News from Adair County


(Transcribed from the Adair County News, Wednesday, September 11, 1918, page one.)


Death of "Ted."


The passing of this faithful canine has come to our notice, and as he was as true to his master as is the needle to the pole, we feel like indicting a few words to his memory. He was only a little black dog, the property of Judge W.W. Jones, but he loved his master, and was lost when the Judge was absent from home, and upon his return he was ever ready to meet him and play at his feet. The Judge and his entire family prized him highly, and we doubt not they would have willingly given up a more valuable animal , so far as dollars were concerned, to have saved the life of "Ted."


Goodbye, "Ted." If the world loved as you loved, happy would be its entire population. When you reached dog heaven and barked, your friends, who have gone before, surely knew your mouth, and opened the gate.