Several notable names are mentioned in the following article, including that of C.S. (Charles) Harris, founder and long-time editor of the Adair County News; A.H. Ballard, the principal of the Columbia Male & Female High School; Wm. F. Jeffries; the founder of Jeffries (& Son) Hardware; & J.R. Hindman, the former Lt. Gov. of Kentucky.

The Adair County News, Wednesday, January 2, 1901

Commercial Club

The Adair County Commercial Club was organized in the court-house last Friday night [December 28, 1900]. The officers for the ensuing years are as follows: L. B. Hurt, President, James T. Page, Vice President, A.H. Ballard, Secretary, and T. R. Stults, Treasurer. The executive committee being James Garnett, Jr., J. R. Hindman, James T. Page, Wm. F. Jeffries and C. S. Harris. James Garnett, Jr. was selected as Chairman of said committee and C. S. Harris Secretary.

Quite an interest was shown in the organization and its beginning is very promising. Messrs. W. A. Coffey, W. T. McFarland and W. B. Cave, were appointed a committee on membership.

Below we give the laws, as adopted - that will govern the club:

1st. This organization shall be known as the Adair County Commercial Club. Its object is to advance the commercial interest of Adair County...
6th. That the membership fee shall be $2.00.
7th. That no membership fee shall be required from Ministers of the Gospel...

The Executive Committee of The Adair County Commercial Club met Monday [Dec. 31, 1900] at ten a.m., and decided that one of the most important measures to consider is that of improving our public highways...

The club will J. R. Hindman's office--the Committee having rented said room.

Prof. A.H. Ballard the secretary, was authorized to have a sign painted and placed over the entrance to the club room.

    -- A.H. Ballard,

An entry on the same page of this edition of the News stated that "Mr. Luther Williams, merchant at Montpelier has notified the Secretary that he will join the Commercial Club."