News from Adair County


Adair County News, September 18, 1918

Eubank Snathe Company

The many Adair county friends of Jno. C. Eubank, a former Adair county
citizen, but now of Campbellsville, will be gratified to know that he
has been the promoter of a patentright, which the outlook is very
encouraging on. He has since receiving his papers from Commissioner of
patents, Washington, D.C., May 9th, 1918, been able to incorporate a
stock company, organize an official body, sell stock sufficient
necessary to the promotion of his company, and has been able to command
a nice order from a large Jobbing concern of the city. He bears the
distinction of President of said company and is still a Democrat.

( Mr. Eubank lived another 52 years before passing away in August,
1970. By that time, he had long since returned to Adair Co.)

And for those of you who do not know what a "Snathe" is, check out this web site <g>