Death Certificate Abstracts for Adair County


Layfayette Knight

Commonwealth of Kentucky death certificate #13654, deathvol 1931


Layfayette Knight, husband of Julia Knight, male, white, birth date not given, born Adair County KY, died at 9:45 a.m. 15 May 1931, Christine, Adair County KY, age 58 years, 5 months, 25 days.

Occupation: farm work.

Father: Jessie Knight, born Adair County KY.

Mother: Rippley Knight [sic], born Russell County KY.

Informant: S.R. Knight.

Cause of death: typhoid fever; contributory: nephritis ch-

Attending physician: W._. Flowers, Columbia KY.

Place of burial, cremation, or removal: Bearwallow, KY.

Date of burial: 16 May 1931.

Undertaker: Patterson & Stotts, Columbia KY.

Transcriber's note:

Lafayette's mother was Rippley/Wripla Hays, the daughter of Reason Hays & Sarah and the grand-daughter of Nathan Hays.


 Liza J. Dooley

Commonwealth of Kentucky death certificate # 36889, deathvol 1918.


Liza J. Dooley, white, female, widowed, born 15 December 1847 TN, died 6 p.m. 5 November 1918, South Campbellsville voter precinct, Taylor County KY, age 71 years, 10 months 2_ days (second digit not readable).

Occupation: "At home with son".

Father's name and birthplace: "Not known".

Mother's name & birthplace: "Not known".

Informant: H.B. Dooley, Campbellsville KY.

Cause of death: cancer of womb.

Attending physician: B.T. (or B.F.) Black, Campbellsville KY.

Place of burial: Brookside Cemetery.

Date of burial: "Nov."

Undertaker: W.L. Spurling, Campbellsville KY.

Transcriber's note:

Eliza "Liza" J. Dooley was the widow of William R. Dooley; they were married Adair Co. KY 1864, she under the Wallace surname. Eliza appears on the 1860 Adair Co. census (district 2, hh # 118), age 10, in the household of Campbell & Martha J. Wallis (all three born TN), but her surname is given as Briles, Briley, or similar (difficult to read).  


Morgan Womack

Commonwealth of Kentucky, certificate # 10659, year 1925.


Morgan Womack, male, white, married, of 'Webbs X Roads' voter precinct, Russell County KY, died at 7 a.m., 20 March 1925.

Age: 80 years, 1 month, 7 days.

Date & place of birth: 11 April 1846 [year difficult to read; may be 1845], Adair County KY.

Father: Jesse Womack, born KY.

Mother: Lila [sic] Blair, born KY.

Informant: Montie Womack, Humble [Russell Co.] KY.

Cause of death: 'heart lesions'.

Attending physician: J.B. Tarter, Russell Springs KY.

Place of burial or removal: Womack Cem. [Russell County, just off Highway 127, a bit north of the Highway 127/1545 intersection].

Date of burial: 22 March 1925.

Undertaker: U.T. Selby, 'R. Spgs'.


Notes: The birth date, death date, and age are exactly as given on the death certificate. Morgan's mother was Delila Blair Womack, born NC, the dau. of James & Nancy Blair.


Silas Logan Womack


Commonwealth of Kentucky, certificate # 32837, year 1937.


Silas Logan Womack, male, white, husband of Josie Womack, of Webb voter precinct, Russell County KY, died at 7 a.m. 30 November 1937.

Date & place of birth: 20 August 1866 KY.

Father: Morgan Womack, born KY.

Mother: not given.

Informant: not given.

Cause of death: Influenza

Contributory to death: 'heart lesion'.

Attending physician: J.B. Tarter, Russell Springs.

Place & date of burial, cremation, or removal: 'at home', 1 December 1937.

Undertaker: 'friends', Webbs Cross Roads, KY.


Notes: Silas probably is buried in the same Womack family cemetery as his father, Morgan Womack. There are three or four relatively modern but now illegible markers in the cemetery.


J. W. Jackman


Commonwealth of Kentucky certificate # 9020, year 1912.


J[ohn] W. Jackman, 56 years [months & days not given], male, white, married, died in East Columbia voter precinct, Adair County KY at 7 a.m. on 7 April 1912.


Occupation: Saddler.

Date & place of birth: 1855 KY [day and month not given], Russell Co. KY.

Father: W[illiam] T. Jackman, born Russell Co. KY.

Mother: Lucy Coffey, born Russell Co. KY.

Informant: John Eubank, Columbia KY.

Cause of death: 'acute indigestion'.

Contributory to death: 'organic heart dis.'

Attending physician: C.M. Russell, Columbia KY.

Place & date of burial or removal: Columbia Cemetery, 7 [sic] April 1912.

Undertaker: J.F. Triplett, Columbia KY [surname difficult to read; Triplett may not correct.]


Notes: John W.'s parents also buried in the Columbia Cemetery.


Richard Patterson Breeding


Commonwealth of Kentucky certificate # 5975, year 1912.


Richard Patterson Breeding,  male, white married, of Breeding, voter precinct  Elroy - No. A, Adair County KY,  died at 3 a.m. on 4 March 1912.

Birth date: 5 September 1831 KY.

Age: 80 years, 5 months, 29 days.

Occupation: Farmer.

Father: Rev. James Breeding, born KY.

Mother: Elizabeth Patterson, born KY.

Informant: Allie B. Dillon, Breeding KY.

Cause of death: 'chronic interstitial nephritis'.

Contributory to death: 'diseases incident to old age'.

Attending physician: H.B. Simpson, Breeding KY.

Place & date of burial or removal: Columbia [City Cemetery], 5 March 1912.

Undertaker: J.F. Triplett, Columbia.


Notes: grave marker gives date of birth as 6 September 1831.


Laura Alice Knight

Commonwealth of Kentucky certificate # 23935, year 1939.


Laura Alice Knight, female, white, widowed, of voter precinct Weed, Adair County KY, died at 5:30 p.m. on 2 May 1939.

Name of spouse: not given. [She married first James Akers, married second James Knight.]

Birth date: '1870 11 21'.

Age: 68 years, 5 months, 11 days.

Industry or business: housewife.

Father: Cyrus Wheat, born KY.

Mother: Mary Morgan, born KY.

Informant: Levi Morgan, Weed KY.

Place & date of burial, cremation, or removal: Crocus KY [cemetery is very near the Russell / Adair County line, just off Highway 55 on Cabin Creek Road], 4 May 1939.

Undertaker: M.L. Grissom, Columbia KY.

Cause of death: ' Probable heart disease / Pericarditis present / No physician in attendance / Inf. from Mr. [or M.L.] Grissom.'

Certificate signed by: J.F. Duncan, Health Officer, Columbia.


Eliza Francis Grider


Commonwealth of Kentucky certificate # 25969, year 1913.


Eliza Francis Grider, female, white, widow, of White Oak # 9 voter precinct, died at 1 a..m. on 30 October 1913.

Birth date & place: 24 August 1822, Adair County KY.

Age: 91 years, 2 months, 6 days.

Occupation: 'at home'.

Father: Ellick Miller, born Virginia.

Mother: Nancy Jane Harr [sic], born Virginia.

Informant: U.M. Grider, Craycraft [Adair County] KY

Cause of death: 'old age'.

Physician: J.P. Miller, Columbia KY.

Place and date of burial or removal: Grider Graveyard, 31 October 1913.

Undertaker: J.B. Jones, Columbia KY.

William Otha Knight


Commonwealth of Kentucky certificate # 12836, year 1933.


William Otha Knight, male, white, widower, of Hovious voter precinct, Adair County KY, died at 2 a.m. on 7 January [or June]1933.

Birth date & place: KY [birth date not given]

Age: 57 [months & days not given]

Occupation: farmer.

Father: Jessie Knight, born KY.

Mother: Sarah [surname not given], born KY.

Informant: _. K. Knight [first initial possibly O, Q, or T.], Casey Creek KY.

Place & date of burial, or removal: 'Hood', 8 January [or June] 1933.

Undertaker: M. _. Grissom, Columbia KY.

Cause of death: 'This patient was a county charge; and was seen by me twelve months ago. He had fallen at that time.'

Certificate signed by: Dr. N[athanial] A[llan] Mercer, Columbia KY.


Marmaduke Grider


Commonwealth of Kentucky certificate # 15257, year 1932.


Marmaduke Grider,  male, white, married, of Ozark voter precinct, Adair County KY, died at 3 a.m. on 29 July 1932.

Name of spouse: not given. [Married first Saludia Elizabeth Judd; married second Amanda Leach Williams.]

Birth date and place: '1840 8 2' [2 August 1840] KY.

Age: 91 years, 11 months, 29 days.

Trade or profession or particular kind of work done: farmer.

Father: William Grider, born KY.

Mother: Nancy Hare, born KY.

Informant: Wood Grider, Garlin [Adair County] KY.

Place & date of burial, cremation, or removal: 'Grider G.yard', 30 July 1932.

Undertaker: M.L. Grissom, Columbia KY.

Cause of death: 'acute ura___ia.' .

Certificate signed by: Dr. B.J. Bolin, Columbia KY.

William Perryman

Commonwealth of Kentucky, certificate # 31253, deathvol 1917


Information in [ ]'s is from other sources, not the death certificate.


William Perryman [spelled 'Peryman' on certificate], male, white, widowed, died at 4 a.m. on 20 August 1917 in the White Oak voter precinct of Adair County KY.

Birthdate/place: February 22, 1822, Adair County KY.

Age: 95 years, 6 months, 18 days.

Occupation: farmer.

Father's name/birthplace: William Perryman, Adair County KY [Most likely, he was born NC.]

Mother's maiden name/birthplace: 'not known'. [Sabrina Johnson.]

Informant's name/address: Nancy E. Streavals, Mcgaha [Adair County] KY.

Attending physician/cause of death: 'Had no Doctor for 10 years. Old age.'

Place/date of burial: Redmons GraveYd, 21 August 1917.

Undertaker/address: James A. Mcgaha, Mcgaha KY.      



James M. Perryman


Commonwealth of Kentucky, certificate # 8232, deathvol 1919.


James M. Perryman, male, co____, widowed, died 17 January 1919 [looks more like 1917 on the 'date of death line] in the Pellyton voter precinct of Adair County KY.

Birthdate/place: 18 June 1840, Russell County KY.

Age: 78 years, 7 months, ___days [left blank].

Occupation: Teacher.

Name/birthplace of father: Washington Perryman, N.C.

Maiden name/birthplace of mother: Emily Murray, KY.

Informant's name/address: Geo. L. Perryman, Pellyton KY.

Cause of death: 'Heart & kidney.'

Attending physician: none listed.

Place/date of burial: Jones(?) cemetery, 19 January 1919.

Undertaker/address: J. ?L. Campbell, D_____ll_ KY.  

Lena Wheat

 Lena Wheat, female, black single, age 40 years, one month, 24 days,
died in Adair Co. KY at 1:00 a.m. 19 August 1920.
Date/place of birth: July 2- [second digit indistinct, may be a five or
an eight) 1875, Adair Co.
Father's name/birthplace: Frank Wheat, Adair Co.
Mother's maiden name/birthplace: Lucy Conover, Adair Co.
Informant: Frank Wheat, Columbia.
Cause of death: 'Syphilis of heart and blood vessels'; contributory
cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage.
Attending physician: W.J. Flowers, Columbia.
Place/date of burial: 'Hunter G Yard', 19 August 1920.
Undertaker: Grissom & Patterson, Columbia.

  * surname interpreted as Whrah in the KY death record abstracts

Ruth Knight

Commonwealth of Kentucky, certificate 16452, year 1939.

Ruth Knight, female, white, married, died at Knifley, Adair County KY at 9 a.m. on 13 July 1939.
Name of spouse: Olan Knight.
Birthdate/place of deceased: 1905 (month/day not given), KY.
Age: 34 years, 6 months, 10 days.
Father's name/birthplace: Millard Stapleton, KY.
Mother's maiden name/birthplace: Mary Chandler, KY.
Informant/address: J.W. Knight, Knifley, KY.
Burial place/date: Parkers Chapel ___, 14 July 1939.
Undertaker/address: Lyon Funeral Home, Campbellsville, KY.
Cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis.
Attending Physician: E__ Gowdy, M.D.

Virginia R. Coffey


Virginia R. Coffey, female, white, widow, died 11 January 1923 in
Columbia, Adair County KY.
Occupation: none given.
Date & place of birth: [day not given] June 184- [last digit unclear,
may be a 3, possibly a 4 written over a 3], KY.
Name/birthplace of father: Wm. Page, KY.
Maiden name/birthplace of mother: Sophia [appears to be] Brower or
Broner [actually was Brauner/Brawner], KY.
Informant: John B. Coffey, Columbia, KY.
Cause of death: organic heart disease; contributory: influenza.
Attending physician W.J. [Woodruff J.] Flowers, Columbia KY.
Place & date of burial: Columbia [City Cemetery], 12 January 1923.
Undertaker: Grissom & Patterson, Columbia.

Joe Coffey

Joe Coffey, male, white, married, died at 1 a.m. 23 September 1911
[grave marker gives 21 September] in Columbia, Adair County KY.
Occupation: Banker.
Date & place of birth: 6 Jan 1933 [day and month are extremely faint],
Christian Co. KY.
Name/birthplace of father: Jo Coffey, North Carolina.
Maiden name/birthplace of mother: Virginia [appears to be] Gravs [no
'e'], Creelsboro KY. [Creelsboro would probably have been in Cumberland
County at the time of her birth.]
Informant: W.A. Coffey, Columbia KY.
Cause of death: Cardiac asthma and old age.
Attending physician: W.R. Grissom.
Place/date of burial: Columbia Cemetery, 24 September 1911.
Undertaker: J.F. Triplett, Columbia KY.

Date & place of birth:

Golan Butler

Golan Butler, male, white, married

Certificate #10170                                    

Date & place of birth: 26 January 1882, Adair Co. KY

Date & place of death: 27 April 1941, Norton's Inf., Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY

Name of spouse: Lena Butler

Occupation: farmer

Age: 59 years, three months one day        

Informant: Lena Butler, Columbia KY

Father's name & birth place: Josh Butler, Adair Co. KY

Mother's maiden name & birth place: Joanna Johnson, Adair Co. KY

Cause of death: BA----- aneurysm of brain

Date & place of burial: 29 April 1941, 'Home cemetery'

Undertaker: Stotts & Cheatham, Columbia KY



Rev. Eligha Milton Bryant

E.M. Bryant, male, white, widowed

Certificate # 18356                                     

Date & place of birth: 27 June 1854, Adair County KY

Date & place of death: 14 August 1946, Russell Springs, Russell Co. KY

Name of spouse: Sibby Wilson

Occupation: Minister                               

Age of deceased: 92 years [months and days not given]    

Informant: Edw. E. Rippetoe

Father name & birth place: James Bryant,  Adair Co. KY

Mother's maiden name & birth place: Rachel Bradshaw, Russell Co. KY

Cause of death: 'cancer of face and heart lesion'

Date & place of burial: 15 August 1946, Russell Springs

Undertaker: Edw[in] E. Rippetoe

See Rev. Bryants' Obituary  

Thomas Franklin Hurt

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Certificate # 11079, year 1940.

Thomas Franklin Hurt, a resident of Russell County KY, male, white, widowed, died at 4 p.m. 20 April 1940 in Russell County KY.
Date/place of birth: 6 September 1853, Adair County KY.
Occupation: farmer.
Father's name/birthplace: Curran Hurt, Adair County KY.
Mother's maiden name/birthplace: Martha Rogers, Adair County KY.
Informant/address: Edwin E. Rippetoe, Russell Springs KY [see note at end].
Burial place/date: Hurt. Cem., 22 April 1940. [Location of cemetery not given.]
Funeral Director: 'Rippetoe Funeral H.', Russell Springs.
Cause of death: 'heart lesion'.
Attending physician: J.B. Tarter, M.D.

Note: Edwin E. Rippetoe was owner/director of Rippetoe Funeral Home.

J. W. Bradshaw

In 'The Russell County News', Thursday, Janaury 22, 1942, page three:


  Mr. J.W. Bradshaw, 30, died at the home of his brother, Mr. Harrison
Bradshaw, near Montpelier, in the edge of Russell county. He had been
ill for several months.
  Mr. Bradshaw belonged to a prominent family in that section, being a
son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Bradshaw. He is survived by several
brothers and sisters.
  Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the
home, conducted by Rev. Turner. Interment was in the family cemetery. --
[reprinted from the] 'Adair County News'.

Transcriber's notes: The KY death record abstracts give his name as
James W. Badshaw, his age as 29, the death date as Janaury 12, 1942, and
his residence & the place of death as Adair County. The KY birth records
give his birth date as 6 May 1912, birth place as Adair County, and his
mother's maiden name as Patra Collins.