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Chicago Tribune

Aug. 5, 1984 Section 4 Page 15

ELMER SMITH, who hit the first grand slam in World Series history in 1920, died Friday in Columbia, Ky. He was 92. Smith was an outfielder for the Cleveland Indians when he hit the homer in 1920 in the first inning against the Brooklyn Dodgers.  The grand slam came off Burleigh Grimes.

Contributed By: Rachel Lyons

Chicago Tribune June 23, 1932 Page 6


Not an avowed candidate for the Democratic nomination for President, Melvin A. Traylor, president of the

First National bank of Chicago, is nevertheless the subject of a decided boom, particularly among his southern supporters, who call him "the Home- spun American."

The rise of Melvin Traylor since his humble birth In the limestone hills of Kentucky, in 1878, has been com- pared to the career of Abraham Lin- coln by "Traylor for President" boosters. Two log cabins, set end to end, with space between for the washtubs, made up the home Into which he was born at Breeding, Ky. He dried the dishes for his mother until his next brother grew old enough to dry them, and then young Melvin did the washing. Five months In the year he studied In a log schoolhouse, his term ending at corn shucking time.

He seldom wore shoes, so the stories go, until he was 18, and he bought his first "store clothes" at the age of 21 for a journey to Texas.

Rises in Banking World.

At Hillsboro, Tex., he worked as a grocery clerk in the morning, hotel clerk In the evening, slept at the fire station, and read law In his spare time. He entered banking with the Citizens' National bank, and later ran a bank In Malone, a nearby hamlet.

His wide knowledge of cattle and farm loans took him to St. Louis In 1911 as vice president of the Stock Yards National bank, and in 1914 he became vice president of the Livestock Exchange National bank in Chicago. In 1919 he went to the First National, where he rose to the presidency.

Mr. Traylor is a wet and ardently advocates thrift and economy at home, in the local governments, In the state governments, and in the federal government. The question of taxation, he believes, Is one of reducing expense rather than raising further revenue. His sound knowledge of business and finance commend him to his supporters as the logical candidate in a time of excessive taxation and economic troubles.


Chicago Tribune March 31, 1929

Traylor Sees Justification Mitchell Loan

Louisville, Ky.. March 30.-(Al)-- Melvin A. Traylor, president of the First National bank and the First Trust and Savings bank. Chicago, -stated here today that be regarded the action of Charles E. Mitchell, New York financier and banker, in lending money to Wall street inter- ests during the recent stock market slump when call money jumped to 20 per cent, as "quite justified."

lie added that he though another bull movement such as the previous one would cause a smilar condition again. Mr. Traylor was on his way to Breeding. Ky., to attend the funeral of his mother, Mrs. James M. Traylor, who died Wednesday at Lockney, Tex.



John Tyler Watson, January 1980 (newspaper unknown) Submitted By: Janna Craig

This obit was sent to my grandma, Lena Watson Roberts, from Kentucky for John Tyler Watson his parents were Joel T. & Mintie Edrington Watson. There was no year on this but I found his death in the SS death index and John Tyler died 19 Jan 1980. Prior to that I had assumed it was an older death and had been sent to her father, Alexander Watson, which is not the case. He had died many years prior and this death was just 3 years prior to my grandmother’s death. We have had a devil of a time finding other family (above or beside)  for Alexander’s father Stephen Watson in either Tennessee/N.C. or Kentucky. I feel this obit might be the link we’ve been looking for as someone from Kentucky surely sent it to my grandmother and it was important enough to her for her to keep. If anyone has information about this family, please contact me... thanks!


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