The Adair County News, October 16, 1946

Brothers Meet Here After 60 Years Apart

Two brothers, Lee O. Stone, Ontario, Canada, and W.B. Stone, of Riverstone [probably should be Riverside], Calif., met for the first time in 60 years when they visited Adair relatives Mrs. Alice Bryant and Mr. and Mrs. Oren Bryant, in the Gadberry community.

Both are natives of this county who left here many years ago.

[The California Death Records Index has an entry for William B. Stone, born 11/05/1877 Ky.; died 12/03/1965 Riverside Co. Calif., age 88 years. The Montpelier newsletter in the October 23 edition of the News noted that "Mr. Oadus Stone, who at one time, lived here at Montpelier but who for many years has been living in Ontario, Canada" had visited his brother-in-law, Mr. Charlie Murrah, for a few days "last week."]