Adair County News, April 27, 1898





George W. Hayter Lives Eighteen Years Without Knowing His Parents.


His Mother An Adair County Lady, Sister of Mr. Jo Dudley, of Glenville.


Story Reads Like a Novel.


In 1870 Miss Bettie Dudley, sister of Mr. Jo. Dudley, who resides near Glenville, this county, in company with two of her brothers, left Adair county for Texas, but upon reaching Loanoke [Lonoke] county, Arkansas, they stopped, remaining one year.

One day at a quilting where a great number young people were assembled, Miss Bettie and Mr. Geo. W. Hayter met. A congenial feeling was at once kindled in the bosoms of the two--love at first sight--and after a short courtship the couple were married. After the wedding one of the brothers pursued his way to Texas, and the other one is at some point in Arkansas now.

In due course of time a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Hayter, and in about eighteen months thereafter the mother died, and the child was placed in the care of an old couple, who were childless, to rear. He remained with his god parents until he was sixteen years old at which time they were both stricken with disease and died. He was then taken by two old maid sisters of Mrs. Dickerson (such was the name of the old couple,) and the three went to Montague county, Texas.

While in Texas he learned that he was an adopted son of the two deceased old persons, and was in much trouble concerning his parentage. After studying over the matter he concluded to go to sea. Just before starting he received a letter from his long lost father, the first and only information telling him of his parents, and requested that he come to him--Parnell, Ark. [Parnell is  in the northern half of Lonoke County, toward the western border of the county.]

For some time he was undecided, but finally concluded to go and see his father. Upon meeting him he was made acquainted with is history  and was told that his name was Geo. W. Hayter, Jr., and that he had relatives on his mother's side in Adair county, Ky.

He immediately wrote to the County Clerk, making inquiry about the Dudley family. The name of Mr. Jo Dudley was given hin and a correspondence was opened, informing him that he had many relatives in Adair county, and that Mr. Dudley was his uncle.

The correspondence was kept up, and a few months ago young Hayter came out on a visit, remaining several weeks. He is now twenty-two years old. but eighteen years of his life were spent before he knew his real name.

He is a farmer and resides at Parnell, Ark., and is doing well.