Adair County News, January 3, 1900

Mr. C.M. Murrell, son of Mr. M.J. Murrell, has entered a Louisville Medical school.
* * *

Adair County News, December 31, 1902

Mrs. Carrie Powell, who is teaching music in Lebanon, Tenn., College, came home for the holidays. Upon her return she will be accompanied by by Misses Lena Grissom, Laura Johnston and Irene Dohoney, all of whom will enter the college.
* * *

Adair County News, July 1, 1903

Mr. M.J. Murrell and wife and Dr. J.N. Murrell, Jr., are in Louisville this week, attending the commencement exercises of the Louisville School of Medicine, from which Dr. C.M. Murrell will receive his diploma.
* * *

Adair County News, August 19, 1903 (Cane Valley community newsletter)

Our public school at this place is progressing nicely. Prof. McCaffree is assisted by Miss Irene Dohoney, an accomplished young lady. We already have 96 enrolled and in a few weeks will have many more.
* * *

Adair County News, September 23, 1903

Dr. C.M. Murrell, who has been practicing medicine in Columbia and vicinity since receiving his diploma, left last week for Iowa, where possibly he may locate. He is a young man of excellent standing and well up in the profession. He has the best wishes of the people of this community.
* * *

Adair County News, September 7, 1904

Approaching Union

Dr. C.M. Murrell, Sabula, Iowa, to Wed Miss Irene Dohoney, Near Columbia.

Invitations to the marriage of this well-known and highly respected couple have been sent out. The ceremony will take place at the residence of the intended bride's father, Mr. J.P. Dohoney, Sr., Wednesday morning, the 14th inst., at 9:30 o'clock. Rev. W.H.C. Sandidge, of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, pastor of the young lady, will officiate.

Only immediate relatives and a few special friends will witness the rites. Immediately after the ceremony the happy couple will repair to the residence of Mr. M.J. Murrell where they will partake of an elegant dinner and in the afternoon they will leave for Campbellsville where they will take the train for St. Louis. After a week's stay at the Fair* they will go to Sabula, Iowa, the adopted home of the intended groom.

Dr. Murrell was born and reared in this county, but after graduating in medicine, several years ago, he located in Iowa where he has built a fine practice. He was a young man of exemplary character, possessing a genial disposition, and stands high with the members of his profession.

The bride to be is one of the best young ladies in Adair county, her social disposition making her popular with everybody with whom she is acquainted. She will not only be missed by the home circle, but her young friends throughout the community will note he departure with sadness.

In advance of the solemn and impressive ceremony the News wishes to extend its best wishes, trusting that this well-mated couple will live to cherish each other to a good old age.

* The Louisiana Purchase Exposition, better known as the Saint Louis World Fair, which ran from April 30 through December 1, 1904.
* * *

Adair County News, September 13, 1905

Mr. J.P. Dohoney, whose home is near Columbia, returned Saturday night from Iowa. Mr. Dohoney has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. E.C. Murrell, and Miss Bessie Dohoney, Fairfield; and Mrs. C.M. Murrell, Sabula...
* * *

Adair County News, October 17, 1906 (excerpted from a lengthy letter from Geo. T. Flowers, Sr.)

On September 4th, I left home in Gradyville, Ky., for this point [Elida, New Mexico]...

Since coming here I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. and Mrs. C.M. Murrell, who are getting along very nicely. Mrs. Murrell seems improved and hopes for her recovery are better than ever.
* * *

Adair County News, December 12, 1906 (excerpted from a lengthy letter from B.F. Grissom of Elida, New Mexico)

Dr. C.M. Murrell has been enjoying an excellent practice at his profession as well as a patronage in his drug store.

Mr. J.P. Dohoney, of Kentucky, is to build a house on his daughter, Miss Bessie's claim before his return [to Ky.]
* * *

Adair County News, January 2, 1907

Mr. J.P. Dohoney, Sr., who has spent several weeks visiting his daughter, Mrs. C.M. Murrell, in Elida, New Mexico, a short time ago, stated on his return that she was improved in health and was getting along as well as could be expected. She has been in delicate health for more than a year, and has tried different States to find an invigorating climate, and it is to be hoped that the present indications will prove the boon of her desires and that of her husband, Dr. C.M. Murrell, who has made such sacrifice in business, to find a climate better suited for her ailments.
* * *

Adair County News, August 14, 1907

The Elida, New Mexico, News of last week states that Dr. C.M. Murrell has returned from the mountains where he and Mrs. Murrell have been for several weeks. Mrs. Murrell remained at the Mountain Sanitarium and she is reported as improving.
* * *

Adair County News, November 11, 1908

News announcing the burning of the business house and stock of drugs, the property of Dr. C.M. Murrell, Elida, New Mexico, was received here a few days ago. The loss is estimated at three thousand dollars, insurance, $1,500. We are not informed as to the origin of the fire.
* * *

Adair County News, December 23, 1908

Mrs. C.M. Murrell

Elida, N.M., Dec. 6th, 1908. Mrs. C.M. Murrell, wife of Dr. C.M. Murrell, died here this morning at 1 o'clock of Tuberculosis. Th remains will be interred here at 10 o'clock on the morning of December 10th. Rev. W.W. Turner, of the M.E. Church, of Texico, N.M., will officiate.

Mrs. C.M. Murrell, formerly Miss Irene Dohoney, was born Oct. 10th, 1880. She attended school here and also at Lebanon, Tenn., where she attended the Seminary for young ladies. She was married in September, 1904, to Dr. C.M. Murrell, also a resident of Columbia. In the following May she developed symptoms of tuberculosis. They moved from Sabula, Iowa, where they had moved after their marriage, to Sylvia, Kansas. Their stay there was short, and in the hopes that New Mexico might prove beneficial, they came, a little over two years ago, to Elida.

Mrs. Murrell was of a refined and gentle nature, cheerful and patient under suffering, and had endeared herself to all by her charming personality, and her loving thoughtfulness of others.

She leaves a husband, Dr. C.M. Murrell, of Elida, N.M.; a father, J.P. Dohoney, of Columbia, Ky., and a brother, and a sister, Robert and Bessie Dohoney, of Elida, N.M., to mourn her sad death, besides the host of warm friends she has made here and elsewhere.

(A preliminary report of Mrs. Murrell's passing appeared in the December 16 edition. Mrs. Murrell's remains were interred in the Eilda Cemetery, Elida, Roosevlet Co., New Mexico. A photograph of her grave marker may be viewed via