Death of Mrs. Lucien Moore (nee Ursela Edrington), 1908


Adair County News, Wednesday, April 29, 1908 (in the Montpelier community newsletter)

Mrs. Lucien Moore has been quite ill for several weeks, and is still confined to her room.

[Mrs. Moore's illness was mentioned a few other times in various community news-letters in the spring and summer of 1908.]

* * * * *

Adair County News, Wednesday, November 4, 1908 (in the "Personal" column)

(no headline)

Dr. W.R. Grissom left for Louisville today, in company with Mrs. Lucien Moore, who goes to the city to undergo an operation.

* * * * *

Adair County News, Wednesday, November 11, 1908

Death of Mrs. Lucien Moore

It will be remembered that we stated last week that Dr. W.R. Grissom had accompanied Mrs. Lucien Moore to Louisville, the latter to be operated upon for cystic tumors. Mrs. Moore stood the trip to the city very nicely and Friday morning she went under the knife, the physician being Dr. W.H. Wathen, who removed two tumors, the operation being very successful.

Dr. Grissom returned home Saturday night and Sunday morning the news of Mrs. Moore's death reached Columbia. She lived about thirty hours after the operation. Besides the tumors, Mrs. Moore was otherwise seriously afflicted, and it would have been impossible for her to have lived but a few weeks without an operation. The operation was the last resort to save her life.

The remains were embalmed and shipped to this county Monday morning, and in the afternoon all that was mortal of the deceased was buried in Pleasant Hill cemetery*, after religious exercises.

Mrs. Moore was a daughter of Marion Edrington, who died many years ago. She was also a niece of Gaither Bryant, besides she had many other relatives in Adair county. A large circle of friends attended the funeral exercises and burial, every body in the deepest sympathy for the bereaved husband and motherless little children.

* * * * *

* Pleasant Hill Christian Church and cemetery are located in Adair County on present-day Highway 92, not far removed from Montpelier. One markers is inscribed thus:

Ursula E. Moore 

October 31, 1874

November 7, 1908.

* * * * *

The 1900 Adair County census gives Mrs. Moore's birth year as 1876; states that she & Mr. Moore had been married for two years; and that she was the mother of one child, Everett L., born February, 1899. In October 1909, Mr. Moore married Miss Tennie Williams, the daughter of Drury Alice Williams (Antle.) The Moores removed to Kansas after 1910 and prior to 1918.


Notes from a Researcher:

The above obituary is for my grandfather's half-sister, Ursula C. Edrington Moore.  It does not list Ursula's living children, mother, sister, and half-brother at the time of her death. They are as follows:  son, Master Everett Lee Moore; daughters- Misses Nella Rean Moore, Nona Mae Moore, and Mary Eliza Moore; mother, Mrs. James Grider; sister, Mrs. Samuel Dowell Pierce; and half-brother, Mr. Daniel Marion Grider. If anyone knows what Ursula's middle name is, I certainly would like to learn it. Also, Ursula was born October 31, 1873 in Adair County, Kentucky.  Ursula could not have been born in 1874 since her sister was born January 27, 1875!   I would like to communicate with descendants of Ursula C. Edrington Moore (1873-1908). Erwin H. Lepiarczyk II