Adair County, Kentucky, Death Register  

Dates range from 1852 - 1859


Submitted By: LaVerne Harvey

D= Death BP = Birth Place A = Age  B = Birth Cmts = Comments (comments normally consist of Parents, or Owner where specified for Slaves.

Aaron (Slave): Apr. 25, 1857, (BP) Unknown, (A) 65, (B) 1792ca., (CMTS) No Owner Given
Aaron, Elizabeth: (D) Aug. 25 1852, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 47, (B)1805ca. (CMTS) No Parents Given
Allen, Margaret: (D) Mar. 30, 1858, (BP)Pulaski Co., KY, (A)42, (B)1816ca, (CMTS) John and Ann Mcclister
Anderson, Robert: (D) Dec. 22, 1858, (BP) Virginia, (A)65, (B) 1793ca. (CMTS) Verdman and Verney Anderson
Anne (Slave): (D) Feb., 1858, (BP) Butler's Branch, (A) 19 (B)1839ca. (CMTA) Owner: Winfield Squires
Anthony (Slave):(D) Sep. 1859 (BP) Unknown, (A) 19 (B) 1849ca. (CMTS) Owner: Alban Bradshaw
Mantle, Prudence:(D) Nov.11 1858, (BP) Russell Co. Ky, (A) 23, (B)1835ca., (CMTS) Milton and Jane Woldord
Armenius (Slave): (D) May 18, 1858, (BP) Glens Forks, (A) 45, (B)1813ca. (CMTS) Owner: William Waggener
Autle, Ceny: (D)Jul 2, 1859, (BP) Dry Fork, (A) 71, (B)1788ca., (CMTS) Henry and Polly Autle
Avis (Slave):(D) Dec., 1852, (BP)Virginia, (A)48, (B)1804ca., (CMTS) Owner, Eli Wheat
Bault, Elizabeth: (D) Mar. 18, 1853, (BP)Germany, (A)75, (B)1778ca. (CMTS) John and Catherine Bault
Bell, Rial B.: (D)Aug.16, 1858, (BP) Casey Creek, (A)21, (B)1837ca., (CMTS) Jacob and Catherine Bell
Blades, Walker J.: (D)Nov. 23 1859, (BP) Virginia,  (A) 72, (B) 1787ca. (CMTS) Johnson Blades
Blair, George W.:(D) May 19 1858, (BP) Harrold Forks, (A)26, (B)1832ca. (CMTS) William and Lucy Blair
Bomer, Benjamin:(D) Jul. 25,1858, (BP)Virginia, (A)83, (B)1775ca. (CMTS) Robert and Mary Bomer
Bradshaw, Gideon:(D) Sep.8, 1856, (BP) Adair Co.,KY.,(A)23, (B)1832ca. (CMTS) Gideonand Mary Bradshaw
Breeding, ???: (D)Jul, 9, 1853, (BP)Adair Co., Ky., (A)35, (B)1818ca. (CMTS) Robert Leftwich
Breeding, Elizabeth:(D)Sep 26, 1859, (BP) Sulphur Fork, (A)22, (B) 1837ca. (CMTS)Obediah and Ann Crimer
Breeding, George:(D) May 29, 1859, (BP)Virginia, (A)86, (B)1773ca. (CMTS) George and Rachel Breeding
Breeding, John H.: (D)Aug. 25, 1853, (BP) Virginia, (A) 81, (B) 1771ca. (CMTS) No parents given.
Free, Elizabeth: (D) Jul, 7 1854, (BP) Adair Co., KY., (A) 50, (B)1804ca. (CMTS) No parents given
Furquin, Charlotta:(D)Jul. 3,1857 (BP)Cumberland Co. KY, (A)24 (B)1833ca., (CMTS) William and Elizabeth Furquin
Gemima (Slave): (D) Oct. 27 1858, (BP) Virginia, (A)80, (B)1778ca. (CMTS) Owner: John Gilmer
Gibson, Job: (D) Jul. 23, 1853, (BP)Adair Co., Ky., (A)75, (B)1778ca. (CMTS) Parents Unknown
Gill, Harrison M.:(D) Apr. 7, 1858, (BP) Maryland, (A)72, (B)1786ca. (CMTS)Charles and Rebecca Gill
Grant, Jane: (D) Jan. 4 1858, (BP) Pennsylvania,(A)85,(B)1773ca. (CMTS) Samuel Mear
Grider, James B.: (D)Aug, 25, 1852, (BP) Russell Co. KY, (A)35, (B)1817ca. (CMTS) Wm. and Nancy Grider
Grider, Nancy: (D) Aug. 13, 1852, (BP)North Carolina, (A)35, (B) 1817ca. (CMTS) Momanauke Hare
Grissom, Emily: (D) Nov. 13, 1854, (BP)Adair Co., Ky, (A)47, (B) 1807ca. (CMTS) Jno. and Lucy Grissom
Hamilton, Benjamin: (D) Aug. 2, 1854, (BP) Adair Co.,KY, (A)21, (B)1833ca. (CMTS) W. and P. Hamilton
Harvey, Elizabeth: (D) Oct. 17, 1852, (BP)Pennsylvania, (A)88, (B)1764ca.
Harvey, Margaret: (D) Nov. 8 1856, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A)41, (B) 1815ca. (CMTS) Christopher and Nancy Lewis
Hickman, Margaret: (D) Sep., 1853, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A)63, (B) 1790ca. (CMTS) Parents Unknown
Holladay, William: (D) Aug. 26 1859, (BP) Sulphur Fork, (A)22, (B)1837ca. (CMTS) William and Polly Holliday
Holt, Margaret: (D) Sep. 30 1853, (BP) Adair Co. Ky, (A)25, (B)1828ca. (CMTS) Parents Unknown
Holt, Rizens: (D) Dec. 12, 1859, (BP) Cedar Creek, (A)16, (B) 1843ca. (CMTS) William and Elizabeth Holt
Huggard, James, M: (D) Aug. 25 1858, (BP) West Fork, (A) 19, (B)1839ca. (CMTS) Cambell and Mary Huggard
Hughes, William: (D) Nov. 27, 1859, (BP)Big Creek, (A) 19, (B) 1840ca. (CMTS) Turner and Nancy Hughes
Janes, Mary A.: (D) Aug. 31 1854, (BP)Adair Co. KY, (A)18, (B) 1836ca. (CMTS)Thomas J. and Martha Janes
Janes, Zachariah:(D) Sep 30, 1859, (BP)Jefferson Co. KY, (A)20 (B)1839ca. (CMTS) Samuel and Elizabeth Janes
Johnson, Martha: (D) Apr. 22 1859, (BP) Pettets Fork, (A)46, (B) 1813ca. (CMTS) James and Elizabeth Morrison
Jones, Eliza J.: (D) Jun. 1, 1859, (BP)Butler's Fork, (A) 28, (B) 1831ca. (CMTS) Elijah and Nancy King
Jones, Margaret: (D) Jun. 28 1858, (BP)Green River, (A) 28, (B)1830ca. (CMTS) Sims A. and Margaret Winfrey
Jones, Mary: (D) Jun. 6 1857, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A) 47, (B) 1810ca. (CMTS) John Neat
Jones Mary J.: (D)Dec. 31, 1859, (BP) East Fork, (A)40, (B) 1819ca. (CMTS) William J. and Nancy Hancock
Jones, Nancy: (D)Aug. 27, 1858, (BP) Green Co., KY, (A)17, (B) 1841ca. (CMTS) Green R. and Rachel Jones
Judd, Harrison: (D) Dec. 31 1858, (BP) Sulphur Fork, (A) 45, (B) 1813ca. (CMTS) Salley Judd
Judy (Slave): (D) Feb. 17, 1859, (BP) Unknown, (A) 24, (B) 1835ca. (CMTS) Owner: Rice Morgan
Kelter, Sarah: (D) Nov., 1854, (BP) Wythe Co. Va. (A)60, (B) 1794ca. (CMTS) Wm. Rogers
Leach, Mary: (D) Mar. 22, 1858, (BP) Unknown, (A)63, (B)1795ca. (CMTS) Benjamin and Elizabeth Powell
Ledington, Mary: (D) Aug. 29 1854, (BP) Wythe Co. Va. (A)54, (B)1800ca. (CMTS) John and Noami Moncey
Leftwich, Kitty F.: (D) Aug. 29, 1858, (BP) Prices Creek, (A)16, (B)1842ca. (CMTS) Robert and Catherine Leftwich
Lewis, Jane S.: (D)Apr. 9 1857, (BP) Pittsylvania Co. Va. (A)24, (B)1833ca. (CMTS) John and Elizabeth Curry
Loy, Lytha: (D) May 5 1853, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 18, (B) 1835ca. (CMTS) Jacob and Jane Loy
Lucy (Slave): (D) Mar. 31 1857, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A)40, (B)1817ca. (CMTS) Thomas J. Smillis
Mahaly (Slave): (D) Apr. 5 1859, (BP) Jessamine Co., KY, (A)57, (B)1802ca. (CMTS) Owner: Nancy Reynolds
Martha Ann (Slave) (D) Dec. 1859,(BP)Casey's Creek, (A) 18, (B)1841ca. (CMTS) William McWhorter
McGinis, Anderson: (D) Jan. 7 1859, (BP) Harrolds Fork, (A)18, (B) 1841ca. (CMTS) Anderson and Nancy McGinis
McGlasson, Paschal L.:(D) Oct. 2 1854,(BP)Virginia, (A) 43, (B) 1811ca. (CMTS) Wm. M. McGlasson
McKinney, Peter: (D) Jul., 1852, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 16 (B) 1836ca. (CMTS) Charles and Emily Mckinney
Melson, Emma: (D) Nov. 23 1854, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 36, (B) 1818ca. (CMTS) Wm. and C. Jackson
Miller, Luving: (D) Aug. 26, 1859, (BP) Cabin Fork, (A) 52, (B) 1807ca. (CMTS) Zachariah and Nancy Taylor
Milly (Slave) (D) Nov. 6, 1858, (BP) Green Co., (A) 55, (B) 1803ca. (CMTS) Owner: John Hendrickson
Milton, Aim (Slave) (D) Mar. 1859, (BP) Pettes Creek, (A)21, (B)1838ca. (CMTS) Owner: Jacob Goodson
Moore, Elizabeth P.: (D) Oct. 25 1854, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A)42, (B)1812ca. (CMTS) No Parents Given
Moran, Elizabeth: (D) Dec 21, 1854, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 37, (B) 1817ca. (CMTS) No Parents Given
Morgan, Martha E.: (D) Aug. 22, 1856, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A)18, (B)1838ca. (CMTS) Rice and Caroline Morgan
Morris, Berry Sr.: (D) Sep. 21, 1858, (BP) Cumberland River, (A) 29, (B)1829 (CMTS) WM. and Margaret Morris
Morrison, Julia A.: (D) Jun. 12 1857, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A) 32 (B)1825ca. (CMTS) Robert and Martha Morrison
Murray, Almirah L.: (D) Apr. 10, 1858, (BP) Adair co. KY, (A) 48, (B)1810ca. (CMTS) Thomas T. and Polly Bailey

Murrell, Martha: (D) Sep. 6 1859, (BP) Russells Creek, (A) 17, (B) 1842ca. (CMTS) Elijah and Mary Murrell
Nancy (Slave): (D) Aug. 5, 1859, (BP) Sulphur Fork, (A) 56, (B) 1803ca. (CMTS) Owner: William P. Williams
Nell, John: (D) Nov. 3 1852, (BP) Maryland, (A) 90, (B) 1762ca.
Owens, Hamilton Nelson:(D) Dec. 15 1853, (BP) Columbia co., KY, (A) 45, (B) 1808ca. (CMTS) William and Mary Owens
Page, Charles S.: (D) Apr. 29 1859, (BP) Virginia, (A)43, (B)1816ca. (CMTS) Nicholas and Ann Page
Page, ELlen: (D) Apr. 1856, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 28, (B) 1828ca. (CMTS) George R. Page
Page, Frances: (D) Jul. 15, 1858, (BP) Adair Co.,KY, (A) 19, (B) 1839ca. (CMTS) Shelton and Jenetta Page
Page, Frances: (D) Oct. 10, 1856, (BP) Adair Co.,KY,(A) 39, (B) 1817ca. (CMTS) James and Nancy Humphries
Patty (Slave): (D) Sep. 20, 1854, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 70, (B) 1784ca. (CMTS) Owner: Otho Wheat
Peck, Catherine:(D) Apr. 1858, (BP) South Fork, (A) 18, (B) 1840ca. (CMTS) John and Elviry Peck
Pendleton: (D) Oct., 1856, (BP) Virginia, (A) 63, (B) 1793ca. (CMTS) John and Elizabeth Pendleton
Petty, Salley: (D) Apr. 25, 1858, (BP) Virginia, (A) 57, (B) 1801ca. (CMTS) Elijah and Tabitha King
Phebe (Slave): (D) Jul., 1856, (BP) Virginia, (A) 43, (B) 1813ca. (CMTS) Owner: Clayton Miller
Pike, James H.: (D) Sep. 13, 1858, (BP) Green Co., KY, (A) 53, (B) 1805ca. (CMTS) Thomas and Sarah Pike
Pile, Margaret: (D) 1853, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 20, (B) 1833ca. (CMTS) J.B. and Emily Craig
Rachel (Slave): (D) Apr. 15, 1858, (BP) Cumberland Co., KY, (A)33, (B)1825ca. (CMTS) Owner: Clayton Miller
Read, Philip: (D) JUl.6, 1858, (BP) Pennsylvania, (A) 88, (B) 1770ca. (CMTS) Philip and Mary Read
Reynolds, Nancy: (D) Dec. 5, 1859, (BP) Virginia, (A) 76, (B) 1783ca. (CMTS) Jacob and Milley Sallee
Rice, Elizabeth A. (D) May 8, 1854, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 29, (B)1825ca. (CMTS) Nathan and Mary England
Rice, George W.: (D) Jul. 18, 1852, (BP) Missouri, (A) 33 (B) 1819ca. (CMTS) David and Elizabeth RIce
Rice, Sarah A.: (D) Aug. 18, 1858, (BP) Green Co. KY, (A) 38 (B)1820ca. (CMTS) Anderson and Sarah Rice
Roach, Jane: (D) May 2, 1854, (BP) Henry Co., VA., (A) 60, (B) 1794ca. (CMTS) John and Talitha Hampton
Robert (Slave): (D) Jun. 10, 1857, (BP) Unknown, (A) 19, (B) 1838ca. (CMTS) Owner: Joshua A. Hatcher
Rogers, Mary: (D) Nov., 1858, (BP) Virginia, (A) 74, (B)1784ca. (CMTS) Chesley and Ellor Rogers
Row, Nancy: (D) Feb. 1. 1854, (BP) Virginia, (A) 46, (B) 1808ca. (CMTS) Jno. and Ann Garmon
Rowe, Sarah Ann: (D) Apr. 7, 1856, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 24, (B) 1832ca. (CMTS) B. Martin
Rutherford, Polly: (D) Dec. 15, 1859, (BP) Wythe Co., Va. (A)70,(B)1789ca. (CMTS) William and Letty Rodgers
Sampson, Joseph: (D) Aug., 1856, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 18, (B) 1838ca. (CMTS) N. and R. Humphreys
Sanders, Thomas H.: (D) Oct. 16, 1852, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A) 37, (B) 1815ca. (CMTS) James and Mary Sanders
Sexton, Salley: (D) Mar. 9, 1859, (BP) Butlers Fork, (A) 24, (B) 1835ca. (CMTS) WIlliam and Emeline Williams
Shepherd, Amanda: (D) Jul. 6, 1856, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A) 31, (B) 1825ca. (CMTS) Jobiidiah Shepard
Shirley, Harriet: (D) May 1, 1857, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A) 20, (B) 1837ca. (CMTS) James B. Craig
Simpson, Franklin: (D) Aug. 3, 1852, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A) 25, (B) 1827ca. (CMTS) Bernard Simpson
Sinclair, Mary Susan: (D)? (BP)? (A) 76 (CMTS) Joseph and C. Curry
Smith, Charity: (D) Jul. 8, 1853, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 50, (B) 1803ca. (CMTS) Joseph Callison
Smith, Mary: (D) Aug. 31, 1852, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 17, (B) 1835ca. (CMTS) Parents Unknown
Smith, Mrs.: (D) Jul. 25, 1852, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 80, (B) 1772ca. (CMTS) R.I.B. Sexton
Stephens, Samuel: (D) Sep. 16, 1856, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 28, (B) 1828ca. (CMTS) William J. and Susan Collins
Stephenson, Malinda: (D) Jan. 20, 1858, (BP) Russell Co., KY, (A) 44, (B) 1814ca. (CMTS) Joseph and Agness Hopper
Stewart, John: (D) Aug. 25, 1852, (BP) Virginia, (A) 54, (B) 1798ca. (CMTS) Parents Unknown
Stone, Charlotte: (D) Nov. 29, 1857, (BP) Farquiar Co., Va. (A) 74, (B) 1783ca. (CMTS) William Viola
Stotts, Zuly Ann: (D) May 15, 1859, (BP) Harrolds Fork, (A) 42, (B) 1817ca. (CMTS) Solomon and Milinda Stotts
Susan (Slave): (D) May 7, 1858, (BP) Virginia, (A) 30, (B) 1828ca. (CMTS) Owner: Lucy Allen
Taylor, Benjamin F.: (D) Nov. 18, 1852, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 20, (B) 1832ca. (CMTS) G.W. and Frances Taylor
Taylor, Sarah Morgen: (D) Sep. 16, 1856, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 26, (B) 1830ca. (CMTS) Joseph and Susan Mclain
Thomas (Slave): (D) Apr. 14, 1857, (BP) Unknown, (A) 76, (B) 1781ca. (CMTS) Owner: Richard Wallace
Thomas, James: (D) Aug. 4, 1859, (BP) Rockbridge Co., Va., (A) 50 (B) 1809ca. (CMTS) Charles and Polly Thomas
Thomas, Judith Ann: (D) Jul. 27, 1852, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 28 (B) 1824ca. (CMTS) Wm. and Mary Workman
Thomas, William H.: (D) Apr. 4, 1859, (BP) Russells Creek, (A) 27, (B) 1832ca. (CMTS) Hugh and Martha Thomas
Thompson, Alexander: (D) )Oct. 30, 1858, (BP) Green Co., Ga, (A) 30, (B) 1828ca. (CMTS) Permalus Wintmerth
Tilman, John R.: (D) Oct. 14 1856, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A) 34, (B) 1822ca. (CMTS) John and Nancy Tilman
Townsend, George Henry: (D) Apr. 3 1857, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A) 18, (B) 1839ca. (CMTS) Henry and M. Townsend
Townsend, Henry: (D) Dec. 18, 1859, (BP) Milltown, (A) 44, (B) 1815ca. (CMTS) William and Mary Townsend
Turner, Martha Jane: (D) Dec. 6 1854, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A)16, (B)1838ca. (CMTS) Hiram and M. Turner
Vance, John Claiburn: (D) May 7, 1856, (BP) Adair Co.KY, (A)20, (B)1836ca. (CMTS) Wm. and Elvira Vance
Vigers, Sally Jane: (D) Jan. 13, 1854, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A) 30, (B) 1824ca. (CMTS) W. and Polly Compton
Wheeler, Wade: (D) Apr. 3, 1853, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 50, (B) 1803ca. (CMTS) Archibald Wheeler
Waggoner, Rosana: (D) Aug. 27, 1854, (A) Adair Co. KY, (A)36, (B) 1818ca. (CMTS) Simeon and B. Creel
Walburt (Alburt), Polly W.: Dec. 1, 1859, (A) South Fork (A) 40, (B)1819ca. (CMTS) John and Jane Anderson
Walbut, James B.: (D) Aug. 3, 1854, (BP) Rutherford Co., N.C, (A) 52, (B) 1802ca. (CMTS) J. and E. Walbut
Walkup, Robert M.: (D) Oct. 10, 1854, (BP) Adair Co. KY, (A) 31, (B)1814ca. (CMTS) Jos. and L. Walkup
Wesley, Sioaty: (D) Oct 29, 1858, (BP) Pulask8i Co. KY, (A) 31, (B) 1827ca. (CMTS) John and Ann Higens
Wheat, Agnes C.: (D) Sep. 11, 1854, (BP) Albermarle Co. Va, (A) 44, (B) 1810ca. (CMTS) Thomas B. and S. Johnston
Wilkerson, Melissa: (D) Oct. 20, 1859, (BP) Crocus Creek, (A) 32, (B) 1827ca. (CMTS) Nathaniel and Polly Morgan
Willis, Merry: (D) Jan, 1857, (BP) Virginia, (A) 66, (B) 1792ca. (CMTS) Edwen and F. Willis
Wilson, Elijah: (D) Jun. 25, 1859, (BP) Augusta Co. Va, (A) 70, (B) 1789ca. (CMTS) William and Nancy Wilson
Wismerland, Margaret: (D) Jun. 25, 1859, (BP) Clinton Co. (A) 28, (B) 1831ca. (CMTS) John and Franky Asberry
Workman, Mary: (D) Nov. 27, 1852, (BP) Virginia, (A) 75, (B) 1777ca. (CMTS) Fannie Mullins
York, Amsterd: (D) Jun. 25, 1859, (BP) Orange Co., VA. (A) 88, (B)1771ca. (CMTS) John and Nancy York
Young, Margaret: (D) Nov. 1, 1859, (BP) Iredell Co., N.C. (A)94, (B)1765ca. (CMTS) John and Jane Young
Young, Rachel: (D) Aug. 1, 1856, (BP) Adair Co., KY, (A) 78, (B) 1778ca. (CMTS) Sam and Mary Young