Adair County Obituaries & Death Certificates


Brief abstracts, Franklin infant deaths, Adair Co.


Franklin, Alta, certificate # 24805, one year old, died 12 October 1911. (Birth record abstract not found.)


Franklin, Anna K., certificate # 21419, under one year of age, died 23 September 1912. Born 23 September 1923 Adair Co., certificate # 43722, mother's maiden name Nancy Hadley.


Franklin, Cristie, certificate # 02461, under one year of age, died 18 February 1921. (Birth record abstract not found.)


Franklin, Holly A., certificate # 00023, under one year of age, died 25 January 1929. Born 30 July 1928, certificate # 35264 (name given as Hallie A.), mother's maiden name Maggie Scott.


Franklin, James T., certificate # 21131, under one year of age, died 31 September 1922. (Birth record abstract not found.)


Franklin, John, certificate # 21124, one year old, died 17 October 1922. (Birth record abstract not found.)


Franklin, Mona, certificate # 17244, under one year of age, died 5 July 1914. Born 5 July 1914, certificate # 32645 (name given as Nona), mother's maiden name Etta Richards.


Franklin, unnamed female, certificate # 24079, under one year of age, died 7 September 1917. Born 7 September 1917, certificate # 43276, father Geo. Franklin, mother's maiden name George Jeans.


Franklin, unnamed female, certificate # 31927, under one year of age, died 25 August 1917. Born 25 August 1925, certificate # 58564, father Geo. Franklin, mother's maiden name A Jones.


Franklin, unnamed female, certificate #  26664, under one year of age, died 1 October 1919. Born 1 Ocotber 1919, certificate # 43292, father Sam Franklin, mother's maiden name Vernie Hadley.

Contributed By: Shannon Davis

Edward Franklin

Ky. Death Cert # 26173 Year 1915

Residence: Keltner, Adair County, Ky

DOB: 12-15-1838 in Tn

DOD: 11-3-1915

Cause of Death : Heart Dropsy

Occupation: Farmer

Father: Clark Franklin from Tn.

Mother: Polly Franklin from Tn.

Informant : Tom Franklin of Pickett, Ky

Burial : Tarter Cemetery by Nell & Sparks undertakers of Gradyville, Ky


Jennie Franklin

Ky Death Cert # 00182 in 1916

Residence: Keltner , Adair County

DOB: 1850 in Tn

DOD: 1-28-1916

Cause of death: Influenza

States she was widowed at time of death

Burial : 1-29-1916 in Tarter Cemetery

No parents were listed

William G. Irvin

Ky Death Cert# 21581 in 1939

Residence: Little Cake of Adair County

Widowed at time of death list wife as Lou Irvin

DOB:11-30-1859 in Russell County, Ky

DOD: 9-18-1939

Occupation: Farmer

Father: James Irvin of Russell County

Mother: Nancy Lutrell of Russell County

Informant was David Irvin

Burial 9-19-1939 in Carmel Cemetery


Lou Ellen Irvin

Ky Death Cert# 04519 in 1921

DOB: 3-9-1867 in Ky

DOD: 3-9-1921

Cause of Death was Pneumonia

Father: George Hardin of Ky

Mother Nancie?( unable of read)

Informant : WG Irvin

Burial: Carmel Cemetery



Elizabeth Pike

Ky Death Cert # 13893 in 1915

Residence: Knifley /Casey Creek

Listed as Married


DOD; 6-3-1915

Cause of Death: Brights Disease

Father: Samuel Curry

Mother: Cynthia Curry

Informant: George Redford

Burial 6-4-1915 in BareWallow by C. Hovious undertaker from Knifley


Savannah Deskin Pike

Ky Death Cert# 14478 in 1918

DOB : 10-3-1835 in Green County

DOD: 5-7-1918

Cause of Death was TB of Lungs

Listed as Widowed

Father: John Roach from Va.

Mother: Margaret Tibbs from Ky

Informant was William B. Pike of Knifley

Burial at Knifley 5-8-1918 by Shelby and Hale of Russell Springs