Adair County Church Records

Contributed By: Kim Morris

 Zion Baptist Church


Persons who were members of this Church on the 13th day of Sept. 1858 and of those who joined since that time

Names of members               Date joined                          Date died

Sally Morris                  December 1810              Nov. 1869

James F. Morris                Nov  1836                  Sept 1891

William E. Morris               Oct. 1865                  August 1873

Milam Morris                     Oct.  1865                 July 1888

Sarah E. Morris                  Oct. 1865                      

J.W. Morris                        Nov. 1878                       

Therissa Morris                   Nov. 1878

Susie Morris                        Oct. 1888

Jack Morris                            1889



Saturday June 11, 1859

At a regular meeting of Zion Baptist Church on Saturday the 11th day of June 1859 after preaching the church was organized for business.

The clerk being absent James F. Morris was appointed clerk _____.


Saturday Dec ___1859

Bros. Morris, Miller and Garnett were appointed to see Elder John _____ in _______ and learn from him whether or not he can preach for the church next year.


January and February 1860

No meetings or preaching


Adair County, KY April Second Saturday 1863

The church employs Bro. J. F. Morris as sexton for twelve months of which ___ pays him ten dollars.


Second Saturday in November 1868

Brother James F. Morris tendered his resignation as sexton which on motion was received and chairman of financial committee ordered to pay him for his service. 


Second Saturday in January 1869

After divine services by the pastor John James the church was organized for business.  Brother J.F. Morris having been appointed a committee to employ a Sexton for the next year reported that he had employed one.  The report was received and Bro. Morris discharged.


Saturday March 1969

Resolved that Brother Robt. Garnett is hereby appointed a committee to examine the accounts of Brother James F. Morris chairman of the Financial Committee and report the condition of the finances in his hands.


Saturday before second Sunday in January 1871

The count on standing of the membership made the following verbal report.  They have reviewed Brethren Ed C. Willis Milam Morris William Willis and Taylor ­­­­­______ and sisters Hettie Hurt and Sarahettie Morris and that Bro Ed C. Willis admits that the reports as to his having danced and otherwise disorderly are true and he further said he knew he was unfit to be a member of the church.  Bro Milam Morris and Sisters Hettie Hurt and Sarahettie Morris admitted that they have danced and they are sorry for it.  Brother William Willis admits that he has been dancing but he is not sorry for it and he does not believe that there is anything wrong in dancing.

Bro Milam Morris and Sarahettie Morris com forward to come and make open confession of their faults to the church at the next meeting in course.


November 1871

Bro ________ Jeffries from the committee on standing of members reported that he has seen Sister Sarahettie Morris and that she admitted she had been guilty of dancing but that she was sorry for it and that she wishes the church to retain her in the membership.  Sister Morris being present and after hearing the report of Bro Jeffries presented _____  _____ ______.

On motion ______ and Garnet and ordered that Sister Morris having made open confession to the church and that she be retained a member in full fellowship in this body.


Saturday before 2nd Sunday in Sept. 1871

The Church not pursuant to adjournment the pastor absent therefore on motion James F. Morris was chosen moderator “pro tem”.

Selected on committee to represent church at Russell Creek Assoc. at annual meeting.


Second Saturday in April 1872

Bro. John Conover from committee on Standing of membership reported that he had seen Brother Milam Morris and that he would come to the church and make his acknowledgements.


At a called meeting (Wednesday Sept. 1872)  Bro. James F. Morris was called to the chair.  A letter from the church to the Russell Creek Association was prepared and read to the church.  On motion and the same was adopted.  2nd on motion it was agreed that Brother Robt. Garnett Bob Burbridge J. F. Morris John Holliday and J. Willis go as delegates and bear this letter to the association when convened at Mt. Gilead Church, Green Cty, Ky 3rd Saturday in Sep 1872. 

No other business being before the church they then adjourned.

                                                 J. F. Morris, Mod Pro Tem


Second Saturday in August 187

Bro J. F. Morris chairman of the financial committee reported that he and Bro H. P. Willis have made an estimate of the church fund on hand inappropriate and reports that they find from thirteen to fifteen hundred dollars now on hand inappropriate.


Sept 1875

Milam Morris nonresidential member

S_____ E.  Morris nonresidential member




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