a short time the flames were extinguished.  Had it not been for the stage leaving, parties being up, the Wilson building, Paull's drug store and the store house occupied by Charly Hutchison and Young Bros., would have went...

Mrs. Atkins' goods were not damaged in the least.