News from Adair County


Adair County News, Wednesday, April 17, 1918


Paul Acree, After Being Tantalized, Shoots and Kills John Gaskin.

Last Monday morning Paul Acree, who lives near Kell's Shop, shot and
killed John Gaskin. The circumstances which led up to the killing, as
related to us, are about as follows:

The parties were not very friendly, and on Sunday Gaskin met Acree, drew
his revolver, Acree being unarmed, and marched the latter in front of
him some distance, saying he would kill him if he looked back. After so
long a time he let Acree go. Monday morning they again met, Acree,
having armed himself, trouble again started and Acree shot and killed
Gaskin. Both men lived in Adair county, but the killing was in Russell.
* * * * *

Adair County News, April 24, 1918 (both articles)

(No headline)

Paul Acre_, who shot and killed John Gaskin last week, went to Jamestown
and gave himself up, the killing having occurred in Russell county, just
over the Adair line.
* * * * *


Paul Acre_, who shot and killed John Gaskin, near Kell's Shop, on
Russell Springs road, was given an examining trial at Jamestown last
Wednesday and Thursday and was promptly acquitted. It developed that
Gaskin had threatened Acre_'s life and told him just before the shooting
that he was going to kill him, a revolver being on his person when killed.
* * * * *

(Apparently, a death certificate wasn't filed for Mr. Gaskin. Mr. Acree
died in 1979, age 89.)