Cane Valley community newsletter in the May 12, 1909 Adair County News:

On April 29, as Mr. A.R. Feese was running some fencing on his farm near here, he discovered a dry land taropin [terrapin] lying underneath a panel and on close examination he found his own initials cut on him together with the date of June the 4th, 1882. Something like 27 years since Mr. Feese caught this taropin on the same farm  near this same place and cut his name upon him. It seems that the taropin has not traveled very much or very far or it must have been in a circuit.

On the same day at same place by this same man in same fence-row, another taropin was found with A.F. Hutchison and W.O. Feese on it dated 1885, showing plainly when this dating was done, 18 [sic] years ago. W.O. Feese is a son of A.R. Feese. Wiley lives in Amorilla, Texas, and will be surprised to hear of his taropin being found. A.F. Hutchison is a Grocery merchant of Cane Valley. This seldom ever occurs--after you find one, but never hardly two together.