Adair County Deaths & Obituaries


Adair County News, February 14, 1900

Mary S. Murrell, daughter of Anderson and Lavania Murrell, was born in Adair county, Ky., September 16, 1847; was converted under the ministry of Rev. S. H. Lovelace, September 17, 1867, and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church South. She was afflicted all her life with that distressing disease, epilepsy; otherwise, she was usually in good health. She was very industrious, and though for many years, her mind was so beclouded on the account of the disease as not to be responsible for her acts or to know the designs of labor, she still showed she had an industrious disposition--would do some little things such as she could.

Her life was one of suffering, especially mental suffering, but she has gone to that country where she shall be blessed with health and the proper use of her mind as the eternal years go by.

She died at her old home February 4; was sitting in her chair near her brother, James, when a noise attracted his attention, he beheld her falling to the floor, but as she was given to falling sickness, he supposed it was one of her usual spells, but soon saw death had come for her.

While her father and mother lived she was tenderly cared for by them, and after their departure she has been looked after by her brothers, Nathan and James, who live at the old home place. She has joined her father and two sisters who preceded her [to] the glory land.

Her brother,

J. L. Murrell 

*Her birth and death are mentioned in the Bible Records of  Anderson Murrell & Lavinia Naylor.