Adair County News, April 3, 1901

Last week we reported only three Mexican soldiers [veterans of the Mexican-American War] in Adair county, but the corrected list is as follows: W. C. Turk, John Eubank, William Cabbell, James O. Nelson, 91 years old, John W. Sexton, Felix Morrison, J. Campbell, Wm. Earles, O. P. Bennett, and Wm. Cave, making a total of ten. These men all served in Capt. Jack Squires company. The Colonel of the regiment to which they belonged was John S. Williams, of Montgomery county.

(Capt. Jack Squires died in Mexico in the spring of 1848. Many years later, when one his men, William Wheat of Green County, applied for a pension, he wrote of Capt. Squires death: "[He] died in the City of Mexico, Mexico, of yellow fever, we put his body in a lead coffin and it was sent home to Adair County, Ky to [the] city of Columbia--the coffin cost $400 and I helped pay the bill." Sadly, the place where Capt. Squires' remains "repose in sleep eternal" has been lost in the mists of time.)