News from Adair County


The Adair County News, May 29, 1946

English War Bride Arrives In Adair

Much comment has been made in the newspapers and a great deal of interest evinced in the arrival of the English brides if our American soldiers in this country.

Columbia welcomes the pretty blond and blue eyed, young Mrs. James Gladston Booher, who with her eight months old daughter, arrived in New York early this month.

Mrs. Booher, the former Miss Thelma Rushworth, was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, but was living in Newport-Essex, a small village about 14 miles from Cambridge, when she met her American husband.

Debden Airport, near Newport-Essex, and one of England's largest, was taken over by the American Air Force and Mr. Booher, an M.P., was stationed there during his overseas duty. he returned to the States last December, and given his discharge.

The Boohers were married in St. Mary's Church on October 28, 1944, in a double wedding, with a sister, Mary, and Wardale Milward, an English soldier, being the other participants.

Mrs. Booher was graduated from the Bolling High School as Bradford and prior to her marriage was a "telephonist" or as we should say, switchboard operator. She finds the States very different from her native England, but has learned to like Kentucky cornbread, something she had never before tasted.

Mr. and Mrs. Booher are undecided where they will locate, but are living temporarily with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Booher, on Fairgrounds Street.