Col. Frank Lane Wolford was born in Adair County in 1817, in the eastern section of Adair which became part of Russell County upon the formation of that entity in 1826. Although it's difficult to figure exactly the location to which is referred in the article below, it may be worth noting that in the earliest years of the 19th century, John Wolford, Col. Wolford's father, owned a tract of some 1,000 acres, at least part of which included land lying between -- and probably beyond -- Reynolds Creek and modern-day Mt. Pleasant Road, not far removed from the Adair-Russell County line. This includes the land purchased about 1820 from John Wolford by the pioneer James Blair family and the acreage purchased some years earlier by the Revolutionary War veteran William Perryman and family. 

The Russell County News, February 28, 1946

Col. Wolford's Place of Birth Located

About one mile southwest of where the writer resides on the farm of Charlie Ray Winfrey upon an elevated plateau overlooking Reynolds creek is said to be the birthplace of Col. Frank Lane Wolford. The late J.V. Lapsley, a relative of Col. Wolford's who passed away last year at the ripe old age of 83, told the writer that Col. Wolford and a lady who was writing his history and [sic] came and viewed the site a short time before Col. Wolford's death, good evidence that Col. Wolford thought that it was his birthplace.

Col. Wolford commanded the Fifth [sic; it was the First] Kentucky Cavalry during the War Between the States. While he was courageous and determined in his actions, it is said his men all liked him.

After the Civil War he settled in Columbia, Ky., and also represented his district in congress more than one term, I believe. Not long ago I visited his tomb in the Columbia cemetery. I find on his memorial he was born September 2, 1817, died August 2, 1895.

I wouldn't call him a modernist but a warrior statesman and a splendid pioneer citizen. Peace to his memory.

I believe the data I have gathered is all correct. If not, I'm open to correction.

            --- W. T. Selby.

(The author, Mr. William T. "W.T." Selby, was about 75 years old when he penned the above piece. He died in Russell County in August, 1950, age 79.)