Cemetery Information for the Banks Surname


Volume 6 of the Cemeteries of Adair County, published by the Adair County Genealogy Society in 1987, has the following information:

Page 77: Banks Cemetery

This cemetery is located behind Azro Coomer’s house on Snake Creek Road.


Page 88: Banks Cemetery

It is located on the Ray Wilkinson’s farm in Mt. Carmel Section.

Other Volumes have list the following Banks in the index (if you would like more specific information, just let me know who and what volume!)

Volume 1: Georgia, Esthride

Volume 2: Ellar, Francis L.

Volume 3: Audry D., Ben, Bessie C., Willie R.

Volume 4: ?????

Volume 5: none

Volume 6: George, Nancy L. and those above

Volume 7: B.L., B.V., Benjamin, Gordon, Jacob, John, Mary, Mary J., Meresa, Owen,

Sallie, Sam, Sylvan