Adair County News, January 5, 1916
A. Hovious Shoots and Mortally Wounds Charles Taylor, Death Following in a Few Hours
Hovious Surrenders to Officials

Last Saturday [January 1st, 1916], about the noon hour, Charles Taylor, who was well-known to Columbia, having worked for Goff Bros. and other people about town, was at Knifley, Adair County. He had some trouble with a Negro man named White, the latter leaving Taylor and entering A. Hovious' store. Taylor was drinking and as soon as [Mr. White] entered the store, he followed and renewed the trouble by cursing the Negro, making threats, etc.
Mr. Hovious, who conducts the store, asked [Taylor] not to make trouble in [Hovious'] house. This infuriated Taylor and he picked up a weight, as though he was going to throw it, but instead he laid it down. He then stepped up to Hovious and struck him in the mouth with his fist.
Hovious remarked, "Charley, you should not have struck me," walking behind the counter as soon as he had made the remark. Taylor continued to used abusive language, and remarked, "No d--m man can put me out of this store."
At this juncture Hovious reached for his gun, a single barrel shot gun, and fired at Taylor. The contents entered his right shoulder and left breast. He lingered until 8 o'clock when he died, physicians doing all they could for him.
The above has been gathered from an eye witness to the trouble.
Hovious came to Columbia Sunday forenoon and surrendered to the authorities, and will be given an examining trial in a few days. In the meantime he will be guarded until disposition is made of the  charge.
Taylor was a horse jockey and for several years had ridden in the races at the Fair track.
Hovious is a prominent country merchant, and a man who has always bourne a good character.
Taylor leaves a wife, to whom he was married a few months ago.

Adair County News, January 12, 1916
Hovious Acquitted
Mr. A. Hovious, charged with shooting Charley Taylor, at Knifley, last Saturday week, which resulted in his death, was given an examining trial before Judge G.T. Herriford Tuesday of last week [January 4th]. Quite a number of witnesses were introduced by the State and four or five by the defense. At the conclusion of the testimony Hovious was acquitted, and left at once for his home, at Knifely. The case was not argued.