Adair County Obituaries


The Adair County News, Wednesday, August 4, 1920, page one.

Mr. Gaither Bryant Dead

One of the most respected farmers of this county finished his life work last Sunday morning when Mr. Gaither Bryant, aged 81 years, crossed to the other side, fully prepared to meet his God. The end came at his home near Glenville. He had been long a member of the Baptist Church, and when in health, he often exalted. He was respected by every body for correct living.

When the war between the States broke out he enlisted in the Confederate army and was in nearly all the hard fought battles in the South. After the war he devoted his time to farming.

He was a gallant soldier and when the roll call for battle was sounded he was always ready.

We heard Gen. Jo Lewis say in this town, while he was Circuit Judge, that "Gaither Bryant was the bravest man he ever saw." Continuing he said, "He was the only man in my command that I could not persuade to lie down in a close and hotly contested fight. When I gave orders to lie down, load and shoot, Gaither stood up and deliberately loaded his gun and fired during the battle." The writer asked Mr. Bryant why he did not obey orders. He said, "I was [a] marksman and when I took sight on an object and fired, I knew that I would hit the mark."

The burial took place in the cemetery on Mr. Austin Loy's farm, Monday morning, many friends and relatives being present.

He fought a good fight and died an honorable death. Peace to his memory‑‑sympathy to those who weep.