Adair County Cemeteries


This is a complete list of cemeteries and their locations from Book #1, Adair County.


1.        JANES    -located a few miles from Breeding on the Chestnut Grove Road.

2.        JESSIE    -located on the Chestnut Grove Road, just below the Janes Cemetery.
3.        BARNES    -located on a side road leading from the Chestnut Grove Road to Red Lick Road.
4.        LEATHERWOOD    -located a few miles off Hwy 80. You leave Hwy 80 where Chick Walker lives.
5.        SPARKSVILLE BAPTIST    -located behind the church.
6.        STEPHEN COOMER    -located a few miles from Breeding in the Low Gap community.
7.        SIMMONS    -located on the Burkesville Road between Sparksville and Breeding.
8.        ANTIOCH    -located in Sparksville in front of the Antioch Church.
9.        MOORE (#1)    -located near Big Creek Church off Hwy 80.
10.      ESTES    -located a few miles from Breeding on Independence Road.
11.      HARRODSFORK    -located on the Burkesville Road between Sparksville and Breeding -by the church.
12.      STOTTS    -located a few miles from Breeding on Hwy 533.
13.      ROWETOWN    -located off the Burkesville Road between Sparksville and Breeding.
14.      ROACH (#1)     -located on a side road that leads off Burkesville Road between Sparksville and Breeding.
15.      WILSON    -located in Metcalfe County, close to the Adair County line -a few miles from Prices Creek Church.
16.      BRAGG    -located in the Prices Creek Community -not far from the church.
17.      ROACH (#2)    -located on at Big Creek, between Hwy 80 and the Cumberland Parkway.
18.      MOSS    -located off Road 768, after leaving Hwy 80, go about a mile, turn left onto a gravel road.
19.      TRAYLOR    -located a few miles from Breeding - turn left at the old Breeding Funeral Home.
20.      SHIRLEY AND DICKSON    -located in the Prices Creek Community.
21.      NORRIS    -turn right at small graveyard past the Pleasant Ridge Church at Keltner - then proceed through the                                         woods to Buck's Lodge. The graves are over the hill to the right of the lodge.
22.      CHESTNUT GROVE    -go past Breeding, turn right on Hwy 533.
23.      MORRIS CHAPEL    -located on Hwy 768 - turn of Hwy 80 at the Big Creek Church onto Hwy 768.
24.      FUDGE    -located near Breeding on Hwy 533, turn left after going through Breeding.
25.      ATKINS-GILMER    -located 3 miles out of Columbia on the Burkesville Road -on old James Hohoney farm.
26.      PORTLAND    -located on the Charles Kessler farm in the Portland Community.
27.      UNION    -located about 5 1/2 miles from Columbia off Hwy 80 West on Hwy 959.
28.      TARTERS CHAPEL    -located a few miles past the old Milltown Post Office.
29.      ROBINSON    -located about 11 miles from Columbia on West 80, turn off onto road __ go about 5 miles.
30.      GRISSOM-JONES    -located about 5 miles from Columbia on the Odell Richard farm.
31.      OLD PLEASANT RIDGE    -located near the old Keltner Post Office.
32.      NEW PLEASANT RIDGE    -no directions given here, but is close to the old one.
33.      SMITH    -located about 5 1/2 miles from Columbia on Hwy 80 West.
34.      JONES CHAPEL    -from Columbia go about 6 miles on West 80, turn left onto Jones Chapel Road -it's about                                               2 miles after you turn.
35.      MILLTOWN    -located on Hwy 959 close to the Milltown Church.
36.      GRADY    -located in Gradyville on the old Lymon Baker farm.
37.      OLD FIELDSTONE    -located off Jones Chapel Road on the old Diddle(y) farm.
38.      LASLEY    -located on the Burkesville Road near the Santa Fe Church.
39.      PICKETTS    -located near the Picketts Chapel Church.
40.      WEED        -located off Hwy 80 West, turn left onto Road __, it's just a few yards from Hwy 80. 
41.      SHIRLEY FAMILY    -located about 2 miles off Road 959.
42.      DUDLEY    -located on Road 959.
43.      KELTNER FAMILY    -located about 9 miles from Columbia just off Hwy 80 West -on Mike Robertson's farm.
44.      MOSS (This is also called MOSS-KELTNER CEMETERY) -located at Keltner, on the Douglas Keltner farm,                                                                                                                  near the Green County line.
45.      ASPER    -located on Lester Moss' farm, with no roads leading to cemetery, very isolated.
46.      PARNELL    -located in Adair County, not far from the Green Co line (it doesn't say in the book, but I think this is                                     also at Keltner)
47.      DOHONEY FAMILY    -located at Keltner, go by the Pleasant Ridge Church and it's at the bottom of the hill.
48.      EDWARDS    -a few miles from Keltner, on the hwy leading from Keltner to the Green County line.
49.      JOSIAH HUNTER    -located on the Burkesville Hwy about 4 miles from Columbia.
50.      ROBERTSON    -located on the Hunter farm on the Burkesville Hwy.
51.      MOORE (#2)    -located near Raymond Moran's farm off Burkesville Hwy.
52.      DOHONEY    -located on the farm of C. H. Dohoney.
53.      JOHNSTON    -located about 4 miles from Columbia off Hwy 80 on the Richard Sneed farm.
54.      BROWNING-ATKINS    -located on the Atkins Brothers farm off the Milltown Hwy 959.
55.      CAMPBELL    -located on the Bird Road, go to Sparksville and turn left where the old post office used to be.
56.      JONES    -located off West 80 on the Jones Chapel Road.
57.      HENRY BAGBY    -7 miles from Columbia on Hwy 80 West, turn right on the C. R. Moss farm.
58.      TURK (#1)    -located on the Bud Lasley farm.
59.      TURK (#2)    -located 5 miles from Columbia on Hwy 80 West, on J. B. Patterson's farm.
60.      GOWEN    -located "somewhere" in the Sparksville area.
61.      GARRISON    -located on the Roy Garrison farm near Milltown.
62.      HINDMAN    -located down Big Creek below Walker's Store. It's a mile off the road.
63.      BREEDING     -located within sight of Hwy 61 or Hwy 533 near Breeding, KY.