The Adair County News, February 7, 1900 (Milltown community newsletter)

Miss Mollie Thomas has begun a school at N.R. Waggener's. [Mr. Waggener was married to Bettie Thomas, Mollie's sister.]
* * *

The Adair County News, January 23, 1901 (Milltown community newsletter)

Miss Mollie Thomas is visiting her uncle, Mr. C.I. Thomas, in Texas.
* * *

The Adair County News, June 26, 1901

(no headline)

Miss Mollie Thomas, of Milltown, who has been visiting in Texas for the past six months, was married in that state on the 11th day of this month to Prof. A.E. Cross. Two years ago Prof. Cross taught school at Milltown. He has the reputation of being a very excellent gentleman, and his bride was one of Adair county's best young ladies. They will reside permanantly in Texas.
* * *

The Adair County News, August 7, 1901 (Milltown community neswletter)

Mrs. Mollie Thomas Cross, of Texas, has a severe attack of malarial fever.
* * *

The Adair County News, October 12, 1904 (in the Milltown community newsletter)

Mrs. Mollie Cross, of Denison, Texas, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Eliza Thomas, has returned home.
* * *

The Adair County News, November 22, 1905

Denison, Tex. (excerpt)

Writing letters is very much an up-hill business to me,
but as the News comes to my sister, Mrs. A.E. Cross, every week, I enjoy reading it very much, and sometimes think that a letter from this place would be of interest to many of my home people.

I have been here since last May, all the time with my sister...

At present I am employed by Mr. A.E. Cross, who owns and operates a very successful business here. My work is light and I enjoy it...

Mr. and Mrs A.E. Cross formerly of Milltown, Ky., are enjoying life as well as could be expected and they, with their two boys, will in all probability, always make Denison their home...

Yours very truly,
Birt Thomas.
* * *

The Adair County News, April 22, 1908

Died In Texas

Mrs. A.E. Cross, of Denison, Texas, died at her home last Sunday evening. She was a victim of consumption, [and] was a native of this county. She leaves a husband and two children to mourn their loss. She was a daughter of Mrs. Lizzie Thomas, of Milltown, Ky.
* * *

The Adair County News, May 6, 1908


Mollie Cross was born Nov. the 23, 1872, died April the 12, 1908. She was the daughter of Mr. William M. and Lizzie Thomas, born and reared near Milltown, and was well-known by many people in Columbia, having taught several schools in Adair county. In 1900 she went to Texas and in a few months was married to Prof. A.E. Cross, of Denison, Texas, and to them were born two children, Hassie and Willie. A husband, two children, a mother, four sisters and two brothers, besides a host of friends mourn her loss. The deceased has been in declining health for about two years, but ws only confined to her bed for a few weeks. She has two sisters living in Columbia, Mrs. Bettie Waggener, and Mrs. Alice Chapman; two living in Barlow City, Ky., Mrs. Viola Meshew and Mrs. Lula Copeland. Her mother and single sister, Birtie, and two brothers, Jim and Charley, live near Milltown, Ky. She came out on a visit to Kentucky in June, staying until the 12 of Sept. and only gone home six months until the end came...
She was a kind and affectionate mother and good wife and will be greatly missed by her husband and little children, a host of relatives and friends...    /s/ A sister.