Joe Franklin (nee Joseph Massilenia Pablio) of Adair County, late of Old Mexico.


Adair County News, Wednesday, September 11, 1907

Mrs. Jo Franklin, who was about sixty-five years old, fell dead at her late home near Gradyville, last Tuesday afternoon [Sept. 3rd.] Heart trouble is supposed to have been the cause of her demise. Her husband, who was brought to Adair County when he was fourteen years old, from Old Mexico, by Jim Sexton, survives her, and also quite a number of sons and daughters.

* * * *

Adair County News, Wednesday, January 12, 1910

Jo Franklin a native of old Mexico brought to this town by James Sexton, from the city of Mexico, at the close of the Mexican war, is lying quite sick at the home of his son. Jo was fourteen years old when he left his native country and settled in this place. Soon after he reached his majority he married in this county. He is the father of a large family of sons and daughters. His wife died several years ago. He is a shoemaker by trade and has always been an inoffensive man. he is now seventy-odd years old.

* * * *

Adair County News, Wednesday, January 19, 1910

Jo Franklin, a native of old Mexico, who illness was reported in last week's paper, died last Saturday [January 15th.] His remains were conveyed to Gradyville for interment. He was about 72 years old and had resided in this county since he was 14 years of age.

* * * *

1850 Adair Co. census, District 1, household # 719:

Sexton, Jas. W., 24, born Ky., shoe & boot maker

Sexton, S.M. (female), 28, born Ky.

Sexton, Silvus B., 3, born Ky. [Silas B. & James G. are indicted as twins in the 1860 census.]

Sexton, Jas. G., 3, born Ky.

Pablio, Jos. Massilenia, 14, born Mexico

* * * *

Marriage record:

Pablio, Joseph, of Adair, 22, to Miss Nancy Ellen Dudley, of Adair, 13, dau. of John and Nancy Dudley by note, on 30 June 1857, surety James W. Sexton. (From Adair County, Kentucky Marriages January 1, 1840 to January 1, 1870, complied by Michael C. Watson, 1986, page 63.) [The age given for Nancy is supported by the1850 Adair Co. census, District 1, household # 151, which gives her age as 7.]                                                                   

* * * *

1860 Adair Co. census record: family not found.

* * * *

Note: MANY discrepancies in the following census records!

1870 Adair Co. census record: Gradyville district, (page 74B);

Franklin, Joseph, 35, born Mexico

Franklin, Nancy, 23, she & children born Ky.

Franklin, Zachariah, 9 [is this "Jack" in the 1880 census -- see below]

Franklin, James K., 7

Franklin, Isaac C., 4

Edward H., 1

Robert W., 2 months [is this R.W., age 8, in the 1880 census -- see below]

* * * *

1880 Adair Co. census record: District 1, Columbia (page 1B):

Franklin, Joe, 46, head of household,  born Mexico, shoe maker

Franklin, Nannie, 38, wife, she & children all born Ky.

Franklin, R.W., 8, son

Franklin, G.N.V., 6, son

Franklin, M.R., 5, son

Franklin, C.L. 2, son

Franklin, L.M., 3 months, dau.

Franklin, H.A., 7, dau.

* * * *

Also in the 1880 Adair census, in the Cane Valley District (page 115A), in the household of Joel Smith, appears Jack Franklin, 20, father & mother born Mexico, along with a Mary E. Franklin, 19, born Ky., and John W. Franklin, 2, born Ky. The relationship to head of household is given as "other" for all three.

* * * *

1900 Adair Co. census, Gradyville pct., (page 81A)

Franklin, Joseph, 63, born Aug. 1836 Mexico, head of household, married 50 yrs.

Franklin, Nancy E., 63, born Feb. 1837 Ky., wife, mother of 14 children, 9 living.

Franklin, Charlie, 20, born Feb. 1880 Ky., son.

Franklin, Bessie, 16, born April 1884 Ky., dau.

Franklin, Ada, 13, born Oct. [year not given] Ky., gr-dau.

Franklin, Susie, 9, [birth month/year not given], Ky.

Franklin, Mirtie, 5, [birth month/year not given], Ky.

* * * *

Grave marker listings were not found either for Mr. or Mrs. Franklin in Vols. 1-7 of Cemeteries of Adair County, Kentucky.