Bradshaw Heirs:  

Bradshaw, Turner, Wheat & White to Hurt

Adair County Deed Book S, pp. 73-74.

(Some punctuation added for clarity. Original spelling maintained.)


This indenture made & entered into this 23rd day of February 1861 between John M. Bradshaw & Nancy Bradshaw his wife; Ira Turner & & Frances A. Turner his wife; Seth Bradshaw & Thursey Bradshaw his wife; John R. Wheat & Emily E. Wheat his wife; John C. White & Sarah E.L. White his wife, children & heirs at law of Isaiah Bradshaw deceased; & James Bradshaw, of the first part, and William B. Hurt of the second part, witnesseth that said heirs & James Bradshaw who owns the interest of William A Bradshaw, one of the heirs at law of said Isaiah Bradshaw, dec'd., for and in consideration of the sum of eight hundred & fifty eight dollars in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have this day given, granted, bargained & sold and by these presents do give, grant, bargain, sell, & convey unto said William B. Hurt his heirs & assigns forever all our individual interest in & to all the lands belonging to the estate of said Isaiah Bradshaw dec'd., being one seventh for each heir, the said Hurt & wife owning the other one seventh as heirs also of said Isaiah Bradshaw, dec'd. Said lands lie in the County of Adair & State of Kentucky on the waters of Cabin Fork a branch of Russells Creek. To have and to hold said undivided interest & the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto said William B. Hurt his heirs & assigns forever and we the parties of the first part covenant & agree to and with said William B. Hurt that we will forever warrant and defend the title to said property against the claim or claims of any and all persons whatever. In testimony whereof we the parties of the first part have hereunto set our hands the date aforesaid.

/s/ John M. Bradshaw

/s/ Nancy Bradshaw

/s/ Frances A. 'her X mark' Turner

/s/ Seth J. Bradshaw

/s/ Thrsy S. Bradshaw

/s/ John R. Wheat

/s/ Amilia E. Wheat

/s/ Ira 'his X mark' Turner

/s/ J.C. White

/s/ S.E.L. White

/s/ James Bradshaw

State of Kentucky}

County of Adair   } Sct

I, Sinclair Wheat Clerk of the County Court for the County aforesaid, do hereby certify that this deed from Isaiah Bradshaw heirs and James Bradshaw to William B. Hurt was on the 23rd day of February 1861 produced to me in my office and acknowledged by Frances A. Turner, John C. White, John M.., Seth J., & Thursey S. Bradshaw; and on the second day of March 1861 was acknowledged by John R. Wheat & wife; & was acknowledged on the 29th day of October 1861 by Nancy Bradshaw; and was this day acknowledged by Ira Turner to be their act & deed separate & apart as the law directs, whereupon I have recorded said deed with this certificate in my office. Witness my hand this the 19th day of November 1861.

/s/ Sinclair Wheat