Booher to Booher: 

Adair County Deed Book G, p. 367

This indenture made & entered into this 13th day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & twenty [word 'eight' marked through] nine between John Booher of Adair County & state of Kentucky of the first part and Elizabeth Booher, Caroline Booher, and Harriett Booher of the county & state aforesaid of the second part, Witnesseth that the said John Booher for and in consideration of the love and affection he bears to the parties of the second part and for other good & valuable considerations doth by these presents grant & give unto each one of them the said parties of the second part severally, to wit, To his daughter Elizabeth Booher, a certain mulatto boy slave named Willis about eight years of age. To his daughter Caroline Booher, a certain black girl slave named Sallyan about five years old. And to his daughter Harriet Booher, a black boy slave named Henry about two years old, each to have and to hold the aforesaid negro negro [sic] slaves as their part and as above divided  & allotted during their natural lives and if is further understood that at the expiration of each of their natural lives that then the said slave and the increase or benefit if any there should be, it shall be divided among the children of their mother who had a life estate n said Negro slave and this shall be the case with all the grantees aforesaid that at the expiration of their natural lives, then the children of each one shall have such slave as [indecipherable word] hereby conveyed to their mothers in fee simple. In testimony whereof I have this day hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal the day and date above written.       

/s/ John Booher {seal}


Levy Wheat

Isaac Bradshaw


Kentucky Adair County Sct

I, John W. Garnett, deputy clerk of the county court for the county aforesaid, do certify that this day the within named John Booher personally appeared before me in my office & acknowledged this deed of gift to be his act & deed & that I have recorded the said deed & this certificate in my office. Given under my hand this 17th day of October 1829.

/s/ John W. Garnett


Marginalia note: 'Examined & delivered to James Garnett, atty for Caroline May 20th 1881 (or 1884), said Caroline now the wife of R.C. Bullington.'   [A most puzzling entry.]


Transcriber's notes:


On October 17th, 1829,  the same day the above (Booher to Booher) deed of gift was recorded, Caroline D. Booher married Robert Bullington and Harriet M. Booher married Thomas J. Redmond (Adair County marriage records).

In addition to the four daughters mentioned in the two preceding deeds of gift, John Booher and his first wife Nancy had a daughter Polly M. (died 1821 without issue), and two sons, Levi W. (born 1811) and Joseph A.W. (born 1814).

John's first wife Nancy died c. 1821. In 1823, John married 2nd Mildred Craig; they had five children: John C. (1824), Thomas C. (1826),  and Sally (1827), all born KY; and Nancy W. (1829) & Jacob B. (1833), both born in IL. [This information mostly from secondary sources and needs corroboration!]