Adair County News, June 13, 1906

Luther Gideon Sneed was arrested last Wednesday [June 6th], charged with selling liquor without authority. Thursday morning he was brought by Judge Hancock, confessed his guilt, and was given sixty days in the county jail. His place of operation was on Greensburg road, one mile from Columbia. Mr. Sneed's troubles have just begun. When he serves out his sixty days the Government authorities will take him in charge. The way of the transgressor is hard.
* * *
July 11, 1906
Luther Sneed, who was paying a fine on the public roads, took leg bail last Saturday, making his escape. Jalior [A.W.] Tarter is looking for him.
* * *
July 18, 1906
Luther Sneed, who made his escape from the public highway two weeks ago, where he was serving the county, paying out a fine, was caught last Saturday morning by Jailer Tarter. He was caught in a barn on the premises of John M. Russell, near the Casey county line. He was brought to jail and has again been put to work.
* * *
October 17, 1906
Luther Gideon Sneed, charged with "bootlegging" whisky was fined $100 and thirty days in jail.