Adair County News, March 26, 1902

Mr. Irvin Blair while working the road last Friday, dug up a grubb-worm that had started to turn
into a sasefras sprout. he sent it to this office and the sprout was fully an inch long and showed it to be sarsafras. The worm had begun to shrink. The sprout had started out of the worm near the mouth. This may seem strange but it's true and proves the correctness of the contention that grubb-worms produce sarsafras.

Adair County News, Nov. 27, 1907

Hard Winter Coming

According to the goosebone there is a hard winter ahead. The earliest prediction of the present year has just been made.

The front part of the top of the breastbone is very dark and near the center it is white for a considerable distance. Beyond this it is dotted, and then comes a long dark streak. The goosebone prophet says:

"According to the breast bone we will have quite cold weather for to [sic] weeks in November. Then there will be a warm spell lasting for a few days. December will be a cold month with an occasional snowstorm. January will be a month of snow, hail and an occasional cold spell.

"The dark colors on the end of the breastbone indicates that February will be a very cold month, and there will be several blizzards. At one particular part of the bone it is very black, which means that we will have lots of snow and sleet. The cold weather will continue into March and we will have a very late spring."

The goosebone was compared with several obtained from other birds killed and they seem to be marked identically.

Article appeared in the Hatcher (Taylor Co.. Ky.) community newsletter published in the October 2, 1907 edition of the Adair County News.

Monta Staily and Press Thorpe are in the clutches of Uncle Sam, for making counterfeit nickels, and were caught passing them in Campbellsville Thursday evening. They are fourteen and sixteen years of age, and are adepts in the art, as the counterfeit is a correct imitation of the genuine. Every one sympathizes with the parents, as they are the best people we have. The boys are habitual cigarette users, and their downfall is probably caused from their use.

(The coin in question would have been the Liberty Head -- also called the V -- nickel variety, which was minted from 1882 through 1912, the infamous -- and bootleg -- 1913 version notwithstanding.)

Adair County News, Jan. 24, 1900

Jack Edwards, who lived in Metcalfe has been removed from his former location. Last week he went to the house of his aunt, Mrs. Bettie Furgurson and began rocking the building. The old lady reached for her gun and fired. In an instant Jack went to meet his God.