News from Adair County


Sergeant S.P. Turner


Back From France, Hero of Chateau Thiery.

S.P. Turner, who served with distinction on the Mexican border and afterwards went with the 2nd Division of Pershing's army to France, is at home on furlough, invalided on account of being twice gassed on the battle fields of Chateau Thiery. Turner is a member of the 9th 23rd Inf., 5th and 6th Marines, the troops that stopped the crack Prussian Guards in their last great offensive and drive to Paris on July 18. Sergeant Turner wears the medal of a sharpshooter and the double gold stripes of a year's service in France. He was distinguished for bravery on the battlefield, and marched with the other American heroes to whom credit is given by the French Republic for saving Paris from the Hun, under the Napoleon Arch on July 4.

Turner is a native of Esto, the son of John Turner, and married Miss Hattie Balzer. He will go to a hospital in the North this week to be treated for the effects of Mustard gas.

[Transcribed from the Wednesday, October 2, 1918 edition of the Adair County News. Sergeant Turner's home community, Esto, was in that part Adair County set aside for the formation of  Russell County in 1826.]